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Until recently the Quick Reference was a fast, easy way for me to check out how hungry all of my Neopets were at once. Now, however, I need to individually make each of them my active Neopet in order to see their hunger status (AND it takes two clicks to do it instead of just one). Is this how it's going to stay? ~kvoels

You don't need to make your Neopets active to see them on that page. If you single click their thumbnail images they will all show up on the page, up to all four of them at once. To hide them, click the image again.

Does Boochi fire his ray at your active Neopet or is his aim random? ~nvd122

He fires at your active Neopet. Duck!

'Sup TNT, I have a question. Why do some slushies move and others don't? It's always bugged me. ~cheeselovers7891234

Some just prefer more active lifestyles, we guess...

Hmm... where are my leg warmers?

On December 11th you released a treasure chest Petpet and now the image is gone and it appears to be inactive. :( Please bring it back! D: I want one. ~slorsky

We looked into it and... mystery solved! The Petpet you seek is the Cofferling. We changed the URL of the image to reflect the name of the Petpet, that's why the image you saw on the news was broken. We still need to make it an active item, though.

Personally, we slightly fear the day this critter appears in Neopia...

Is there anyone (apart from TNT) who has had the same account since the very beginning of Neopets? ~me_likes_jelly

Yup! The oldest (still active) non-staff account was created on November 17th, 1999. That's just two days after the site went live!

Dear TNT, I have always heard players talking about plots, but I don't actually know what they are! Do you just read them or do you interact and play with them?!? If that is the case, then how do you play? Do you get trophies or Neopoints or some other prize? Essentially, what is a plot and what do you do with one? Thanks! I really need this answered. :) ~greenfluteplayer1994

These days most plots are a series of comics that can be read and are linked to through the New Features page. However, while these comics are going on we also offer interactive puzzles for players to solve, often related to the comics. These activities are generally more hidden and require some exercising of the brain. At the end of the plot, depending on how much you participated, you will earn a trophy and prizes.

^ Some trophies from past plots. ^

So a while back TNT stated that accounts that haven't been accessed for two years would be deleted. Does that mean that all the Neopets in those accounts would be deleted as well, putting their names up for grabs again? I'm asking because some of those old accounts have really nice Neopet names and it's a shame that they're not active. ~neonlily

Yes, when an account is purged due to extreme inactivity the names of the Neopets in that account become capable of being created again as well.

Hello there! I was wondering? do the artists that draw the images for Neopets use a graphic tablet? If so, what kind do they use? I'm thinking about getting one for myself but they're so expensive and I don't have much money in the bank (but I'm saving up!). Thanks for the help! ~merchandisingactive

Yep, our artists use Wacom graphic tablets, though the size and type vary. Even several of us non-artist TNT members use graphic tablets to fend off aches and pains from using a mouse too much.

No, not this kind of tablet.

*huggles TNT tightly* Oh mighty TNT, thanks for ze awesome Boochi Random Event on my Gelert! *bows* I do have a question, though. When telling my guild about getting a Boochi zap, I explained how my active avatar had been Gelert - Starry and my Gelert was starry at the time. I was told that getting Boochi as a Random Event is more likely when your active Neopet and avatar look alike. Is this really true? Thanks. :D PS: Call me Poofle and I'll give you some cheese. :3 ~bananafaerie99

We have plenty of cheese. PLENTY! But hi, Poofle!

We're sorry to burst your bubble but, *pop*. It's actually random. Boochi came out long before avatars, and has no interest in them. His only love is sweet, sweet revenge.

In your long rule explanation you used "grandfathered" twice. What does that mean exactly? You guys roll (and rock!) ~overusedclassic

Grandfathered basically means that the rules will not be enforced retroactively. It means that you won't be punished for something that is against the rules/enforced now, but wasn't when you did it.

Did I ever tell you about the time I had to walk 18 miles through a snowstorm only to find out that Neoschool STILL didn't exist?

I noticed that people on Neopets sometimes collect hundreds (or maybe even a thousand) of a certain item that is usually not worth much. They put in their signature, "I'll take your X item." They then say how many they have so far and what their goal is. Is this against the rules, or is it frowned upon? ~star9casey

Not really. As long as it's just stuck in their signature (we refuse to use the word "siggy") and they're not actively begging, we don't really have an issue with it. When people make boards or spam in regards to it, though, then they are crossing the line and could be setting themselves up for a warning.

