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Hello, TNT! I've been meaning to ask this for a long time now, as it was something that came up ages ago. My Neopet kamerisa has been baby for as long as I can remember, and when she was first converted she never had a bandanna, and I'm almost certain no baby Lupes did. A while ago, though, they were added and I was disappointed to see that kamerisa didn't get one! Why should I have to pay another 600,000 NP just to get her signature bandanna back?!? D: ~sunset_star260

D: You certainly shouldn't have to. We thought we had fixed that quite some time ago, but perhaps the inoculations Dr. Sloth has been giving us have dulled our memory. If you have a baby Neopet that is missing existing clothes that it had prior to Neopets being converted, please write in and let us know. When granted, you'll find the items in your active Inventories. Please move them to your Closet to use them. :)
P.S.: We're aware that baby Elephantes previously had diapers. However, there is no current existing wearable diaper for them. We're looking into this to find out if it was purposely omitted or an oversight.

Hi, TNT! *pours praise on The Faeries' Ruin plot* I know you're busy working on the plot (yay!), but it appears that some Neopets are misaligned in the Active Neopet images that appear on the boards. :( Is this a glitch, or are those Neopets just not very good at posing for the camera? ~burning_shadows_79

This is a glitch we are aware of, and are currently seeking a solution to help these poor, camera-shy Neopets.

Hi TNT. What happened to the login process? Not too long ago you added that wonderful security feature of showing our active pet after our username was entered. It was meant to save users from the trap of fake login pages and the scammers that run them. All of a sudden you're asking for username and password all at once... seems like a step backward for our security :S ~diana_paldara

Unfortunately, that security measure was no longer effective. (We'd explain further, but any information on how our systems work is helpful to scammers, so we hope you understand why we don't want to give any details!) As such, we decided to remove what is now an unnecessary extra step and make the login process a bit easier. We do have another feature in the works, though. Still, always make sure you're on before you log in. That's the best security measure there is.

By the way, we're very sorry for not announcing the login change in advance! Our plan was to let you know it was coming by posting in New Features a few days before, but the code went live early. Those responsible have been assigned dirty sock-hunting duty. (Someone has to feed Dragona.)

Hi, TNT! *throws cotton candy about merrily* I was wondering: what is going to happen to all the lovely unconverted Neopets on inactive accounts? Will they all be deleted / purged, or will they be released back into the Pound like Pound Release? I would hate to see some of the great Neopets like [Petname] the unconverted plushie Blumaroo disappear forever. :( ~neolover_200029

Sorry, purged Neopets will no longer exist until they are recreated by a new, loving owner. We know a lot of people are enthralled by and covet unconverted Neopets, but there are plenty of Neopets in existence and waiting to be created that are just as special.

Hello, TNT! I think this happened to me a while ago, but I don't remember. If you remain inactive for a VERY long time and don't feed your Neopets, can they become mutants on their own from lack of food? Also, if that does happen, shouldn't they turn into zombies instead? Thanks! ~acacia_love_bari17

Hi, and welcome to "bizarre rumour day" here at the Editorial, apparently. No, not feeding your Neopets or abandoning them will never cause them to turn into mutants (or zombies, for that matter).

Hey, TNT. *chucks Faerie Acorns* My guild has been discussing this topic for a long time, so I'd like it if you could answer a question about it for us. Our guild leader has been inactive (hasn't logged on in a year) and we want to be an active guild again. Without the guild leader privileges, however, we aren't able to do that. Is there any way we could change the guild leader but still leave the current one in the guild? Thanks. :) ~1337revenge

You can write in to our support department and ask to have the 2nd in command made the guild leader; this will remove your current guild leader from the guild. They can join back if they want to later. The other option is to create a new guild. : /

Woo, these are going on the Auction House!

Hi, TNT! I was wondering: would it be possible to make it so that Faerie Quests and Kitchen Quests only affect your active Neopet? I recently created a new Neopet (I now have two Neopets) and I'm sort of disappointed to find out that, when doing these quests, it randomly selects the Neopet to give the stats to (which doesn't help when it goes to the Neopet I am not wanting to train!) Is there any way you can change this? Thanks! :* ~therichestneopian1

Ah... yes, it might be time to update this. We will look into it. :)

Hey TNT, love the new faerie Skeith! Give the Art Department my compliments. :) Anyway, there's a rumor going around that a new Random Event has popped up that changes your active Neopet's species. I have to know: is there any truth to this rumor? ~krystalkairi

We'll pass along your accolades. :) We're sure they'll be happy to hear it. As for the rumour, you can exhale now -- it's completely false.

I recently found out that putting your Neopet in the NeoLodge does not protect it from color changing Random Events. So, I was wondering: is there a sure way to protect my Neopets from such things, or is my poor ghost Aisha doomed to be brought back to life with a babyfication ray? ~v_v_q_t

The Neolodge does not protect Neopets from unfortunate Random Events. The best way to protect them is by not using them as your active Neopet.

