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Hi TNT! I've often wondered about this, so I finally decided to ask if custom training was allowed before a trade. Like, let's say a person offers a 600,000 NP custom training for his Neopet before he trades it. Is this allowed? Also, are custom Neopets still allowed for trading? I hope this can settle the doubts once and for all. Thanks, TNT! Also, please keep my username anonymous. :) ~[username removed]

Let's make this clear. Trading Neopets is not a spiffy way to buy trained Neopets, or to basically purchase what you might consider a Neopet "upgrade." Trading Neopets is literally for trading Neopets. One for one. There should be no Neopoints, paint brushes, special training, or anything else involved in these trades.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)