I have tried to get this confirmed in many different ways so I am trying you. Time and again I see people with their account referral links on lookups and other parts of their accounts. Is this not abuse of the referral system? One person literally asks people to make side accounts and use his referral link. This doesn't seem what it is meant for. Isn't it meant to get new members, not to talk existing people into making more accounts? That doesn't seem any different than if I were to have used my own referral link when I made my side accounts. Could you please clear this up once and for all? Thanks. ~poohbear1320

While yes, the intention is to get new people to join, we know that's not always what happens. We're going to have to go for the "reasonable balance" response here. While we don't mind referral links in shops, ULs, or Petpages, actively mailing Neopets players or posting it (or requests for people to use it) on the Neoboards is crossing the line. Also, we'd just like to throw it out there that using your own referral link when creating side accounts is a no-no as well.

Hi, now that our active Neopet is shown on the boards, many of us would like to use our best Neopet as our active Neopet while posting. There is a risk to using your best Neopet, though. Boochi or the Random Event that turns your Neopet invisible are both risks. Is there any chance that we could choose which Neopet would be shown on the Neoboards while we are posting, rather than this solely being determined by our active Neopet? Thank you for your consideration. ~upinthehills

Not to worry! That feature is already on the list. ;) You will eventually be able to select which Neopet you want to display on the boards. There are a few things to work out, due to the nature of abandoning and adopting Neopets, so we'll likely finish The Pound up first before we get to working those things out and releasing this feature.

Now that the Altador Cup is over, I want to remove my team background from my Neopets. How do I do this? The Help Window says click on the "remove" button, but there isn't one! ~cordeliav49

To remove any item, first go to the Quick Ref page by clicking on the image of your Neopet on the left side of the screen. Then click "customise." At the top along the blue bar that says Items View, select "applied." This will show you the items that are currently equipped to your Neopet. When you click on the icon view of the item it will appear in the area beneath your Neopet. Click the remove button that is now active to remove it.

Hey TNT! I recently signed up for Neopets Mobile and now I can use Neopets and go to Lutari Island on my cell phone. However, I still can't go to Lutari Island on the Neopets website. Can you only go to Lutari Island on your cell phone, or is the website messed up? And, for future reference, can you give me the link to un-sign up from Neopets Mobile? ~alextheguineapig

Lutari Island doesn't exist on the Neopets site aside from that one faded out image of the island. Lutari Island only exists actively in your cell phone. On your cell, you can interact with the different areas and play games that are unique to Lutari Island. If you are unhappy with the service, or were just interested in testing to see what it was like, you will need to go through your cell phone service provider, as Neopets can only link you to the websites that offer the service.

I'm not one to make knee-jerk reactions to the stuff you guys do to the site. In fact, after giving them a chance, I tend to decide that I like most of the alterations. However, as a regular NeoBoard user, I must lodge a complaint about the recent addition of an image of your active Neopet to every post. I know this is a "pet geared" site... but, honestly, I don't care about my Neopets, what they look like, or anything. I have other reasons for being here. Have you considered making the pic of your Neopet OPTIONAL, so only users who actually like it have to show it? It tends to make boards really long (and my scroll button doesn't like it, either). ~schoolgirl31782

It's not a "pet-geared" site... it's a pet site. :) We totally understand that you may do other things on the site, and that's completely fine, but the site is called Neopets and it has always been about the Neopets themselves. That's something we're trying to get back to. If you're just here to chat, the extra pic doesn't stretch things too much (unless the player has written less than a line and has no Neosignature). If that's the case, and people are mostly posting one word messages back and forth, you're really not actually chatting much to each other in the first place. ;)

Can my Neopet now wear my \"I Love Sloth T-shirt\"?

At the moment, clothing options aren\'t retroactive. We\'re working on wearables to fit Neopets going forward, but only time will tell if we can take previously released clothes and add them to the customisation pile (or if we even want to... have you seen some of the older clothes items? *shudder*). Please keep in mind that, if we release an item that all species can wear, it will have to be drawn 54 times by our poor artists, so it will take a while. :)

Don\'t let Sloth find out!

In the new Neopedia article on the Tooth Faerie, it gives you the idea that older Neopets do not lose teeth and that younger ones do. Is it true that, when older Neopets are your active Neopets, you won't get a Tooth Faerie RE? ~christenjoi

No, the Tooth Faerie Neopedia is more of a fanciful story about her, since actually she's just a Random Event on the site that gives away a few Neopoints. Your Neopet's age or whether it's the active Neopet has no effect on the Random Event. (Additionally, your account's age has nothing to do with ANY Random Event. Users of any account age all have the same chance at Random Events.)

