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Hey, CQ! This is just a friendly reminder that there are possibly people (like me) who went out and bought a Biscuit Paint Brush (like me) are planning on purchasing a potion and morphing a dear pet into a draik (like me) and have decided the cookie leezards, Biscuit Draik and Birthday Ukali for those who don't know (or is the Ukali Cake? Oh well), must be all matchy-matchy (like me) or will continue sitting there refreshing the draik page in the rainbow pool (like me) until insanity begins to set in and we have the insatiable desire to sit there and refresh the rainbow pool for hours on end (like me). Even if this doesn't get in, make all my cookie dragon wishes come true! (BTW, BIG THANK YOU for the Biscuit draik! Chocolate is okay but I've waited for my Cookie Leezard since around the time the Draik Eggs began being released at the forgotten shore and who knows how CRAZY long that's been!) ~ fire_earth_aqua__77

Well if somebody (like you) has been sitting around the rainbow pool constantly refreshing, that person (like you) would see that it is active and ready to be painted because someone (like me) loves to tell people their cookie dragon wishes have come true. Enjoy!

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)