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Neopian Times Editorial Database

We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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All right. So, I have the Real Negg Faerie Wings from the Advent Calendar in my Safety Deposit Box. I know you guys did a redesign of it, so I'm pretty sure that, if I take it out, it'll change. However, I'll ask this anyway: is there any way to put them in my Gallery without them changing? I've got an Advent Calendar Gallery, and I really want to put these in it. Thanks! (Please-o remove-o my name-o.) Can you understand what I said? ~username removed

No, the 80x80 was already changed, so likely you were just seeing the old cached version of the image. The item is still given out via the Advent Calendar, technically. It just has new window dressing, so we think the integrity of your Gallery is safe. :)

I was wondering about the recent trend of having no trade items that, when a specific Neocash item is used, turn into NC items (like the Locked Treasure of Mystery Chest, mini plastic Neggs, and now Holiday Snowballs). I have seen some unfortunate cases where these items are stolen by Random Events, making it impossible for that user to receive all the items from the event without trading. So, I must ask: why don't you make these items no trade NC items instead? It wouldn't really change anything, except the inability for Random Events and the like to take these items. I know the items from the Elite Boutique already have this feature, so why not implement it in these sorts of events? Please remove my username, thank you. ~username removed

We have already adjusted the coding so that Holiday Snowballs cannot be stolen by Random Events. Hooray!

The new "Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb" is extremely overpowered (it is better than the 500,000 NP Honey Potion). Could you please fix this? ~feel_alive

Those Neggs are intended to be single-use, but it seems they're not working properly. We've asked our programmers to look into it.

Dear TNT,
My Negg Cave puzzle took me five times longer than usual to figure out today. I believe my IQ may have just gone up by 0.01. Thanks for making this a daily thing. :) ~makhiuching

Always glad to hear we're doing a good job exercising brains!

More braaaaaainsss for meee!

So, TNT, since you've recently brought back the Negg puzzle from this year's Festival of Neggs as a new daily, could this possibly mean that you will be bringing back features from other events as dailies? *coughkrawkislandsudokucough* Excuse me, I have a bit of a cold. ~warrior_cats_freak10

*hands you a handkerchief* Oops, that was actually a Ghostkerchief. Sorry, didn't mean to startle you like that! While we personally would loooove to see the sudoku game become a daily, it's not as easy to convert as the Festival of Neggs puzzle, which already randomised the puzzles. It's still on our "desperately wish to do" list, however; we just haven't been able to set aside enough time to get it done.

Hey, TNT! Thanks for updating the Dailies and then adding the Negg Cave. I really enjoy doing the puzzles! It's also nice to see the makeovers and the cool new prizes! ~songof_magick

Yay, we're glad you're enjoying it! We are, too. :) It's always good to exercise your brain a bit!

Much love from chunn_lei!!! The Festival of Neggs this year was very interesting and fun, to say the least. I recently went on hiatus for a few weeks. I have several mini plastic Neggs from this event. However, the Handy Negg Enlarger is no longer available at the NC Mall. Am I forever stuck with these items?!? P.S.: I recently celebrated my 10 year anniversary on Neopets! :) ~chunn_lei

Congratulations on 10 years! It's been wonderful to entertain you all this time. :) As far as the mini plastic Neggs go, though, their day in the sweet spring sun has passed. You can either place them in a Gallery or discard them if they're cluttering up your account.

Hey there, TNT! So, I scoured Neopia Central twice over looking for the Negg released on April 14th. I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. Was I doing something wrong, or is it on your end? ~mossbury

We can't be certain what links you checked, but it may be on our side, which we're very sorry about. Try these links to see if one of them is the one you need:

I just want to say how much I adore some of the new smilies, but would you please consider making a Negg one? After all, it is the Festival of Neggs right now and I think they feel a little left out. =( ~horsecrazyirishgirl

Well, aren't you clever? (As well as everyone else who requested Negg smilies this week.) They're now live on the site, so enjoy a bonus little Negg hunt as you try to find all four *keywords* for the new smilies!

Hey there, TNT! Just a quick question here for ya: I noticed that this year's avatar for the Faerie Festival had a different title than last year's avatar, but they have the same animation and everything. Does that mean they count as two separate avatars, or just one? Please remove my username, thanks! ^^ ~username removed

The beginning animation is somewhat the same, but the avatar shows the building of the Negg Festival booth for this year's. Last year's showed Neggs forming. The border is different as well. Last year's had rounded corners, and this year's used the frame treatment around the avatar. As such, they count as separate avatars.

Dear TNT,
*hands Negg* Is it okay to have a "guild account" where all the owners have access to it? I keep joining good guilds, but unfortunately they have guild accounts. Would you freeze me for that? Thank you! ~princesspygmypuff

Accounts may not be shared. One guild member must create and serve as the coordinator for the guild account.

Since there seems to be so much confusion on the issue, I figured that it's best to clear it up. For the Negg Hunt Community Challenge, do you have to click the "Return to Kari" link in order for the plastic Neggs to be counted toward the community challenge? Please remove my username. ~username removed

No, as soon as you visit the page containing the plastic Negg you are given credit.

We don't want you straining that delicate index finger!

Hello, TNT! *shoves a basket of easter Neggs* I have a question. If one person is lent an item, perhaps to get an avatar or a battle item (or both!), and a Random Event that makes the item disappear comes up, would the person who borrowed the item suffer the consequences of losing it (such as being frozen)? I believe my question is: are you guys able to track everything that happens to an item? Oh, and can you please remove my username? Thanks! ;) ~username removed

If it's actually a Random Event, well, that's Neolife. Of course, we'd say that 99% of such claims are just cover-ups for someone scamming the item. In this case, darn right we can track it (and whatever account the thief tries to hide it in). Please remember: if you scam, ALL of your accounts will be frozen. If someone claims that the item they were borrowing was stolen by the Pant Devil, please report the account (even if you believe them) so that we can look into it and confirm what happened to the item.

Bonjour, TNT! *throws Easter Neggs and a Kari plushie* It was just another day, and I was off to the Soup Kitchen on my side account to feed my Neopets for the day, when on the way over there I found a random plastic Negg! Sure, it's plain and doesn't count toward getting a prize, but I'm still worried, because plastic Neggs are scattered all over Neopia right now. What should happen if somebody accidentally finds one when on their side account? (I'll bet you're getting flooded by tons of people having the same question!) ~rissierose20

Don't worry about it. Don't go hunting for them on your side accounts, but if you stumble upon one by accident, it's nothing to be concerned about.

Hello, TNT! *waves* I won't toss anything since it seems you get enough of that. As I was clicking around Qasala looking for a Striped Negg, I noticed something very weird. The shopkeepers for Qasalan Delights and Desert Arms are the same! I even looked again (and again) to make sure I wasn't imagining it. I found myself wondering how he could be in two places at once when the shops are across the city courtyard from each other. Are they twins, or are the Meepits messing with my head again? Thanks in advance if this gets in! ~siriuslupin2006

Ack, we got quite a few reports of this shopkeeper trying to move in on the local Qasalan grocery shop. We've told him sternly to stick to his own shop.

TNT, I have two questions. *hands moist towelettes to wipe off all the thrown food* First, when was the first time you guys had food virtually thrown at you? Second, will the Festival of Neggs avatar be reactivated for this year's festival? ~marinexiguana

That's funny; you're the second person this week to ask when the food throwing started. Honestly, we're not sure ourselves. D: As for the Festival of Neggs Y12 - Quester avatar, that particular one was exclusive to last year's festival.

Hey, TNT! I was buying stocks in the stock market when I noticed some of the companies (such as BOOM and NEGG) were completely bankrupt, with their stock values at zero. Curious, I looked through the old Editorials and found one that said if a company goes bankrupt, then its stocks will be worthless forever! Could this still happen to my stocks? I don't want to lose my hard-earned Neopoints. :( ~phdinmagic

O.O *watches another Editorial writer get dragged off* Well then... uhh, where were we? Ahem, to answer your question: unfortunately, that is one of the risks of the Neopian Stock Market. D:

Hey, TNT! *throws empty ginger ale can* So, in the past month I have accidentally donated chocolates from the Negg Faerie quest and two books. I also just spilled ginger ale on my kitten, but that's not relevant. You know how, when you select "discard item," a little pop-up asks if you're sure you wanna do it? Could we maybe get one of those for donating, too? Pleeeeeaaaaase? Otherwise, I'll have to start paying attention to my actions and surroundings. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go bathe my cat. ~sidain

Oh dear. For more... erm, accident prone people, we suggest that you use Quick Stock when dealing with items. There is a confirm button for both donating and discarding when you use Quick Stock. Good luck with the cat bathing!

Here, just in case.

*hands you some Neggs* When I was looking at my page, I noticed that one of my Neopets had been replaced with a cogwheel. Is there a way to fix this? ~njrafaelnj

We recommend either booking your Neopet for a stay in the Neolodge or customising them to get rid of the cogwheel. :) If that doesn't work, please send in a bug report so we can fix it.

