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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Community notice:

The Delicate Enamel Negg that Rosie gave away yesterday when you visited a secret location on Mystery Island went directly to your storage shed, rather than your inventory. If the pop-up said that you received it, but it didn't appear in your inventory, check your shed!

I hope you didn't *shed* any tears about missing me!

When I tried to claim Rosie's prize for the Springtime Celebration, I accidentally clicked twice and only received a Negg Nobody Found Last Year and a Filigree Carousel Negg. I already had 75 NC before I tried to claim Rosie's prize and noticed that, after I claimed the prize, I still hadn't received the 50 NC. ~usha1234567890

If you didn't receive your 50 NC, try going to the NC Mall area of the site. Sometimes that helps to fix it. :)

When you give away free items at the NC Mall, such as the Halloween bags and now the toy Neggs (also the springtime basket), can we get them on our side accounts? Please remove my name. ~[username removed]

No. These giveaways give out items, and therefore you may not collect them on your side accounts.

Thank you for the free toy Neggs! I chose to put mine in my gallery instead of opening them, but someone said that they will expire in one year. Is this true? I really hope not, as they are a great addition to my Negg collection. ~watchfulmom

Don't worry, these will not expire in a year. They will be around to decorate your Negg collection for many months and years to come. :)


I'm wondering if my side account will get frozen because I went to click on "Bank" under the drop down menu but accidentally clicked on "Merchandise" and, at the time, you were having the Spring Negg Hunt so it gave me NPs and an item. Also, what am I supposed to do with the item? Do I discard it, or just send it to my main account? I'm not sure what to do; I don't want to get frozen. Thanks! ~photo_smiles

Don't worry, you weren't the only one that accidentally did this. We know these things tend to happen, and we can be lenient when we're sure abuse wasn't your intent. Just delete the items and donate the NP to the Money Tree.

Hey TNT (: *gives you a piece of pie to get you started* There's been something that's been bothering me for a while. The color of the Lever of Doom is... GREEN. Not saying it's a bad color or anything but it's so... random. I mean, of all colors... green? Anyhow, my main point is that why was the color changed? Does it have to do with the whole "revamping the site" thing? Or is it a sign that the Lever of Doom is easier to get now? Green does mean money after all and maybe you're trying to get us to save some Neopoints... or it could be ENTIRELY opposite and you could be trying to get us to spend more! Thanks for hearing me out! :D ~123pika

*stares* O.O We think you've been over-thinking this a bit. The colour changed because the wall colour was changed when we redid the maps of the station. Why don't you just sit down and relax with a nice cup of eggnog? :)

Mmm... eggnog.

I've heard that sometimes, if you're really extremely lucky, Glamour Neggs can sometimes have Blue Pteri Morphing Potions inside. Is that true? Thanks, TNT Editorial Staff. :) ~l1234h3

Sorry, but Glamour Neggs don't give out Blue Pteri Morphing Potions any more. :(

Hey, I'm just confused. When I first bought my cracked Grarrl egg, I went to the Negg Faerie to trade in my Negg, and when I went to the drop-down list for my Neggs, my Negg wasn't there. So I went to my inventory and it was there. I'm now at the point of confusion. Please help me! ~keigr955

We're assuming you mean the Grarrl Keno Negg in your inventory? The Negg Faerie only accepts Neggs that are worth points. If you read the description of your Negg it will tell you if it is worth points, or simply just an edible or decorative Negg. If, by any chance, you actually meant the Cracked Keno Egg that also exists, well... that's an egg not a Negg.

How long does it take to dress a Negg? ?_? ~mariyah

Umm... uh... huh? O_O

Hello TNT. I was wondering if there are any plans to introduce something to counter the inflation of most high-end retired Battledome items. It seems like some things are inflating faster than most people can make NPs and there is no end in sight. Going along with this is training costs... Negg tokens are through the roof at nearly 4,000 per token and rising. Codestones are going up faster than a newbie's click-it avatar count. Zed are UB again. :( Just wondering, and hoping that there are plans to do something. Thanks. :) ~dudeperson41

Such is the way of things, and it seems inflating is the "in" thing to do now, rather than more traditional investing. We'll do what we can to help inflation a bit come Advent Calendar time, but for now just try to hold on. :( We'll see if we can convince our queen of the Battledome to give the HT some love. Oh great, just by saying that, people are gonna flock to the HT thinking we're going to retire something. *siiigh* At least if they do they'll be getting rid of Neopoints from the economy so they have less NP to "invest" in other items. Woo.

I'm worth that much? Wow.
Hey, why don't I get a cut of the profits?!?

Recently I donated a Scarab Negg, because it was just cluttering up my items. Then, a few minutes later, someone Neomailed me asking for Neggs, just because I had donated one. Is this considered rude, or am I just over-sensitive? This is really important, so please answer it. ~_dusksky

It is quite rude! It's not really reportable, though, unless they keep asking and won't leave you alone after you've asked them to, but it's still rude just the same. Try not to let the rude people get you down, though. You'll meet them in any society, so alas it's one of those things in life you need to deal with in the best way you can.

