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Well, since users have been allowed to trade their Neopets =[ site players have been trading Neopets and offering an expensive Petpet to come with the Neopet (clearly stating it with the offer of their Neopet), so that it's kind of like they're buying the Neopet. Shouldn't this be against the rules and banned? It seems unfair. ~exsploding

If you see anyone trying to skirt the rules of the 1:1 Neopet trade by sticking in an expensive Petpet to basically buy their way into a nicer trade, please report them. This does not mean you should report everyone who is trading a Neopet with a Petpet attached, but rather we'd appreciate it if you kept an eye out for people who are obviously trying to cheat the system and bring down harsher rules on the heads of everyone who is dealing fairly.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)