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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Thank you for the wonderful Charity Corner perks, and especially the increased limit in the user shops! :o Between Charity Corner and The Wraith Resurgence plot having happened at the same time and going through the end of March, I was wondering... is Daily Dare still happening this year? And the Festival of Neggs? ~violetflowersinavase

Wellllll, I don't know if you've heard but the Festival of Neggs is in full swing in Neopia! Topsi is out and about the hunt for neggs is on. Go join 'em before its over!
As for Daily Dare, it's safe to say we'll be hearing from our friend AAA realllll soon!

hey TNT *tosses Neocash Printer* are we still going to see our regularly scheduled annual events like Faerie Quest Event, Daily Dare and Festival of Neggs soon? February has come and gone and we didn't get the Faerie Quest Event. It was pushed back once because of the Obelisk War and Jellyneo has found some new Delina Quest items so FQE seems like a definite. Festival of Neggs coincides with Earth's Easter which is April 1st (no, that's an April Fool's). Daily Dare has become shorter and gets pushed around a lot (and bullied to stay away for 3 years). You keep teasing about Charity Corner too so that seems like a shoe in to start relatively soon. ~perduco

Yes, yes, yes!! So, Charity Corner will be starting very very soon! Festival of Neggs will be coming up during its usual period and Daily Dare will be moved a little later (mid-April). With everything going on we had to make a few changes but it will all be there!! As for the Faerie Quest Event, I know Delina is itching to give out some new quests but not under this time of duress. Maybe once things have settled down for the Faeries they will return with all new quests for you!
As for April Fools, well I guess that depends on if we have any fun tricks up our sleeves this year...

With the kickoff of the Festival of Neggs, I was curious if the NC Mall item Negg Puncher will be released again to purchase? Hopefully it will be! ~loraloral24

Sadly, we don't release old items but don't worry we have lots of brand new items available for you guys!!!

Is the Festival of Neggs returning this year? ~ mopsihog

That's the plan! I mean we kind of have to... Could you imagine telling Topsi there's no more festival? That dude reaaaaaally loves his Neggs...

Hey CQ! *Slides over a glass of neggnog* If we were writing an article for the NT, if we wanted to make a list of something or center something, would we need to include line breaks and centering in brackets ourselves? Thanks! ~ natashajean09

Hi! That's the best way to guarantee you get the formatting you want for your piece! Just be to sure to do it all in swuare brackets [] and we'll take care of the rest!

Hey there oh answerer of questions, hope we're not frustrating you too much... or too little *LOL*. I'm planing on writing a few articles for the times and just so it's Crystal Negg clear... do the rules for mentioning fan sites apply the same to The Neopian Times (specifically for articles, I know they've been mentioned in the editorials) or would you prefer they be neopets only? ~ tallykat

Hello there asker of questions! Rules for fan sites in the Neopian Times are the same as the rest of the site! You can mention the recommended/certified fan sites in an article, but only those sites!

For years my main platform for playing Neopets is on my iPhone. Unfortunately, it means that I miss out on doing many things. No flash games (Only HTML like Neggsweeper), no customization, and no map just to name a few. It would be nice if I didn't need to get on a computer just so I could participate in time sensitive activities such as the Altador Cup or any plots. So, any news on a mobile version of the site? ~ liktra

We've started working on trying some things in HTML5, which is the first step in a mobile-friendly Neopets. It's definitely something we know users want and are working to make happen!

Thanks so much for bringing back Daily Dare! I got so super excited when I saw it announced on New Features! I absolutely love site events, so I'm ecstatic that we got not just the Festival of Neggs, but Daily Dare, too! I really appreciate all of TNT's hard work! ~ cosmicfire918

Hi TNT! There was a bonus item for using the dusts all 5 times on the Classic Magical Negg but it didn't say anything about any bonus items in the FAQs. Could you please explain to us what bonus items there will be for this event? Thanks! ~ greyfever

Hi! There is one bonus item for completely filling each negg (which I believe means a new one should be released tomorrow). Happy dusting!

Hi CQ! I'm a new premium member and, due to financial reasons (I'm in college!), I can't really buy premium for more than a month at a time. Will the 5th pet slot be gone so that my pet gets abandoned when I go to renew? I really don't want to lose a pet! Thank you for your time! *sway* ~ greeneggsandgraham

Hi! If you renew before or as your membership ends, you will not lose your Neopets. If your premium membership lapses between you renewing, then yes, you will have to choose one of your pets to transfer or abandon. If you abandon, it will be held in the Pound for 90 days before it is put up for adoption, so you have plenty of time to reclaim it!

Hey TNT! I keep trying to read the Baby Basket Books from this year's Festival of Neggs to my Aisha but she never seems to be interested, and only ever succeeded with the Xweetok copy. I even tried the French and Chinese versions, but my little bookworm still couldn't bring herself to try them! Could you ask the publishers to revise the latest editions? ~ piratepaintrox5

There are so revised, my own little Aisha bookworm loved the new editions, perhaps you should give yours another try?

How long does it take to draw a wearable? ~morganjoisle

Simple items take half a day, though most items take one to two days, with the most complicated items taking about a week. Yes, an entire week! There are a lot of little details to get right.

Cybunny painting a Negg
Quality over quantity!

NEGGS. *throws a Fish Negg* How do they taste? Like, in general. Obviously Fish Neggs will taste like fish, but what about green ones or purple ones? If I'm gonna force-feed my Battledome 'pet to make it stronger, I've gotta know what I'm putting him through! D: ~noxmiles

In general, Neggs are a bit eggy, but with a fruity sweetness that lingers on the tongue. A dash of salt will bring out their flavour, but if you don't happen to have any salt then you can always substitute Space Spice without too many repercussions, like accidental mind control.

Hi, TNT! I see you might soon honour a request for new activity in the Hidden Tower and / or Smuggler's Cove, but how about the Neggery? Surely there have to be some as-yet-undiscovered Negg varieties growing in the forests of Neopia that have fascinating effects when eaten! ~sauerkrautkid

Ooh, good thinking! We've sent the Content Team to scout about the forests of Neopia searching for new and exciting Neggs.

TNT, I love the prizes from this year's Negg hunt, but there's a small problem: the Brilliant Negg Crown is considered a sea shells collectable item. However, the shell album is completed. So, was this meant to be an album item or a wearable? ~ivoryrosefrost

The Brilliant Negg Crown is part of the "Treasures of the Deep" collection, which restocks in the Collectable Sea Shells shop. That's why it's classified as a "sea shell" type of item and states so when placed into your album.

Dear TNT,
*throws Neggs of all different colours everywhere* It's come to my attention that we don't seem to have any idea exactly "where" the Negg Festival takes place in Neopia. So, that's my question: where in Neopia is the Negg Festival held? ~alisawarrior

The Negg Festival is held on a lovely green field outside of Neopia Central. The Negg Faerie wanted to hold it in town, but the Merchants' Council pitched a fit when they saw how many Neggs Kari would be hiding in their shops. Something about disruption of business, interfering with rabid restockers, the cost of shots from the Pharmacy, blah blah blah. Spoilsports.

Hi, there! So, I was reading the news and it said that the last day of Negg Gazing is on "Saturday, May 3rd." After a quizzical gaze at my calendar, I discovered that the 3rd is on a Thursday, not Saturday! I panicked; will the Negg Gazing cease on Thursday or Saturday?!? Thanks! ~jrayeb3

First off, you should flip your calendar (or click the arrow on your computer calendar), because we think you're looking at April. HOWEVER, we also stated the wrong date in the news, which has been fixed. Your last day to do some quality Negg gazing is Sunday, May 4th.

Hello, TNT! It's my first time writing to the Editorial. I've seen some people requesting things like emoticons, 'pet colors, Petpet colors, etc. So, I think I should try requesting something, too. What do you guys think about making a Rutu-themed item? She is my favorite Neopian character and I also think she is a very important character, but there's no item of her. :( I think that, if you make a Rutu-themed item, then it will be great! ~jlm_kirby

There has been some sort of Rutu-uprising, hasn't there? It seems so, considering all the Rutu-requests the Editorial has seen since the Festival of Neggs began. Very well, we'll pass your Rutu-themed item request to our Content Department.

Hi, TNT! Last year, during the Negg Festival, we received the Counterfeit Doughnutfruits after we punched our NC Decorative Neggs. Some of us thought that we would need them for this year, but it seems we were wrong! Since the Negg Festival this year is completely different, what are we supposed to do with these Counterfeit Doughnutfruits? It seems as if you don't need them for anything. Do they serve some purpose? ~ninebreakr

The Counterfeit Doughnutfruits were actually supposed to be a bit of a precursor to a new daily that we had to cancel to fit in other content. We keep bringing the idea back up, so we might do it eventually. We recommend just letting them sit in your SDB, but if you really just can't handle the clutter, you're welcome to discard them.

Hi, TNT! So, I was wondering: would it be possible to have players notified when something doesn't sell on the Trading Post after two weeks, just like you do with auctions? I accidentally discarded a Negg worth two million Neopoints because I wasn't paying attention to what was in my inventory and had no idea that the Negg was no longer on the TP. ~angelgirl122193

That would be nice. We've put in a request to our programmers, however they have a very long list of awesome things to do, so we don't know when they'll be able to squeeze it in.

I can totally understand and agree with the person from the previous Editorial who was ashamed to say that they didn't know how the Fish Negg looked like a fish. I just wanted to say, "anonymous player... you're not alone... there are others!" Oh, and could you end this Editorial with a picture of Plumpy chewing on Sloth's head? Thanks a bunch. ~jakynar

In honour of Artists on Vacation Day 2013, your wish has been granted.

