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First and foremost, THANK YOU, TNT for all the effort you put into creating the plots. They're great! I love you guys! :D Now, if you don't mind, *please* clear something up for me. There is great debate over whether any prizes will be given for all the star hunting & mapping that was done in Altador prior to the Altador Cup. Even though King Altador promised we would be rewarded for our efforts, some say there are no plot prizes for the Altador Plot because it was a "mini-plot." They use the fact that Altador Cup prizes have already been awarded as evidence to support their theory (since the AC came after the Altador Plot). Others think the prizes are coming, and patience is a virtue. Would you please settle the debate once and for all? You WILL?!? I *knew* it! You ROCK! ?navynora

We love you, too! And patience is a virtue. There's no doubt about that. :D

This particular puzzle was a mini-plot, yes, and it was made to run long so that lots and lots of people could participate. Trust us; many people are still stuck at certain points judging from the rest of the editorial questions. ;) Don't worry. King Altador will not go back on his word. You WILL be mini-rewarded for your mini-efforts on the mini-plot. (In fact, one of the prizes has already been waiting on the server... but you didn't hear that from us.)

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)