I need to know about Rebecca Lupe, for personal reasons. She died a very long time ago, and I need to know her year of death and place of death. I need this answered in 40 to 45 minutes, please! Thank you! ~[removed]

Well, for years this has been the most commonly asked question to the Editorial (you wish we were kidding), so finally, we shall reveal the truth, and we shall start from the beginning:

Rebecca Lupe was no ordinary Lupe. You see, she loved Chias. Not for supper, mind you, but as friends. She loved that they were shaped kinda like a Negg, because she also liked Neggs (they were shaped like Chias, after all). Additionally, the fact that Chias had a cute little tuft of hair on the tops of their heads only made her love them even more. They were also full of joy, and who doesn't like joy? Seriously.

She loved them so much, she wanted to be a Chia. She'd thought about it long and hard, and could think of nothing she wanted more in all of Neopia. (Any colour Chia would do, really... as long as it wasn't Custard. *shudder*) Neopets change species all the time, and she was determined to do so herself. Unfortunately for Rebecca, she had no Neopoints with which to buy a morphing potion, or even visit the Lab Ray. Her family certainly wasn't going to pay for such a travesty! She would stay a Lupe forever, it seemed.

Until one day about two years ago, while wandering through Neopia Central eyeing all the shiny wares, she came upon a churro that had fallen on the floor. Normally, this wouldn't be cause to celebrate. For one, churros are tasty but not very filling. Secondly, it was ON THE FLOOR. Blech. Anyway, at that exact moment, a rather unintelligent Tyrannian Usul standing next to Rebecca had just been given her own Random Event: a Chia Transmogrification Potion. Now, Rebecca wasn't usually one to take advantage of a fellow Neopet, but seeing as how that Usul was eying her churro, she seized the opportunity and offered it in exchange for the potion. Being a very hungry Tyrannian Usul (did we mention the hungry part? She was pretty hungry.), the Usul gladly accepted and Rebecca found herself holding her very own Chia Transmogrification potion.

You would think, wanting to be a Chia so badly, that she'd drink it right away, but she hesitated. What would her family think? Would her friends recognise her? Would she continue to enjoy burying bones in the gardens of her Neohome? None of that mattered, though... she popped open the top and quickly drank every last drop of the potion. There was a slight delay, and for a minute she thought she'd traded away a perfectly good churro (5 second rule!) for a faulty Transmogrification Potion, but then she looked down at her hands... well, stubs. STUBS! Not paws. She felt the top of her head and instantly recognised that signature tuft of hair! She was a Chia, and she felt pretty darn awesome. I mean, come on. Chias are wicked.

Elated, she skipped all the way home to Meridell that day (which is pretty hard for a Chia, but she couldn't help it). She was happy and so full of Chia joy that when she got home, it didn't matter that her Lupe family didn't recognise her and summarily ate her for a tasty snack. She was finally a Chia. Well, a ghost Chia, but a Chia nonetheless.

And that is when and where Rebecca Lupe died.

My brother and I were having an argument about the color that your Neopet could be turned if you get a certain Random Event while it is depressed. I said that it will turn blue, but he insists that it will turn grey. Am I right, or do I need to do some apologizing? We've been fighting for days. Please HELP! ~alwaysand4ever

Well, don't rub it in too much, but you are correct. If a Neopet is very sad there is a Random Event that can turn it blue! :X (If there was one that turned them Grey, we have a feeling people would intentionally try to make their Neopets unhappy. =/) So remember, keep your Neopets happy by playing with them, grooming them, and maybe even taking them to the Merry Go Round on Roo Island.

Happy Neggs work, too!

Hi TNT! You guys rock! Anyway, let's get to the point. I was at the Neggery, and I have a Negg I want to send in, but on the drop-down menu I couldn't select it. Is this a glitch, or is there something wrong with the Negg? ~20letterlimit

Not all Neggs can be turned in for points at the Neggery. Check to see if the Negg's item description mentions how many points it's worth. If this information isn't mentioned, the Negg Faerie most likely won't accept it.

I'm too cool for Negg points!

We all know that you can get rare items such as a Draik egg and a paint brush from the Trading Post, Auctions, and (quite rarely) shops. But how do people get these items without getting them from another Neopian? Where do they come from in the first place? ~ meerca_neggs

Draik eggs restock in Merifoods, and paint brushes come from Random Events, contest rewards, the Alien Aisha Vending Machine, and even the Fruit Machine, as well as other special site events.

Why am I sold at a food shop?? /sob

Can you please change the Lab Ray so we can choose what happens to our pet, so we can choose whether it changes colour or species etc. if you have got a really good pet that you want and just want to get its stats up by using the lab you are putting it at risk of being changed. Change it please! ~anonymous

O.o Umm, no. The Lab Ray is completely random for a reason. ;) It's not meant to be a guaranteed method of training or painting. If you want to choose a specific colour and species for your Neopet, a morphing potion or a paint brush will do. If you don't want to risk changing the species or colour of your Neopet but still want to raise its stats, we suggest training or feeding it Neggs.

