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I was playing Bagatelle and won EIGHT million NPs. I was so amazingly happy that I went out and bought a Draik so I could paint it Darigan. However, I didn't know how it would look, so I went to the Rainbow Pool to see and it looked great. As a result, I painted her, but she came out totally different than what the picture shows in the Rainbow Pool. I am VERY, VERY upset because this is NOT the look I was going for! So, I thought maybe you could fix the Rainbow Pool pictures; this way others wouldn't make the same mistake I did. D: Thanks! ~bluecheeseworld

This is being worked on, but the artists are currently completely swamped. They're working hard on the Neopet emotions at the moment, as well as more wearables (which will also hopefully decrease demand and lower prices for the things that are already out). There's also tons of other stuff we can't mention. Remember, the artists have to touch almost everything that happens to the site, and that's a huge job. So, all we can say is that we'll get this done as soon as we possibly can. We know it's important and we definitely don't want anyone to waste their Neopoints on paint brushes they're not happy with. We've not forgotten about it in the least!

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)