They had to think of SOMETHING to write about me!

You have frozen many, many honest people for what you call "cheating" by having widely available browser ActiveX plug-ins that refresh screens automatically at preset time intervals. Refreshing a screen isn't cheating. It isn't a "program" that buys things or plays a game. How rottenrottenrotten of you. ~[removed]

Wow. Umm... where to begin?

First, Neopets itself is a game. It's played by visiting a series of pages in a web browser. So, technically, having someone else (whether it's an automated program or a person) refresh pages for you means that they are playing a game for you, which you agree is cheating. But let's forget that for a minute and use your other example.

What is the difference between using a program to outright buy an item, and using a program to help you click on that item and buy it before anyone else even sees it? Not much. Despite which of you actually did the final purchasing, the program is giving you an advantage no one else has, right? This is exactly what auto-refreshing programs do. If you can refresh a shop every two minutes using a program, that greatly increases your chances of getting an item. It's more precise than a human, and you can be off making Neopoints at Scarab 21 in another window while waiting for the shop to refresh. How is that fair? The same can be said about refreshing for avatars or Random Events, too. You are not doing the refreshing, so how can you say that you are the one earning the rewards?

So basically, none of those people were "honest," despite what you (or they) claim. They broke the rules and were frozen for it. Everyone should start on equal footing on Neopets, and while we have no control over connection speed, we do have control over whether or not we allow third-party programs. How well you do on the site should be determined by skill (and a bit of luck, of course) and not by how well you can download programs and install them on your computer.

By the way, a program being "widely available" does not make it okay to use. There are lots of things in the real world that are the same way. ;)

Dear TNT, I've been wrestling with this issue for some time, and I don't know what to do. I have good reason to believe an acquaintance is violating the terms and conditions in a way that you would consider a serious offense (I suspect they're committing more than one violation, but I only have proof of one of them). They have had previous accounts frozen for reasons known only to you and them, and they were not forthcoming about it when we asked. I wouldn't call them a friend, but they're part of my circle of friends and acquaintances, so even anonymous reporting could be tricky. Personally, I am not competitive enough to care that they are cheating and appear to be a more successful Neopian than me... I play the game for ME, not to compare myself to others. But, at the same time, it really isn't fair to other players who may be more competitive than I am. Do we have an obligation (beyond a moral duty) to report known offenders? *PLEASE* don't include my username! ~anonymous

We understand that sometimes people feel that they don't want to "betray" another player by reporting them, but honestly, if someone is cheating, it hurts everyone, including your other friends. We've seen plenty of boards with players stating, "Well, I know my friend uses an autobuyer, but it doesn't effect me since I don't restock, so I don't really care." Players who cheat ruin it for *everyone* else, directly and indirectly. Often these cheaters amass a lot of items, then are frozen, which removes these items from the economy, causing the prices of already rare and expensive items to inflate even further, often out of your own reach. The opposite happens with multiple account abusers, who cause daily items and rewards to sell for less because there are more in the economy. So just because you're not directly competing with this person doesn't mean you're not being affected in the long run.

Some arguments for cheaters often are, "It's just a game. Who cares if I cheat? I use cheat codes on my PS2 all the time. What's the difference?" Neopets is a community with its own economy. Unlike single player games where the console or computer doesn't care if you're not playing fair, interactive, online, multi-player games are different. Your actions do effect another people. For example, you're playing Halo by yourself, and you use some kind of new cheat that instantly kills everyone within a certain radius? well done. You defeated the point of the game, but it didn't bother anyone. Now, if you used this cheat while playing Halo online, you'd make quite a few people upset and have an unfair advantage. Besides, in the end it really achieves nothing. If you have to cheat to win, is it really winning?

The short non-preachy version: no, you don't have to report them, but it benefits you and everyone else to not tolerate cheaters, no matter what their excuses. *nod*

One of my big fears is that, while randomly moving through Neopia, that evil little baby Boochi will appear and turn one of my already-painted Neopets into a baby. Would it be possible to ensure that Boochi will always "miss" when targeting a Neopet that is already painted? ~dragonlover8560

If you're really that nervous about Boochi, we suggest that you set your active Neopet to one that isn't available to be painted baby. But it's such a rare Random Event that you shouldn't fret over it, honestly. :)

This is a question that's been bugging me: my friends Caty and Liz play Neopets at school. Consequently, so does this boy. He says a celebrity plays Neopets, and his other friend knows the celebrity. He also says that the celebrity paid you to keep his User Lookup private. Is he a big fat liar? ~lissy555

Erm, well... either someone was misleading them, or they have very active imaginations, we can tell you that much. If any celebrities do play Neopets, they are anonymous from us as well. We don't make user lookups "private" for them or anyone else. If they didn't want anyone to know who they were, they could just keep a blank user lookup and not go blabbing about it, right? ;)

So, in all likelihood, the folks who are blabbing are not who they claim to be. While it's very possible that these people play Neopets, we're pretty positive they wouldn't shout it on the boards for everyone to hear. We suggest you just ignore such people. They're likely just attention seekers wanting you to give them items or Neopoints because they're "famous."

