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I want to enter the Site Spotlight. My Neopets' pages are all about them and their individual characters. What elements are liked in these sorts of pages and what is frowned upon? Can I show art that other users have given me? Are Pet Pages with complete stories shown preference over works in progress? Can you give us some insight? ~mistyqee

Credited art that has been given to you is fine, though we do always like to see your own work! Also, complete pages are given extremely high preference over pages that are still in progress. Primarily, the most important thing is to try to make your page as visually attractive as possible and avoid inappropriate scenes in stories. If it wouldn't get into The Neopian Times, then it probably won't get spotlighted, either. Additionally, please make sure your character is a Neopet and that the story takes place in Neopia. We see lots of cute pages that we can't spotlight because, even if the imagery is of a Draik-like dragon, if he lives on the planet of Tra-la-la then we don't consider it Neopets-themed. That said, you can make up your own subzones (like, say, "Draik Hollow" in the Haunted Woods).

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)