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A JN Christmas

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The Answers

Who bought what? And more importantly, does it correspond with the conclusions you came to?! Here is the place you'll find out, the answers! Below lists each staffer alongside what items they bought! If you weren't right, you can at least see what all of the clues meant. ;P

T-Shirt: Gormball Sports Shirt
Keyring: Mellow Marauders Keyring
Book: Evil Plots For Beginners
Plushie: Meepit Plushie
Random Item: Blobikins
T-Shirt: Hasee T-Shirt
Keyring: I Love Captain Scarblade Keyring
Book: The Annals of Insanity
Plushie: Green Aisha Plushie
Random Item: Blumaroo Sock Puppet

T-Shirt: I Love Sloth T-shirt
Keyring: Yellow Nimmo Keyring
Book: Dress For Success
Plushie: Maverick Plushie
Random Item: White Kougra Plushie
T-Shirt: I Love Fyora T-shirt
Keyring: Altador Cup Brightvale Keyring
Book: Heroic Hissi
Plushie: Rohane Plushie
Random Item: Dung Catapult
T-Shirt: Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt
Keyring: Sludge Ball Keyring
Book: Techo Dance
Plushie: Spirit of Slumber Plushie
Random Item: Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle