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Hi TNT, thanks for everything! Recently there were some concerns about inflation and another question about Draik eggs. From what I gathered you put a higher price on the new Draik eggs to help with inflation... but I don't think people putting a 20 million Neopoint price tag on one is helping the situation at all. Is there anything that can be done about this? Can't you put a limit on how much people can charge for items? I think it would bring in a lot more Neopets players, since the challenge of saving wouldn't be so scarily intimidating. *gives you cookies* Thanks! Oh, and please remove my username in the rare chance that you do answer my question. You rock! ~[username removed]

We don't like to be heavy-handed when dealing with the economy. For a lot of people, part of the allure of Neopets is the economy itself: buying low, selling high, getting something rare and pricing it... the only area we can think of where we effectively "cap" prices is the Hidden Tower, Neohome Superstore, and General Store, as these places are basically always stocked and available. We prefer to help balance things out by releasing things with lower rarities (like the new Draik eggs), or giving them out as rewards, though the higher an item has inflated, the less we want to hand them out and make everyone instantly rich. Also, if we go overboard and release too much of an item, the deflation can make the item less rare. For a while (no longer) the Snow Faerie was giving out certain Draik morphing potions like hotcakes, and as a result they dropped to less than 200,000 NP if we remember correctly. While that's great for a lot of people, it also took away the rarity and specialness of having a Draik. As you can see, the economy does need to be balanced, but slowly and carefully. :)

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)