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Hey, TNT! :) I'll try to keep this brief. Recently, Punchbag Sid appeared in the Battledome and (not surprisingly) for the third year in a row it was at an inaccessible time for me and what I would imagine to be many people. Unfortunately, due to my time zone I've been at school during this time period and every year prior to it. While I can understand that you can't cater to everyone, the last 3 years' release times have all been quite close to each other (2 - 4 PM NST). So my request (if it's possible for me to make one) is that, the next time Sid shows up in the Battledome, could it possibly be at a slightly later / earlier time to give us international users a chance and shake things up a bit? Thanks for considering. ^.^ ~harrypotter3000174

Yeah, that's about the time when we usually come out of our food coma after lunch and remember to do things like make Sid available. We'll make a note to vary the times when he is out a bit more, but please do realise that we can only release him during NST work hours. D:

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)