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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Do you have a certain numbers of items? Like, if you feed a pet a chocolate negg, is another one producedsomewhere? Or are items produced over and over regardless of how many there already are? - _Mandabug_

There is no set number of each item, but their rarity really affects how many there are in a game. If an item is rare it is less likely to be stocked in a shop, or may even only be given out as a prize for a certain game or quest.

What do neggs do, I heard they just buy rare stuff? - Booch12

It really depends on the Negg. All Neggs are edible so they can be used to feed your pet if nothing else. Some Neggs help your pet in the battledome, some Neggs increase your Neopets statistics (level, strength etc.) and some Neggs do nothing at all.

Does the Glass negg have any effect on your neopet? - Cancan48

Contrary to what you may think the glass negg does nothing to your neopet when they eat it, it is just a rather pretty thing to let your pet chomp into.

This may sound weird but do you know the best card for the neopets TCG? - Nate2pet1

Hmmm.... that is a hard one, there are a lot of good cards but there isnt one that is much better than any others, it really depends on the combinations that you use it with. Personally I love the Shadow Usul, Misdirection and Grarrl Gladiator although a petpet or negg heavy deck is very good also.

I went to the snowager today and got this message: "You carefully walk in and pick up a neggfrom the pile of treasure, and then scarper!!" What's a scarper? :) - Demonhunter247

Its not a scarper. Scarper means to run away quickly.

I know, it's not easter yet... :) But does the Easter Cybunny give away EasterNeggs, even though it's not easter? - Annesophie1234

Yes, the Easter Bunny still makes his rounds, although it is much less frequently.

I love waffles but i noticed you don't have any normal ones on the site,and the closest you get too them is acara waffles so please put more on so petscan eat them too!

Heh... as if by magic there are now four new waffles to choose from!

Sometimes when I visit the Snowager, I walk in and pick up a negg. But what I actually get is a Neggitus injection!Bug or feature?

Its a erm.. feature :) I guess the Snowager likes to collect injections too, you never know when you may come down with Neggitus so its better to be safe than sorry...

What is the use of Neggs? I gave one decorative Negg to my pet and nothing happened. They say Negg canincrease strength etc. is this true?

It all depends on the type of Negg. Some are just foods, others give your Pet a special bonus when they eat it.

I only managed to figure out the Rock Negg.. what are the names of the newly released neggs that came alongwith it? - Oinkypree

Glass Negg, Candy Cane Negg and Christmas Pattern Negg.

I just realized how many different types of Easter Neggs there are. Where did they come from?

Each year the Easter Cybunny gives out Easter Neggs to a lucky few as a random event. To make it a little more interesting there is a different set of Neggs every Easter, that is why there are so many different types.

Where do you get tokens for the Neggery?

You get the tokens from the Neggery. Simply take a Negg to the Neggery and you can exchange it for some tokens. How many you get depends on how rare the Negg is.

What species is the Neopet in the Neggsweeper button?

It is a Kiko, you can see a better picture of the Kiko on the main Neggsweeper page (click on the button below to go there).

I would like to open a gallery in my shop, but I can't seem to place the items of the same kind together. For instance,all my Neggs are separated. Is there any way to keep the items together?

We have plans to allow you to do this in thefuture, but currently your items will only appear in the order you put them into your shop.

Off the top of you head, what are some gourmet foods?

Rainbow Negg, Island Meatloaf, Le Sausage, Bangers and Mash, Golden Caviar and Starfish Pizza.

Where is the Neggery located?

In the Ice Caves. Click on \'Explore\' then click on \'Terror Mountain\'. The Ice Caves are half way up terror mountain. Alternatively you can type \'neggery\' into the searcg box on the help page, or yellow search bar.

How much money do you have to give the Wishing Well to get something?

As much as you can afford to give, the wishing well isn\'t greedy, but you can\'t expect to get a Fish Negg for 1NP.

How many items are there in Neopia?

If you mean how many items (including everything in people\'s shops, auctions, deposit boxes etc) it amounts to billions. If you mean how many different items there are (e.g green apple, rainbow negg etc) there are approx 3000 that you can get hold of.

Where are the faerie dolls? How come not one has shown up in the toy shop for anyone to buy?

The Faerie Dolls are sold in the Toy Shop, but they are amazingly rare so hardly anyone has one. (They are as rare as the rarest Gourmet food!)

Why did my fortune telling fish turn into a purple chia eraser?

I got so annoyed with all the little con artists trying to scam innocent people with the old \'magical fish lays fish neggs scam\' that I just replaced it with a completely different item. I know it doesn\'t solve the problem in the long run, but at least they will have to think of a new item to trick people with. By the way NOTHING makes fish neggs.

What is the difference between the \"magic fish\" and the \"fortune telling fish\" and do either one lay fish neggs?

The magic fish and fortune telling fish are the same thing. We changed its name to fortune telling fish as people kept trying to scam innocent players. They started a rumour that it laid fish neggs. It doesn\'t its just a plastic cracker prize that curls up if your hand is hot. If some people put their fortune telling fish in their shop a while ago it will still have its old name (magic fish) until they take it out or someone buys it.

How come you can still buy a Glass paint brush if you can no longer use it?

The Glass paint brush is retired, this means it is much harder to get hold of. It cannot be used and will not be re-instated. It is just a rare collectable item, like the Fish Negg.

I had two or three Disco Dude Collector Cards. What happened to them? I had one in my shop, I had one in my NeoDeck. I have also noticed that in using the Shop Wizard, looking for this card, nothing comes up. It has also been taken out of the line up of Collector Cards. Please explain.

We have been slowly replacing all the not so good collectable cards with better characters and images for the past year. If we are going to print collectable cards we want the characters to be more interesting than a lupe that likes flowers, or a gelert that eats neggs. They are almost all done now, but Disco Dude was one of the cards that was replaced. You still own the cards, but they have changed into whatever Disco Dude was replaced with.

Is there a code that makes all Faerie paint brushes for 400 Neopoints?

No, this is the last time a question like this will appear for a long time. There are no codes for the hidden tower, no codes for fish neggs, no codes for petpets, no codes for paint brushes and no codes for faeries. In fact the only thing there are codes for is Tug-O-War. These codes just release extra characters, it doesn't make you win.

Does a Fish Negg hatch?

No, Neggs don't hatch. They are Neggs, not eggs!

People keep sending me things that say if you tell five people or 20 people to delete their unused accounts they will get five Neggs. Is this true?

Nope, its another silly chain letter, just delete the neomail and report the sender to abuse@neopets.com!

Someone told me that FISH EGGS turn into FISH NEGGS. Is the rumour true?

No, for the last time there is no way to create a Fish Negg. There is no recipe for Fish Neggs and anyone that tells you they know how to get free Fish Neggs is just trying to trick you.

Does the Magic Fish lay Fish Neggs?

No, once again this is another silly rumour. There is no such thing as a magic fish and there is no recipe or any other way to make a Fish Negg.

There is a rumour starting, that if you starve a pet then feed it a cool negg, and other neggs, that the pet will get more benefits than if is satiated or not hungry... is this "just a rumour" or should you starve the pet to get maximum benefits from neggs?

Yes, it is yet another silly rumour. There are no benefits or starving your Neopet. It is cruel, and you will not be able to fight in the Battledome. You will not get ANY extra benefits if you treat your Neopets badly!

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Page 4 of 4 (119 Results)