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Hi, TNT! *throws Neggs* So, the Obelisk War was about... three weeks ago, I think? Are those Tyrannians still having trouble counting up the points, or are things just pretty hectic around the office with the Festival of Neggs and other site events around Neopia? I'm just anxious to find out the results; this has to be one of my favorite site events by far! ~jackjack1234

Nothing's interrupting our efforts! We're just still running the numbers. We had the faction winner figured out in the first day or two, and we're just as anxious to get the results out as you are! It's the individual points that take a while to get right. To give you a bit of context, it works something like this:

We check on the massive amount of fight data we have and try to get a basic idea of the different buckets of participation we can put players in and what percentage of participants fall within these buckets. This is just a rough point we can start from, and then it gets crazy. We do a base set of point numbers, run sample queries and compare to various levels of participation, tweak numbers, re-run queries, run different queries to get more information on certain buckets, etc., etc. Some of those individual queries can take a while to run by themselves, so we work furiously, wait, work furiously again, wait some more... and that’s just for point values! After that, we have to actually price the prizes. During all of this, we're also working on building the prize shop and... some other things. We discovered long ago that to do it properly takes time. (Ask folks who were around for the Curse of Maraqua prize shop. ;_;) When we're comfortable with the numbers -- which we actually never are, so... comfortable enough -- and we think everyone will be justly rewarded for their efforts, then we'll release the prize shop. We definitely know it's a pain to wait, but we think that's better than being disappointed with your reward.

We don't have an estimate right now. We're really trying to finish up by next week, but we can't tell yet if that will happen.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)