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So, bank accounts on side accounts? Yes or no? If they're allowed, are you allowed to collect the interest? Some people say they are allowed, other people say not, some people say you can collect interest because it doesn't have much of an effect (and they'd get the interest on their main account anyway) others say its making Neopoints on a side account. It's a question I keep running into on the help boards and a lot of people aren't sure of the answer... ~reclusivity

You know, we actually think we haven't answered this question before! (Or perhaps we have, and forgot; remembering what's been in 300+ Editorials is a bit difficult. x_X;) Congrats to you for a fresh question!

Anyway, going by our own rules, we say that's a no (to collecting interest on sides) since that would be using your side account to generate NP. Best just to keep the bulk of your NP on your main account and collect the interest there (you'll earn more interest, anyway). There's really not much reason to have a lot of NP sitting around on side accounts, either. PIN numbers keep your loot safe, and sticking your side-account Neopets in the Neolodge every 28 days doesn't really cost that much. If you've collected interest in the past, don't fret about it... just please don't do so going forward.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)