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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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So, in past Editorials we have been told that, if we accidentally play a game or visit a daily on a side, it's alright as long as we don't on our mains. My question is this - is playing a game on our side purely to get an avatar considered breaking the rules, even if we avoid that game on our main? Many of us like to collect on our sides, too. :) ~[username removed]

Let's clarify this! If you accidentally play a game on your side account once or twice, we're probably willing to forgive you. This is not to be confused with "it's okay" or "allowed." It's not okay, but hey, we've accidentally done it ourselves, so we can be understanding about it. However if you just "happen" to only "accidentally" play avatar-related games on your side accounts -- hey, we're not stupid here. We can see what's going on. Do not attempt to abuse our compassion or you will end up with a warning or your account frozen.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)