Who knew Dr. Sloth tastes like bacon?

This will probably end up in the "Wut?" section, so please leave out my username! :D But... and it pains me to admit this... after close to 10 years on and off of Neopets, I have finally figured out that the Fish Negg does not look like a face with one eye, a scar where the other one should be, and a giant buck tooth. The tooth is actually the fin, and the weird scar is the mouth. I think the palm print is still on my face from the giant facepalm I did. The good news? I now understand why it is called a FISH Negg. ~twilight_luvr_4evr_

Nah, this isn't **WUT** bad. :) The person asking us about how to possibly solder wires to make their old handheld Neopets device work again nearly got in. This is just plain funny. After bringing up the image of the Fish Negg and tilting our heads slightly to the right, we finally saw how you had been interpreting the image.

We then laughed heartily.

Hey, TNT! I can't really sugarcoat this request with random junk (because I'm afraid the Meepits might use the sugar against me), but can you PLEASE make a Fish Negg smiley? My Neopet fishneggs would greatly appreciate it! ~desert_paintbrush_10

o.O You guys are weird sometimes, but we love you. Here you go.


Hi, TNT! I just wanted to say that I am loving the Negg Festival event! I came back from a three year hiatus quite recently and so this is the first time I've been a part of the event. I like it so much, and look forward to finding the Neggs every morning! Thank you for keeping things fresh! :) ~oo_luckey_duckey_oo

Hey TNT, how long do we have to choose the prizes for the Festival of Neggs? Thanks! Please remove my username. ~username removed

You should have until next year's festival, but please try to avoid cutting it too close.

Hi, TNT! *throws Neggs* So, the Obelisk War was about... three weeks ago, I think? Are those Tyrannians still having trouble counting up the points, or are things just pretty hectic around the office with the Festival of Neggs and other site events around Neopia? I'm just anxious to find out the results; this has to be one of my favorite site events by far! ~jackjack1234

Nothing's interrupting our efforts! We're just still running the numbers. We had the faction winner figured out in the first day or two, and we're just as anxious to get the results out as you are! It's the individual points that take a while to get right. To give you a bit of context, it works something like this:

We check on the massive amount of fight data we have and try to get a basic idea of the different buckets of participation we can put players in and what percentage of participants fall within these buckets. This is just a rough point we can start from, and then it gets crazy. We do a base set of point numbers, run sample queries and compare to various levels of participation, tweak numbers, re-run queries, run different queries to get more information on certain buckets, etc., etc. Some of those individual queries can take a while to run by themselves, so we work furiously, wait, work furiously again, wait some more... and that’s just for point values! After that, we have to actually price the prizes. During all of this, we're also working on building the prize shop and... some other things. We discovered long ago that to do it properly takes time. (Ask folks who were around for the Curse of Maraqua prize shop. ;_;) When we're comfortable with the numbers -- which we actually never are, so... comfortable enough -- and we think everyone will be justly rewarded for their efforts, then we'll release the prize shop. We definitely know it's a pain to wait, but we think that's better than being disappointed with your reward.

We don't have an estimate right now. We're really trying to finish up by next week, but we can't tell yet if that will happen.

*tosses you some chocolate Neggs* In Editorial #586, you said "Neopians are completely unaware of the existence of Easter." How can this be, since there are 67 items with Easter in their names? Also, don't even try to blame it on the poor Mee-- GRRRRMPH... ummppppphg... LEMME GO! *is dragged away* ~prplecat

*makes shifty eyes and pushes a bag full of Neopoints over to a group of Meepits* Thanks!

Will there be a Festival of Neggs this year? Since Easter is early this year, it should be starting soon. ~ogo121087

Neopians are completely unaware of the existence of Easter, so they're unlikely to see the correlation. We assure you, though, that the Festival of Neggs will be celebrated this year. :)

Ummm, TNT, have you been tweaking the Festival of Neggs site theme? There seems to be a lot more bold text. It's not bad, but I found it a bit weird. ~ronir

We did a back end change to automatically bold links, and it seems to have gotten a little excitable in some areas. If you noticed areas that went crazy with bold, send us a report with specifics in it so we can correct the matter. :)

My "Real Negg Faerie Wings" disappeared from my inventory! I never used them, and I was planning to use them! D: what happened? ~lionkirbys

As we explained in New Features, there was a planning / art error with the wings, and they were too similar to existing wings that came from the NC Mall. There was a slight animation difference, but we decided it wasn't fair to those who had spent the money (plus, they now had duplicate wings), so we changed the look of the wings given out by the Advent Calendar.

They now look like this, and are
called Homemade Lavender Faerie Wings. :)

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