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First, let me say thanks so much for all you guys do! I really enjoy my time on Neopets and all the fantastic things you offer your users. :) Now, question time... teehee. I recently saw a message about a user requesting to trade NC Mall items with another user via the Gift Boxes. I think this is a fantastic idea (I'd really love the Sparkling Rainbow x_x), but I wasn't sure about the "okay-ness" of it. I got some mixed answers on the Help Chat, with most users saying that, as long as it was only for other NC Mall items (not NP, items, or Neopets, of course) it was okay. I wanted to check with you guys first, though; I'd hate to risk my account... even over something as sparkly as the rainbow. Thanks again for all your time, and double thanks if you happen to answer my question! ~itsmekestral

We've been keeping an eye on things since we introduced gift boxes and we're happy to say that we're really impressed with the way you guys are handling yourselves! From what we've seen there's been very few problems so far, and as long as you guys keep it that way, you are welcome to trade NC Mall items for other NC Mall items. We'll hash it out very clearly here, but from what we've seen you guys are making us proud by following the spirit of the site rules in dealing with trading NC items.

These things are okay:
Trading an NC item for an NC item.
Trading multiple NC items for an NC item.
Gifting an NC item as long as you don't accept a "thank you" gift in return that is not an NC item.

These things aren't okay:
Trading an NC item for an NP item / Neopet / some other service.
Agreeing to trade items and then running off with an item without completing the trade.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)