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Origin of the Ice Bori

The Ice Bori is one of the few Neopets that increases in value every passing day. With one very rare exception, there is only one way to make your pet an Ice Bori: the toolbar Bori special. The special was available if you downloaded a particular toolbar during a certain period. Because that toolbar was widely available, the Ice Bori is not as rare as you might think, but it does mean that if you want an Ice Bori and you don't already have one then you're most likely not going to get one.

Just how is that possible?

Well for starters, the Ice Bori cannot be obtained through paintbrushes, the lab ray, Fountain Faerie quests or even morphing potions. And when an Ice Bori is abandoned in the pound, it's instantly transformed into blue.

Obviously, you can't create an Ice Bori with the pet creator either.
That's just not cool...

Although, when Ice Bori just came out, that was how you created one, through the Pet Creator! So why could you create an Ice Bori back then and not now?

Back in the fall of 2004 two things happened on Neopets. The first was the release of the Hannah and the Ice Caves Plot, the second was the creation of the Neopets/Yahoo toolbar. Now the Bori actually played a huge role in the HATIC Plot (which took place on Terror Mountain), in fact the whole explanation for their existence was that they had been frozen in ice for a millennium until Hannah finally broke the curse to release them. Thus a whole new pet species was discovered on Neopia. And then simultaneously you have the discovery of a nifty Yahoo toolbar... hm ... how do you convince people to download nifty toolbars?

Offer them a new pet of course!

And so, anyone who downloaded the toolbar got a chance to create an Ice Bori through the pet creator. It was just another color option like blue, red, yellow or green. Evidently, only one Ice Bori could be made per user and after the Yahoo toolbar was discontinued, Ice Bori were discontinued as well.

There remains one small possibility to convert your pet into an Ice Bori: win one of the annual Holiday Dream Neopet Giveaways.

Although Ice Boris lose their Ice color when abandoned at the Pound with Dr_Death, they can be safely adopted (retaining their Ice color) when transferred at the Pound with the Pound Transfer Hissi. If you want to adopt an Ice Bori, plan on it being roughly as challenging as adopting an Unconverted pet.

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