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Hello, TNT! *waves* Just the other day my ice Xweetok, Nedi, had her third birthday. Amid the excitement and extravagant celebrations she forced me to hold (She is a rather demanding Xwee!) I decided to enroll her in a course at the Swashbuckling Academy. What really stumped me was that her course promptly commenced without me having to hand over any dubloons to dear old Cap'n Threelegs! I thought maybe it was a mistake -- it wasn't Xweetok Day or Neopets' birthday, but her second course for the day was free of charge, too! Although Nedi would like me to believe she really is that special and warrants free training every now and again, I think an important question needs to be answered here. Do our Neopets get free training on their birthdays?!? ~diorchristal

It's a Premium perk. :) All Neopets get free training on their respective Pet Days and our birthday on November 15th, but if you're Premium, then your Neopets get free training on their personal birthdays as well!

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)