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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Hello, TNT. I'm not sure if this was asked before, but would one be allowed to play games on a side account and not send the scores? My apologies if this has been asked before. ~tranzatlanticizm

We're having a problem trying to figure out why anyone would want to play games on a side account and not send their scores. After all, you guys are welcome to continue playing and sending scores on your main account, even after you've played a game three times for Neopoints. While technically there isn't anything wrong with playing and not sending your scores on side accounts, you will get no credit for anything. Therefore, we'd strongly suggest just sticking to your main for games in case you get a twitchy finger and accidentally send your score.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)