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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Hi TNT! Since the Beauty Contest FAQ seems to have disappeared when the old ticket system did, could you list the rules for it once again? They're now scattered throughout old editorials and even though there's a few petpages linking to said editorials, I think it might be helpful to have them in one place. ~~_help_de_jaguar_

• No flags or national symbols (Neopets worlds and Altador Cup flags are an exception to this!)
• Entries may only be used for one pet. This means that although the member can enter the same image as many times as they like for their pet, (unless they won gold with that image)they can never enter it for another pet (even if they trade the pet off the account).
• No religious symbols
• No copyright or trademark symbols (their username is fine but they cannot put anything else)
o This includes not being able to use images from copyrighted characters or items, that are not owned by Neopets, i.e. Neocola is fine however a name of a soda brand is not fine. Characters cannot be drawn to appear to be cosplaying any character those copyright is not held by Neopets, for example for Pokemon characters.)
• No real life weapons! If it's a Neopets weapon this is fine however real life weapons cannot be used in any images. This also includes any graphic imagery which could include, blood or death scenes.
• No personally identifiable information (including URLs and real names)
• Images only, meaning no photographs used as backgrounds (however they can draw the image and take a picture of the images and submit that). Also, no non-drawn works, meaning they cannot use sculptures, plushies or other hand-made or manufactured items in their artwork.
• All art must be created by the member, with the except of site images.
o Beauty Contest entries can be staff drawn art, that the user has attempted the alter. All alterations must look like they took at least five minutes of the members time to be accepted into the contest.
• Anthropomorphic Images
o These are fine but there are rules that need to be followed for accepting these images.
 The image must first and foremost be drawn as a Neopet. After that it is fine to have human characteristics added, the image cannot be a human drawn with Neopet features drawn on. These are very obvious when they are submitted and usually will look like Neopets characteristics were added as an after thought.
• Stolen Images cannot be accepted! The person entering has to create their own image or alter an official Neopets image.
• No nudity may be present in any images.
• Can only advertise on the account the pet is also on
o In addition Neosigs are only allowed on the Art Boards/Spotlight Boards and Premium Boards that contain a link to their BC entry and boards about BC entries can only be on the Art Board. If posted off these boards, it will be considered spamming and the entry can be removed.
• Can only vote once per species per contest from your main playing account.
• No URLs in the image or speech and the speech for the entry does have to abide by all site/chat rules.

Hi, TNT. If you enter the Site Spotlight and win on your side account, can the trophy be transferred to your main account? Please remove my username. Thanks! ~username removed

Yes, that is possible, though we'd prefer you make a note of the account you wish to be credited to during your initial submission.

Hi, TNT! I'm faced with a slight conundrum. I have been working on a Pet Page for my Lutari, who happens to reside on a side account. I would absolutely LOVE to submit it to the Site Spotlight. I am a little bit petty and, in the event that I were to win, would much rather have a trophy appear on my main account. Since Lutaris cannot be transferred, could I move the web site elsewhere (even though it would be unrelated to whatever 'pet I chose to host the site on) or could I specify that I would like the trophy to appear on X account? Basically, what are my options? Thank you! ~akierasu

In the description of your submission to us, simply state the account that you'd like to have awarded the trophy. You can also specify if you'd like your main account to be credited. That means we'd announce your main in New Features rather than your side account, in addition to putting the trophy on your main.

Hello! So, I'm going to open up a gallery on my side account dedicated to all things Frozen. The movie, I mean. Is this allowed? I don't know if there are copyright issues or somethin'. Also, if it is allowed, can I enter it in the spotlight? ~jrayeb3

*pokes the copyright issues with a 10-foot pole* We can only spotlight Neopets-themed galleries, and cannot consider entries that contain copyrighted material.

Hi, TNT! I entered a site from my side into the Site Spotlight and it won! The trophy was given to my side, however, and not my main, even though I said on my page for all credit to be given to my main. Can you please fix this, and possibly make an option in the future to send credit to a different account? Thanks! ~racerfishy

Hi! Please be absolutely sure to note your preferences as to which account should be credited in the description box that you submit to us along with your entry. If it's on the page or User Lookup, we may not see it. In any case, your trophy has been transferred to your main.

When choosing a winner for the Pet Spotlight, do the judges discard the entries that didn't win, or can an entry that was put in one week be saved and win a Pet Spotlight later on? I hope that makes sense... ~_koolness_

Yes, it does! For Pet Spotlight, we don't discard any entries that we might spotlight someday. Our judge also offered these tips:

-Submitting your Neopet and then transferring that Neopet to your side account disqualifies it. (You can just resubmit your entry on your side account, though.)
-If you had the sudden terror that your old, outdated artwork might get selected, you could always send us an updated version... :)

Hiya, TNT! So, I've been thinking of creating a new Gallery... is it alright for me to create a Gallery on my side account? Please, please remove my username. O_O ~username removed

Yes, as long as it's funded by your main account. You're welcome to enter the Gallery Spotlight on your side accounts, as well. If you wish to have your main account credited, though, then please put a note for us along with your Gallery description.

