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Hi TNT! I love the baby vandagyre, I think it's adorable! But, can it really not wear any of the older baby clothes? There aren't any previews for them anywhere. I get why normal vandagyres can't wear older wearables, that would have been a ton of work, but there aren't *that* many baby clothes and other newly released baby pets are able to wear them all, aren't they? Super sad if they really can't, because I would have loved to paint my vanda baby if I could dress it up :C Also please remove my username if you use this question, thankyou (: ~ username removed

Hi! We're glad you like him! Unfortunately, we don't retroactively fit any clothing items for new pets. I know there aren't as many baby items as there are for regular pets, but it is still a considerable amount of work to gather all the items, add them for another pet, upload, test, etc., which is why as a rule we don't do it. Sorry! But, I can try to add some baby favourites into the next Dyeworks, so at least your Vanda can be dressed for the holidays!

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)