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Neopian Times Editorial Database

We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Dear TNT,
I've been trying off and on for a while to get a Petpetpet to attach to one of my Petpets with no luck. I know you said in a previous Editorial that the name of a Neopet or Petpet shouldn't have any effect on whether a Petpetpet is willing to attach, but could the Petpet's species have an effect? I ask because I'm trying to attach a Draphly to a Pawkeet, both of which have seven letters. Also, would you consider making an NC item to force a P3 to attach to your active Neopet's Petpet? I feel like that would go under the time saver NC item banner. ~pikakeet

It just sounds like you've been having incredibly bad luck. There's nothing that would stop a Petpetpet from (eventually) jumping onto a Petpet. (This may be too obvious, but make sure it's not listed in Auctions or anything.) The NC idea is interesting, but we're not sure there would be enough interest. We'll pass your idea on to our NC Department, though.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)