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Konnichiwa, TNT! I feel like I have missed so much (I haven't been on since forever). How are you? ^^ Anyway, I am writing... typing this because I recently adopted a male Neopet with what seems to be a female name. So, I was wondering: would it be possible for you to let me make him a cross-dresser? It's not like there is anything wrong with cross-dressers... anywho, so if I was able to do that (since I personify all of my Neopets, because I could not draw animals if my life depended on it :D), it would be so awesome. Thank you and goodbye! ^^ ~i_love_pretty_mony

We purposefully designed Customisation to allow all Neopets to wear all clothing, regardless of gender. You can dress your Neopet however you like. Go nuts!

However, do remember that discussing topics such as cross-dressing isn't allowed. These are controversial subjects that often fail to remain civil and end in harassment, and we want Neopets to feel safe for everyone, so these topics are not allowed.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)