Hi, TNT! Thanks for considering this question. I have a Gallery that I absolutely adore that I want to put into the Gallery Spotlight -- but it's on my side account! :O I've looked up guides to what you can and can't do, but it seems very vague and undefined. I ask because of the 10,000 Neopoint prize. I know that participating in spotlights that get you Neopoints is illegal / whatever bad on the site. I would just like to clarify with you before I submitted it. Thanks! *gently gives platter of Baby Chomby Cookies* ~goodie27

If you're entering the Gallery Spotlight from a side account, please put a note in the Gallery description letting us know the name of the main account that we can credit. :)

Hey, TNT! I have to ask: are we allowed to enter the Customisation Spotlight and Beauty Contest on side accounts? (I ask because some of my best-dressed 'pets are on side accounts and I can't transfer them to my main account since they are wearing Neocash.) Pretty please? *Warf eyes* ~lionkirbys

Yes, Customisation Spotlight and Beauty Contest entries may be entered on side accounts. Art Gallery entries, however, must be submitted on your main account, and may not be art you have already submitted to the Beauty Contest or Random Contest.

Hello, TNT! *throws muffin* Three people told me that I should submit my site into the Site Spotlight, but I was looking through the rules and wondering: what if someone else, not me, made the site's layout? Can I submit it anyway? =D I hope so! Also, what if my site is on my side account? Can I submit it from my main account? ^_^ Thank you in advance! P.S.: I am super glad that the Site Spotlight is back. You Neopets staff people are the best! :D ~redmadam

The coding for your Petpages should be your own. You're more than welcome to submit on side accounts, though! :)

Can we enter a Petpage for the Site Spotlight from a side account, or is it for main accounts only? ~dragonsflame_uk

We don't want you guys to risk moving your Neopets around, so we're allowing you to submit them from side accounts as well. :)

Is it okay to enter the Customization, Pet, and Petpet Spotlights on a side account? ~kristykimmy

Yes. Since they are related directly to the Neopets they represent, you can enter them from the account on which the Neopet is located.

Hi, TNT! *throws gingerbread cookies* I was wondering if it was a-okay to enter the Gallery Spotlight on side accounts? Thanks! *hugs everyone*~jakynar

We seem to recall saying that this was okay in the past just due to the nature of the spotlight, so it's fine. If you want your main account to be credited with the win, though, then please put a note in your Gallery description.

Hi, TNT! Is there any chance you could implement an automated response so that, when people do not get into the Art Gallery (for example), they understand why? Some examples of responses could be things like, "Your entry did not have enough effort," "Your entry did not look enough like a Neopets character," or "Your entry is being considered; do not submit again." This might sound a bit strange, but I entered the Petpet Spotlight and won almost five weeks later - however, I've entered the Art Gallery at least five times and have never won. Perhaps a little feedback might help us Neopians to stop clogging your inboxes with re-entered work and allow us to improve the kind of submissions we send in. I know it would definitely help me to not feel discouraged, which I kind of feel right now. ~luv_my_pets_666

Unfortunately, the Art Gallery is not set up like other competitions and there is no way for us to contact you or provide feedback with regard to your entry. Please make sure your submissions do not contain any offsite links in the artwork, that they portray an existing Neopet colour, that both your art and username are appropriate for all ages, and that you are submitting your entry on your main account. Occasionally the previously mentioned issues cause entries to not be selected, even if the art is excellent.

Just keep submitting. We love to see your art!

Hi, TNT! I hope this question doesn't come across as unappreciative, because that's certainly not my intent - I'm just curious! I've been wondering why winners of the User Lookup Spotlight don't receive item prizes like Art Gallery winners? Graphics and coding (to me) are art forms, and I was just wondering why this spotlight does not also receive similar prizes? Thanks so much if you answer this! ~whitehouses

Right now we only give a trophy because all of you talented coders and graphic makers / artists are allowed to enter on your side accounts. :) Art Gallery entries may only be submitted from your main account since it gives items / Neopoints as a reward.

First of all, thank you TNT for all of the fun events, games, holidays, etc. that you plan for us. Every single one is better than the last. Second, I vote on the Customization Spotlight (even on my side, I hope that's okay) almost every day and I seldom see the Spotlight winner while doing this. Could you please explain why this is? It's okay to include my username as I didn't get a single Neomail the last time my question was answered. Thanks! *waves to guild mates* ~bbgirlsmom

There's a massive number of entries each week and only six winners, so even if you vote every day you're not guaranteed to see every entry. Also, voting on your side account is fine. :)

Hey TNT, I recently customized a cool-looking Neopet on a side account and got to wondering -- are you allowed to enter a Neopet into the Customization Spotlight via a side account? One would think so, since sides are used for holding Neopets... it'd be a pain to have to transfer just to enter. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks! :) ~zephyrpepper

Yes, there's no Neopoint or item reward, so entering on your side accounts is fine.