Hello there, TNT! I wanted to know what's going on with "Spam Day." Someone started it and said TNT said it's okay and now the help boards are getting spammed too much everyday. So, is Spam Day a real day or just something made up by a user? ~fundayz

We would never encourage spam. It seems a player has made it up, and anyone actively participating in or encouraging "Spam Day" will be frozen.


We also want to warn people about a particular scam that has been going around recently. If anyone tells you that you can become a Neopets monitor or staff member, or that they have access to an "admin" that will let you warn or freeze people, paint your Neopets, etc., DO NOT FALL FOR IT! This is a scam to get your username and password. Neopets employees are interviewed just like with any other job, and monitors are not volunteer. We will never send you a Neomail or email claiming you've been chosen as any type of employee. Please be careful. Never, ever give out your username and password anywhere to anyone, on or off the Neopets website, and always check the login URL to make sure it says http://www.neopets.com at the top of the page.

This has been a Neopian public service announcement.

Hi TNT. I've noticed that, sometimes, when I come onto Neopets and click the shop wizard, a faerie comes up and tells me it's cheating because I'm on a Faerie quest. The thing is, the whole time I was on, I never got a "Something Has Happened" Faerie quest. Is it possible to get quests if you're still logged in but not on the computer at the same time? Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention while I was actually playing Neopets at the time. Well, if this makes it in, please make it anonymous. Thanks!

It's not possible to get Random Events unless you are actively surfing the site (loading pages, etc.) so there is no way to get them if you just have the website up but are away from the computer. That said, it would seem you just didn't notice the event or refreshed over it. Don't feel bad. It happens to us, too! :P

I've heard things around Neopets that in a random event it can actually eat your active/inactive Neopet. Is this really true? ~wildhorse227

o.O! No, there aren't any Random Events that will devour your Neopet. Your Neopet cannot die or be taken away by any Random Event.

Just wondering, what happens to pets when Boochi zaps them but they can't be painted baby yet? ~ light_faerie382

Boochi will "miss" hitting your Neopet with his ray gun. If you really want a baby Neopet, and think Boochi is your best chance, make sure your active Neopet has the ability to turn baby.

Are we allowed to do the plot on our gallery account also? ~ zippoboy05

Nope! You can only participate in Neopets plots on your main account! Since players are rewarded for participating in plots, this would be a form of multiple account abuse. Please only participate in plots on your main. We realize we haven't been abundantly clear about this in the past (even though it should be common sense), so please don't harass players that have past plot or war trophies on multiple accounts. We won't be retroactively freezing, but please, if you have started the Altador plot on more than one account, please stop now.

Are neopets accounts ever deleted? I mean say you wen't on neopets for over a year would your account be deleted? Also is it possible to delete an account that you no longer want? Thanks!!!!!! ~emily1279

Every couple years or so we go through and delete old, inactive accounts and Neopets. This is a HUGE undertaking though, so it doesn't happen very often at all. You can self-deactivate any account you no longer want, but it will remain in the system and won't be deleted, just like any other account.

Ok. I have a question I rreeaallyy need answer for. After an account is frozen for a certain time (say 6 months), could you make it so that the pets under that account go to the adoption agency. Please let this get published! ~ quigonjess

Sorry, but some people self-ice their accounts and return much later. It would be a horrible shock to find their beloved Neopets gone. :( We do sometimes release account and pet names (ie: delete them so they can be recreated) once they are frozen or inactive for a VERY, VERY long time, but that's pretty rare. It's only been done twice in the history of Neopia. The names have to be VERY old and VERY inactive for this to happen. If there's a name you want, just keep checking and maybe one day it will be available. :)

Will there be any Gelerts in the Lost Desert plot? Because I have noticed Gelerts are not really active on Neopets! -Jedi4502

Gelerts will not be the main stars in the next plot, but there is a very cool Gelert who stars in the PS2 game and will feature in the Darkest Faerie plot we will be running on the site.

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