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One of my pets, a red kougra, shows up with the "old look" when not active, while another yellow kougra of minemaintains the new Kougra look, even when not currently active. Why? - moon_burrst

Oops, that means we haven't updated the inactive images. We will get on that right away.

If Boochie fires at your pet once, is it possible for him to do it again? - Bubble_sweetie_

He won't fire at the same Neopet again if it is currently a baby Neopet. If you have a different active pet, or you have since painted your Neopet so it is no longer baby, he may strike again.

I'm totally paranoid of having Boochi zap my pet. If he zaps my pet, will they turn into a Baby Pteri? Or the Baby formof what they are? Like if he zaps my Draik, will he turn into a Baby Draik? Or baby Pteri? And what if your pet CAN'T become ababy? Like a Krawk? By the way, you should make a Baby Krawk! EVERYBODY wants one! - Levihorse

Boochi will only turn your active pet into a baby version of the species it currently is. If there isn't a baby version, Boochi won't do anything to any of your pets. I know people want a baby Krawk, people want a baby everything, but they just can't have it :)

Does Boochi and the other random events that change your pets colour only affect your active pet? I was justwondering because I'd get mad if any of my pets besides my lab pet (which is always my active pet) were zapped byBoochi and turned into a baby... - Artsy_frog

We aren't THAT mean, Boochi will only zap your active pet.

I love the images in the Neopets press kit!!! Would you be able to addsome Kougra pictures too? - Mic24615

Yes, we will be adding a lot more images to the press kit including all the species (well at least the attractive ones heh :P)

Hi! I just bought two of the interactive pets and I love them!!!! (P.S. you could say on thepackaging that they like music! Mine love it.) Couple questions, Are you going to make new Unis now thatyou have the new design? Also, my mother really wants a Gelert interative pet, are you going to make one? - Much_ado_

About the Unis that is a very good question. Didn't think about that :) Tell your mother that the Gelert is being made right now and should be out around November *crosses fingers*.

Whatever happened to the old guilds like the Faerie guild and Police guild that was always here and the Neopets staff ran?

I am afraid someone has been pulling your leg. It is true that we did have links to some guilds, but they were never active as we changed how the guilds would work. It was just a front page, you couldn't join, chat or do anything, and no member of staff ever ran them.

I was looking at someone's record and it said they had a Neopian Times trophy. How do you get those!!!!????????

If you write a story, article or create a comic and it gets published in The Neopian Times, you earn yourself this rather attractive trophy for your cabinet! To send in your entries, e-mail neopiantimes@neopets.com.

What is considered too many accounts?

If you have more than five accounts that you only use to collect and transfer neopoints (i.e you don't look after your pets, don't play any games, don't have a shop etc), that is considered too many accounts.

If you have several accounts, but your Neopets are all well fed, trained and you actively use them all, we will not freeze your account for having multiple accounts. We are only cracking down on cheaters, not dedicated players.

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Page 5 of 5 (129 Results)