Hello, TNT! Like most other Neopians, I go to try my luck at The Fishing Hole every day. I have a Neopet who I keep as my active all the time just so I can raise her level in fishing. After some thought, I decided that I will transfer her to a side account. My question is this: can I still go to The Fishing Hole to increase her level if I don't go on my main? Thanks! (please leave my username out) ~username removed

First, you need to stick to your main account when doing dailies, even if you skip doing a daily on your main account. We appreciate the thought behind it, but it's still against the rules. Second, if you transfer your Neopet, she will lose all her fishing levels, just so you know! D: We would like to point out that players are more than welcome to visit The Fishing Hole with all four of the Neopets on their main account every day, though. Just switch the Neopet that is your active Neopet. :)

If I have an MME that went through to the 5th change and I gave the first step to my friend, will it morph for my friend or are they out of luck? ~eyeofspirits

Once an MME has reached its final stage, it will cease to morph whether you keep it or gift it to another Neopets user. The same is true for all of the previous states (items) that are deposited into your Inventory once the MME reaches its final stage. To see if your MME is still "active" (i.e. still in the process of morphing), check the item (in your Inventory, Closet, or SDB) to see if there's a special "?" symbol in the lower right corner of the image. If it's there, it's still going!

I recently bought my first Petpetpet for one of my lovely Neopets, but it won't attach. I was over at the Help boards and they told me that it sometimes takes a while for it to attach to a Petpet. Is there a specific amount of refreshes it takes to attach a Petpetpet to a Petpet? Also, how come we can't paint or name them? ~xxipodsxx

There's no specific amount, so best to just leave it in your Inventory until it decides to hop onto your active Neopet's Petpet. While doing so, we recommend keeping other junk in your Inventory to help distract the Pant Devil and other nasty things. As far as naming and painting them... they're just little Petpetpets, just the size of a bug. We're very curious if you name the fleas on your real pets. :O

Hiya there, TNT! I'm really unsure if this is against the rules or not, so I thought it would be best to ask you. I'm in an amazing guild, and I really would like to apply for a council position. In my guild, there are some requirements if you want to apply, like being active, being willing to help answer questions from other members, etc. However, one of the requirements is that you must have an off-site messaging service [a certain service was mentioned here] so you can have council chat meetings weekly. I don't have this service, and I don't want to get it. I was thinking that requiring this might be against the rules; it doesn't seem very fair =/. I would appreciate it if you could clear this up! Please remove my username if you answer my question. Thanks. ~[username removed]

You are quite correct to think that this is against the rules. No one should be asked to leave the safety of Neopets, and certainly not by the council members of a guild! Feel free to inform them that you are uncomfortable breaking site rules and don't wish to receive a warning. We have rules in place for a reason.

Hey, TNT! *passes out milk and cookies* So, a while back my Neopet got zapped by Boochi and, alas, she got changed to baby. Now, I've got this Yurble and I want it to be painted baby. I'm not depending TOTALLY on Boochi and saving up, but I have a question... are you eligible to have more than one zap from Boochi on your account, and will it affect ONLY my active Neopet? ~neoholic17

Yep, Boochi is a Random Event like any other relatively rare RE. Therefore, there's no telling how often he'll come to visit. And yes, he'll only zap your active Neopet.

I only come when you least expect it. Buahahaha!

Dear TNT, I started a game of NeoQuest I some time ago because I wanted to get the "Wise and Powerful" avatar. However, now that I've got it, I thought that I might as well go for the trophy... and maybe the next one... and maybe, just maybe the last one, too. The thing is: I use my Lab Neopet as my active one, so it's his NQ game, too. Will I have to keep my lab rat all the time if I ever want the gold trophy, or would I have to start over completely if I transfer it or send my Neopet to The Pound? Also, what about lending? Will my Neopet still have the same saved game if I get it back? Thanks! ~raznac

NeoQuest games are saved to your Neopet, so yes, you will have to keep your lab Neopet around if you're planning on finishing the game. As far as we can tell, though, lending your Neopet won't interrupt your game unless the person who you lend the Neopet to decides to restart it.

Recently I saw an article on Fox about Neopets security, I don't know what to believe since I haven't heard anything official from you guys but the guys at Fox have me scared. Can you please clear up this whole situation for me by explaining it? :| Love you guys, your awesome.;D ~overduse

We’re going to hand this one over to Lawyerbot.

