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I think we should have an item that is called "Empty your mail." We will send this item to anyone who has over 100 Neomails. I'm a Neomail packrat and like to keep all my Neomails. Because of that, sometimes people can't Neomail me back when I Neomail them. I then end up wondering, "Why aren't they Neomailing me back?" Sometimes this can cause BIG problems. So I want an item that is straight out called "empty your neomail" or something along those lines. BTW, I rock! ;o ~malalon

Hehe, yeah. We've been entertaining the idea of low-rarity books named Wanna Be Friends? and Empty Your Inbox! for quite some time. We're quite busy at the moment, so until we can get around to it, try sending a Soggy Old Box. That usually works. ;)

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)