*throws an Invisible Negg* Quick question! Are we allowed to do (non-faerie) quests -- such as those for the Kitchen Quest and Edna -- on a side account, assuming that all Neopoints to finish said quests come from our main accounts? ~tiffymew

No, as those quests reward items / Neopoints. Please only do those quests on your main account.

It's been 6 years since they were announced in the news, but still I can't seem to find a Sunblade Replica or Sloth / Mutant / Jewelled / Platinum Neggs anywhere! :o Are they really that rare? ~matthewhuichikin

After scouring the warehouse, we finally found the boxes containing these items (which had managed to fall behind about 50,000 boxes of dung). We dug the items out and sent them on their way. Please allow a little while for the Neggs to reach Snowy; we're not exactly sure how he collects his hoard, so we'll just leave them outside for him and quickly run away.

Hey, TNT! I was wondering: are you planning on revamping the Snowager and / or his prizes? He doesn't seem to give out anything better than a Purple Negg and, since I already have the avatar, I don't really have a reason to visit him anymore. ): ~krazybabeh

There's actually a chance you can get a very rare book from him called Diary of an Ice Cruncher. It's worth about 750,000 NP. We think that's a good reason to visit. :)

Wow, TNT! I recently saw that there were 1,000,000 Cardboard Box Backgrounds in Mystical Surroundings!!! What in the world?!? xD ~chinchy_rox72

Hahaha, that must have been an odd sight for anyone not participating in Kari's quest from the Festival of Neggs site event. :)

We really need to open up an Neopian recycling plant!

Hey, TNT! I have a small question. I was doing the Negg Faerie's quests tonight and noticed that most of the painted Neopet images in the worlds (Terror Mountain, The Haunted Woods) are still the old, unconverted Neopets! Shouldn't they be updated by now? Thanks! *hands Meepit repellant* ~lost_in_a_forest

Yeah, it's getting a bit embarrassing, isn't it? We've been eying that area of the site for an update, but just haven't suckered anyone into taking the job of fixing it yet. Maybe we'll draw names out of a hat?

Hi TNT! In quest 6 of the Negg festival, I noticed that the 'Edible Guide to Jelly World' didn't get given as an item, like earlier items in the quests. Was this on purpose? Please remove my username. ~username removed

Unfortunately there was a printing error in the shipment of Edible Guide to Jelly World books we received, and we had to send them back to the printer to be fixed. The corrected versions should arrive in about two weeks and we'll make sure that everyone who should have earned one will get one. :)

Hi, TNT! I was just wondering if you'd noticed that the Neggery is having problems. I have tried to trade in my Green Festival Negg for tokens multiple times, but nothing has happened... please fix this, since I would very much like my tokens. :( ~heidibeckykate

Sorry about that, guys! We're aware of the issue with that Negg and are attempting to get it working properly. :)

Are tokens all I'm good for? T_T

I've noticed that, in a lot of your games, there are fish bonuses. Many of those fish bonuses are the most valuable bonus in the game that they're in. My question is this: what's with this fish obsession?!? ~ alovethatburns

It all started with the Fish Negg and the hilarity of it, so the fish just kept popping up. :) Who doesn't love fish!

I'm such a trendsetter!

Hi, TNT. I'm making a Negg gallery and I was just wondering: how many different types of items with the word "Negg" (not including NC Mall items) in their names are there? ~nativity1213

Let's see... not including NC Mall items, there's about 300 Negg items that have been released.

Hi! I have a concern. I had 24 Negg tokens, so I went to look at which Neggs I could buy. When I came back I had zero Negg tokens. What's up? ~ssc289

Well, considering that there's a Genius Negg in your Inventory (which happens to cost 24 Negg tokens), we're guessing you accidentally clicked it, or clicked the Negg without realising that it purchases the Negg soon as you click on it. As a general warning to all, please be careful in there, hehe. We suppose it would be nice of us to have an "Are you sure?" button in there to stop this from happening. We'll see if we can harass a programmer to take care of that.

Maybe it was for the best!

I've seen quite a few people who have adopted a Neopet from the Pound comment about the large amount of Neomail they've received from people claiming to be the old owners. The common claim is that the Neopet was lost during a transfer or was accidentally pounded. Is it considered a scam to Neomail people who have adopted Neopets from the Pound to claim you were the original owner (and imply that, or outright ask for, the Neopet to be returned) if you never did own the Neopet? Thanks. ~michellesteward

This is very much a scam. Why? Because you are lying in order to trick someone into doing something profitable for you. If a monitor sees you doing this, be prepared to receive a warning or perhaps be frozen if we see that this isn't the first time you've attempted such shenanigans.

Hmm... something smells rotten here.

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