As you know, Neopets security is as active as always, so no reason to be scared. You may have heard about some recent news in the press which has led to some confusion about Neopets’ actual security policies and measures. To be clear, Neopets actively restricts users from entering third party website URL links on its message boards or Neomails. In fact, we take substantial preventative measures to prevent the kinds of scams described in the news. Since scammers who want to trick you into visiting their websites can’t post their links they will try to trick you into pasting third party urls in your browser to get you to visit another website with promises of free Neopoints, free paintbrushes, etc. but most users recognize these as scams. We warn users about these scams on the Wall of Shame ( and we remind you never to share your password with anyone. Internet safety is very important to us and we appreciate users’ help in reporting scams and spreading the word about internet safety. As we often say, be aware that if someone is trying to tell you their site is related to Neopets to trick you into giving out your account information, don't give any information at all and don't download anything they may ask you to. This is true anywhere on the Internet, always check with your parents first before visiting or downloading from a website you don't know. Always remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

If you see what you suspect may be a scam, please let us know! Just go to when you are logged into your account and give us as much information as you can. We’ll look into it right away!

I was wondering what the chances might be for the auctions to have a maximum bid option like a *cough* certain other online auction site *cough* where you can put in the maximum you're willing to pay and it will bid for you. Thanks! ~renee668

We thought about this, but there are several issues that greatly concern us. First of all, Neopets is a game and part of that is having to watch your items carefully and actively bid on them to make sure you win. Also, there are many people who use the Auction House as a place to make Neopoints by buying low and selling high. So, as pleasant as being able to make your bid and walk away may sound, we think the system is actually better off how it is. :)

Hey TNT, I recently found my very first Neopet. I lost him three years ago when my first account was frozen because of my being naive about the rules. I really want him back, as he is very special to me and I'm very excited that I found him. The only trouble is that he is stuck on an account that is no longer accessed (i.e. last seen "a long, long time ago"). When that account is deleted because of inactivity, will my beloved Neopet be deleted with it, or will he be put in The Pound? Please let me know; I'm sure others are in my position and would also want clarification. You rock! ~horsey_luverz1215

If a Neopet is stuck in an inactive account that gets deleted by our system, the Neopet will also lose all stats and colour, and therefore need to be remade anew. Once this happens, the name is freed up and your beloved Neopet can be reborn under your care. :)

Don't worry, it won't look like this.

Hey there. I have this Ice Chomby and I really want to keep him that way, so I make sure that he's never my active Neopet (unless it's for Underwater Fishing.) I was just wondering, though... can those colour-changing events on the site target my inactive Neopets? Thanks! ~happyfaceball

No, all the colour-changing Random Events only target your active Neopet.

Can you change the Neopet that you are customizing from the customization page? Right now, I go back to the Quick Reference page and select the Neopet I want to customize (if it's not already my active Neopet). We should be able to change the Neopet we're customizing from the customization page. What do ya think? ~briamcdgallery

That's a brilliant idea, and one that's been implemented since customization first came on the scene. ;) You can change the Neopet you want to customise via the customisation screen by selecting "Presets" and then loading the Neopet you want to customise. :)

Greetings. I am a user who loves to give plushies to owners with a sad Neopet as their active Neopet (as a random act of kindness to cheer the Neopet up). My question is this: if the person that I offered the plush to makes a board about it, is it considered harassment? Please leave my name out of the question if it gets published. ~[username removed]

Aww, that's very sweet of you. :) As to your question, somewhere along the line players got it in their head that putting someone's name in a board title was considered "harassment" for some reason. This is not true. If they're actually harassing the person, yes, of course it's against the rules, but if it's a thank you board or just asking about someone it's not. If it's calling them out claiming they have smelly feet and everyone should send them dung, then it borders on harassment.

You said it was against the rules to agree to trade a Neopet for a custom and then back out once the custom was created, but what if you spent the NP or agreed to trade with a user and then your Neopet was hit by Boochi or another Random Event? What should be done in that situation? In a way, you shouldn't have to trade the Neopet, but you still spent all those NP's to make the custom to get the other Neopet. What should we do, TNT? These dilemmas make my head hurt. ~ hottie4jlo

We could play the "what if" game until the Kaus come home, but we can't make a clear cut rule for every possible happenstance. At this point you need to step up and communicate with the person you had the trade agreement with and work it out together. Consider it a good life lesson in learning to deal with less than ideal circumstances. ;D Also, if a Neopet is slated for trade, perhaps it's best to not keep it as your active Neopet, just in case a Random Event does head your way.

Diplomacy is an invaluable tool!

I've got an important question! D: If you keep an unconverted baby Neopet as your active, even though it's already a baby, if Boochi zaps him/her will your Neopet be turned into its converted counterpart? ~dyov

Boochi won't zap any Neopets that are already baby, so no worries! :)

Can you feed Petpets? ~[username removed]

Not in the traditional sense like you're able to feed a Neopet, but there have been reports of Petpets (like those sneaky Drakonacks) stealing a snack if they are left sitting by one in your active inventory. It's not required to keep them healthy, though, or anything like that. Petpets are pretty low maintenance for you guys since your Neopets take care of them.

