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Oh, joyous occasion! I bet you're excited about seeing ANOTHER question regarding side and main accounts, eh? :) Anyway, say I have 5 accounts, and then the almighty purge happens. As a result, a username I want becomes available. May I have six accounts open until I can get all of my Neopets to the new account? This seems iffy, but it's merely hypothetical! Oh yeah, can you make a wooden spoon item? My Krawk wants her own commemorative wooden spoon to hold onto. xD I love walking around school with a Neopet with my student I.D, and I was wondering if you could make more figurines, plushies, trading cards, and magazines? I hate having to scour the internet for Neopet plushies. :( Thank you so much! :) I love you guys, and you have enriched my life! Because of you, I've found two hidden talents: drawing and coding HTML! I never would've found them without you guys! There should be a sock pile that gives out socks, as I am an active sock collector! It'd pay homage to Dragona, as well. :D Wow, I got VERY off task. o.o ~kittiekatlover3

How about we just answer the first question? ._. Okay? Okay. :) The spirit of the rule is to stop people from cheating or creating tons of accounts. A temporary 6th account isn't likely to get you in trouble, as long as you're not abusing site rules on the side accounts. If you're still concerned about it, we recommend allowing one of your side accounts to lay dormant while you transfer your Neopets over.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)