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If someone is quitting Neopets forever, are they allowed to send their Neopoints / items / Neopets, etc. to someone else (no, I'm not quitting; I love you all too much)? xD ~punkclown

Yes, if someone wishes to leave us forever, *sniff* they are more than welcome to send their Neopoints or items to their friends (or strangers) before leaving. However, if the person was a cheat and didn't get the items / NP honestly, those Neopoints or items will likely be removed from the account they get sent to. Therefore, don't accept items or Neopoints from shady characters. Also, be aware that lots on the Trading Post posted by people that are "quitting" are often tricks. That's why it's best to only accept items / NP from players you know and trust, or have a good reputation and ask nothing in return.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)