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Hi, I was wondering if you could clear up this problem that I encountered while trying to trade Neopets with someone. In my excitement at already having gotten my new Neopet on my main account, I switched to my side and sent my Draik to its new owner. However, in my haste I hadn't noticed that I had put in the wrong username. Therefore, the Draik went to a non-existent account. Someone then created an account with this name in hopes of being able to adopt the Draik. Draiks aren't available for adoption if you're under 4 months, though. However, since the transfer was sent before the account was created, would they have been able to accept the transfer? I'm asking because, according to the owner of the account, it was giving them the option to accept. ~crazy4csi85222

Well... that is a pretty crazy situation. We'll look into seeing if we can block Neopets from being sent to accounts that are existence-challenged, heh. For future reference, though, if you do accidentally send a Neopet to an account that hasn't been created, it'd be best not to go on the boards and say, "Ack! I just sent my Neopet to *some username* instead of..." to avoid people trying to take advantage of your mistake. We're not sure if that's what happened in this case, but we can imagine it happening.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)