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This will probably end up in the "Wut?" section, so please leave out my username! :D But... and it pains me to admit this... after close to 10 years on and off of Neopets, I have finally figured out that the Fish Negg does not look like a face with one eye, a scar where the other one should be, and a giant buck tooth. The tooth is actually the fin, and the weird scar is the mouth. I think the palm print is still on my face from the giant facepalm I did. The good news? I now understand why it is called a FISH Negg. ~twilight_luvr_4evr_

Nah, this isn't **WUT** bad. :) The person asking us about how to possibly solder wires to make their old handheld Neopets device work again nearly got in. This is just plain funny. After bringing up the image of the Fish Negg and tilting our heads slightly to the right, we finally saw how you had been interpreting the image.

We then laughed heartily.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)