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Hey TNT! I just got off hiatus and was pleasantly surprised that my predictions about a new (highly likely, final) neopet had been released. However, my new Vandagyre is not able to be clothed by most of the items in the NC mall, it seems, and I'd assume it's the same way with NP items. Could we give the owl babies some clothing, or at least let more old clothing fit them? They need more love! Thanks a ton ^-^ ~ lionkirbys

Hi! Glad to hear you like your new Vandagyre! So we don't retroactively fit clothing (it's just a lot of additional work for the artists), but anything released since their introduction will fit! The "Try On" feature in the NC Mall can help you see your options, as well as some of our recommended fan sites! Dress to Impress might just be your best friend for this. Good luck and happy customizing!

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)