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I've seen a lot of people trading glitched Neopets. You know, Neopets with eyes missing, mouths that disappear, and some with zero or negative stats. However, when I made a topic asking if anyone would trade for my glitched stat Neopet, someone told me that I could be frozen for profiting from a glitch. So, is trading glitched Neopets something we shouldn't be doing? ~muffinplz

Hmm... we don't really have a rule for this. Glitches have a habit of being fixed, so it's kind of silly to trade for a glitched Neopet. That being said, you guys always surprise us with what gets you excited, lol. As long as you aren't doing something to purposely glitch your Neopet, and the person understands that it won't be permanent, we guess you can go ahead until some problem presents itself and we then need to put a stop to it.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)