Err... TNT, I hate to bother you guys, but I think the Darigan Gelert would like a right hind leg. O-o; ~ wolfhd

*looks* Heh. Some Gelerts... just so picky! Give me a Negg! I'm bored of this toy! I only have three legs! I guess we can ask the artists if they'd be willing to lend that poor Gelert a paw! (We at Neopets, Inc. would like to apologise for the horrendous use of the previously stated bad pun. We would gladly give up our right leg to take it back and pretend it never happened... *snicker*)

Do certain foods have different effects on your pet\'s weight and height? ~amei666

Yep! Let\'s see... feeding your Neopet a BBQ Porkwich will make it weigh more, and a Pumpkin Negg will make your Neopet shorter and weigh more! There are lots of different foods like this. You\'ll just have to try them out and see!

Some new Neggs have been unearthed and are now on sale in The Neggery. That was in the news on the 9th of December. But the neggs are not for sale in the Neggery, could you please fix that and maybe release a cool Neggery avatar? ~tdcrewreturns

Woops! Looks like the shipment to the Negg Faerie was late... yeaaah. That must have been it. *shifty eyes*

As for a Neggery avatar... we are planning to have an avatar for every faerie, and the Negg Faerie is no exception! You will be able to use her likeness on the Neoboards eventually.

Its not fair!! I worked SOOOO hard to get 22 negg tokens so I could buy a ghost negg from the negg faerie but I have tried for 3 day and all I get is: ERROR: Could not update your tokens What does that mean? and how can I fix it? I really want my ghost negg!!! Yours truly, cubic_zirconium *cough* ~ cubic_zirconium

Hmm... that's odd. Maybe the Negg Faerie was just in a bad mood? She seems to be better now, though. If you still can't buy anything from her, please submit a bug report. Sincerely, The Neopets Team. *cough*

I saw the note you guys put in our shops about the items priced above 99,999 nps. I must admit, I am a bit confused.Does that mean that we can now price items over 100,000 nps to sell? If so, what is the top limit? Is there one? I am anegg collector and would LOVE to be able to buy the unbuyable neggs from people's shops instead of having to go through thetrading post! - My_little_miracle

At the moment, no. The top price is still 99,999 NP, although I believe a maximum price increase is planned very soon. When this happens it will be announced on news though, including how much it will be set at.

Donna! Many, including me, entered neggs in the Random Contest. But we didn't not see anything to do with the contest yesterday nor today. PLEASE GET IT RELEASED FOR US TO SEE! - Moonie_lover

We were still going through the entries last night, the new contest should be live now and the winners should be there for all to see.

It was my birthday, and I got the Happy Birthday Sidebar. The sidebar made the top advertisement go away. Is theresuppose to be no ads as a Birthday Present of is there something wrong with my computer? - Babi_ang3l

On your birthday, not only do you get the snazzy sidebar, but you get zero adverts at the top, Its just a nice little added bonus.

Where can I get a infinite negg bag - Higa92

You can get a Bag of Infinite Neggs from the Ice Crystal shop. They are quite rare thoug so you may not see them that often.

I absolutely LOVE ALL the faerie avatars!!!! THEY ARE SOOOOOO PRETTY!!! But... do you think you couldmake some more default ones? Or easy to get ones for the other faeries??? Like the tooth, negg, and lightfaeries??? You only have 4 default faerie avatars... - Penguinity

I will pass this along to our avatar queen...

I was recently looking through my Neopets magazine,and on the Battle for Merridell card list,and I saw a card with asilver draik egg on it! Is there such a thing? I want to know because I really want a Draik. - Dragongirl2c

There are blue, green, red and yellow Draik Neggs, but no silver on the site.

Is there any way to decrease a Neopet's weight or increase it's height? I know that the opposite of these can beachieved through a Pumpkin Negg. I've heard that this is possible through the Lab Ray, but don't want to risk the otherthings that may happen, and I've also heard it's a random event, but I don't know. If not, can you make this possible in someway? - Sir_eternal

At the moment a few different foods do this, but they are very hard to come by and it isn't guaranteed that that is what they will do. There are no random events that do this as far as I know.

How do I get my Neopets to be stronger beside using the Training School and Swashbuckling Academy?!!!? - Giga300034

Well, they are the two main ways, although there are some Neggs and potions you can buy that will make your Neopets stronger also.

How come the Neggery has Brown Negg value at 1 negg point but there is no suchthing to be found as a Brown Negg - Stich4321

Oops, that was just the basic Negg, I have changed the name so it is called Brown Negg now.

The witchy negg was just recently released, around Halloween. I was wondering what it does. Someone told me it paintsyour pet Halloween, but I think they were lying to me, trying to make me pay more. Can you please help? -Silverstarlune

The Witchy Negg does not turn your Neopet Halloween, it can change your pets gender, turn them into a Lenny, Tuskaninny or Moehog, boost their intelligence, raise their hit points or cure any disease your pet may have.

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