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Doing much of ANYTHING on our extra accounts could result in losing all of the things we've honestly worked so hard for. I've heard so many stories where people didn't realize they were in their side account, and played a game or something and were frozen. My suggestion is that we have another default sidebar, so that we can all easily tell our accounts apart! Please? We honest players could use another safeguard... ~ magicpinball

Don't worry; we ourselves have all done that before. If you've made a mistake and have accidentally done a daily or played a couple games in an alt account thinking it was your main, no need to freak out. Just don't do that particular daily or play those games in your main on that day. We know accidents like that can happen. Just don't turn an occasional mistake into a habit of "accidentally" playing in your alts. That's when you'll be frozen.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)