Hey TNT, can we enter the Customisation Spotlight from our side accounts? ~zhang42614

Yep! All you win is a trophy, so go ahead and enter Neopets from your side account. However, for the sake of everyone's sanity, we politely request that you not take this up as an invite to enter every single Neopet you have (like that plain green Buzz with no background sitting on a side account you haven't logged onto in three months.) Please use common sense when entering into any spotlight. We'd seriously appreciate it!

Can we vote in the Customisation Spotlight on our side accounts? It has already been said that we can enter side account Neopets, but it is unclear whether we can vote on them for the spotlight, too. I do not want to break the rules, so I won't unless you say we can. Thanks and happy clicking. :) ~bbenley

We talked about this at length and decided it's probably best to keep voting exclusive to main accounts. This will keep the rules more consistent, and stop people from attempting to abuse the system we have in place.

I asked about this on the boards and no one knew the answer, so it was suggested that I submit my question to the Editorial. As we all know the Gallery Spotlight gets you a spiffy trophy for your UL if you win. I was wondering, however, whether you would get credit on your main account or the side account if you submitted a gallery that's located on your side? It would be a bit frustrating to win the spotlight and then not get to show off your trophy on the account that you use most often. If my question gets answered, thank you in advance. :D ~littleadopter0327

Generally, if you enter a competition that is allowed to be done on a side account and then win the contest, if you make a special request in your submission then we will do our best to credit your main account with the trophy.

I'm just looking for a little clarification after seeing today's User Lookup Spotlight winner (Tuesday the 25th). I was under the impression that side accounts were not allowed to enter contests (beauty, art, gallery, Mystery Pic, etc.), so why is it that a side account has won this award? If you could just clarify whether a side is allowed to enter this (or any other) contest that would be fantastic. ~[username removed]

Only contests that give an NP/items reward are not open to side accounts. The User Lookup of the Week competition only offers a trophy.

Can a player have a Neohome on a side account, or are you only allowed to have one on your main account and nowhere else? ~tigerlily97420

Neohomes can be made on any of your accounts as long as the Neopoints funding it come from your main account. (An easy way to transfer Neopoints from your main to your side is via the Trading Post.) If you enter the Neohome Spotlight, please note the name of your main account in your entry so that the trophy/prize will be sent to your main.

Is it all right to have a user lookup that's not Neopets? Just as long as it doesn't have anything bad. Or should we try to keep our lookups Neopets related? ~naturegirl27122

Yes, it's fine to have your lookup themed any way you want, as long as it's appropriate. Please note that scantily clad rock stars or anime characters are NOT appropriate. If you really want to dedicate your UL to them, please choose tasteful pics. Also, please be aware that if your UL is NOT Neopets themed, it will be immediately disqualified from consideration for the UL spotlight. This of course goes for any gallery or spotlight.Also, this may be obvious, but we should add that your UL or other areas of your account cannot be politically or religiously themed, or anything else outlined as inappropriate in our terms and conditions. If you can't chat about it, it shouldn't be in your UL either.

You know you want a lookup about me!

Do you have to enter the gallery spotlight on your main account or can you submit the entry using your main account but indicate in the entry that the actual gallery itself is on a side account? I made my gallery on a side account prior to neopets introducing the gallery feature and am really eager about entering it into the gallery spotlight, but if I were to win I would rather my main account get the credit (and trophy). I would be sad if I had to spend all that np to upgrade my gallery on my main account and move all those items back to my main just for the spotlight. ~ starrynezz

Preferably, we would appreciate it if everyone submitted on the account that they had the gallery on, and accepted the trophy on that account (there is no NP/item reward for the gallery spotlight, so submitting on alts is fine). However, we completely understand the desire to have the trophy on your main account. If you really feel strongly about having your trophy on your main, and can't move your gallery without spending gobs of Neopoints, then in your submission, please clearly state your exact main account username with a polite request to place the trophy on that account instead. If you win, the judges will be happy to oblige. :)

Shiny, captain!

I like the new system of submitting Galleris for the spotlight .. but what should I do if I had the gallery on a side account & wanted the trophy on my main account..P.S I don't want to move my gallery to my main account :) Thanks... ~ timejaunt

Our gallery spotlight judges assure us that if you mention this in the comments of your entry before you begin your description, they'll try their best to put the trophy on your main account.

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