Oh beneficent TNT, deliver unto me an answer to this message. The users cry out in despair over the release of your latest feature, the grand Petpet Park, and have somehow got the notion that it will be a pay-to-play addition to Neopia, akin to the NC Mall. Silence their fears, quell their despair, and deliver unto them your divine answer so that the Petpet Park boards may return to peaceful chat and remain not as repeated curses under your name. ~reclusiarchmikelus

Hark, for we heed their cries and answer thusly, child of Neopia.

Without giving too much away early, we created Petpet Park as a world solely dedicated to Petpets and the Neopians who love them. (We very frequently hear things like, "it would be way cooler if the Petpets were more interactive," so we wanted to oblige.) :) The Petpet Park world uses Neopian characters, settings, and history, so it's still part of the Neopets universe, but it's separate from the site itself. Think of it like… any of the video games we've made (and ones will soon be releasing! *shameless plug*). They're set in Neopia, feature familiar characters and lands, tell Neopian stories, and we dedicate whole sections of the site to letting you know all about them, but they aren't actually part of the site itself. You wouldn't spend your site Neopoints in your Neopets: Puzzle Adventure DS game, for example. Those video games are on their own, self contained. Petpet Park is pretty much like that. (Only it's online and you don't need a game console, but you get the idea!) :)

And yup, it will be free to play. Everyone will have access, and there will be extra things you can purchase with Neocash for use within Petpet Park, just like you can purchase things with Neocash to use on Neopets.

So, the Grand Opening Celebration that you see now is an introduction to the world of Petpet Park. More info on Petpet Park itself is coming soon, and there might even be a small mini-plot starting possibly next week, maybe, but don't tell anyone we told you. :P

*Briefly wonders what to give you and then realises you own everything on the site* TNT, I have two questions for you! Say we didn't want one of our accounts and used the self-freeze option. If the account is inactive for two years, would you still purge it from the database or just keep it there frozen? Also, when an account is frozen or deleted, what happens to the items and Neopets? Thanks for reading!!! ~glitteringsilk

Yes, self-iced accounts are susceptible to purging, given a long enough time. When an account is frozen, that's basically what happens; everything is frozen in place -- all the items, Neopets, etc. When an account is purged, it is completely deleted from our system. This means that any items in the account are gone forever, and the Neopets disappear.

After my Editorial question last week, I was able to confirm with other users that pirate Krawk Petpets do not work, have not worked for months, and possibly have never worked since they were released. My Krawk is uniquely named, not Lab-zapped; I have room on my account; and he is attached to my active Neopet. The Fungus Caves do not recognise him. It's very disappointing and frustrating. Any hope that this long-existing glitch could be fixed anytime soon? Thanks ~tiffanydbell

Hello again! Sorry we doubted you! Most of the time the issues with Krawk Petpets are caused by players unsure of how to go about the process. We'll see if we can get it fixed now that it's clear it's a glitch. :)

I have a Pirate Krawk Petpet with a unique name attached to my active Neopet, but I can't seem to create him into a real Krawk. Another user on the message boards reported having the same problem with a Pirate Krawk Petpet. According to NT Issue #239 (I believe), you said any Krawk Petpet that is a Krawk color could be turned into a real Krawk. I think there is a glitch with Pirate Krawk Petpets. :( ~tiffanydbell

If you're having issues making a Krawk Petpet into a Krawk, here's some troubleshooting for everyone:

1.) Is it zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray? If it is, it can't turn into a real Krawk.
2.) Does it have a unique name? If not, give it a name no other Neopet has.
3.) Do you have three or less Neopets? There needs to be an open space for the Krawk.

Hopefully that helps. If none of those help, write in to support or file a bug report.

Why can't accounts that are less than 4 months old transfer or adopt limited edition (or most painted) Neopets? I'm a responsible owner. ~nightcloud_warrior

We're sure you are. :) However, the system was abused by players making brand new accounts and adopting all the nice Neopets out of the Pound and sticking them in side accounts made just to gather fancy Neopets for some unknown reason. This rule is to help protect Neopets and give active accounts a better chance of getting a nice Neopet.

Hello, TNT. I have a short question about trading Neopets. My younger sister had set up a trade (orange Koi for ghost Lupe) and, after she successfully adopted the Koi, she put the ghost Lupe up for adoption. Afterwards, she noticed that it was still there, and that the other person's account was only 2 months old (therefore, she was unable to adopt the Neopet). Since the Koi was painted, my sister couldn't send back the Koi. My sister now feels guilty because she can't send the Neopet back, nor send the Lupe. Can she get reported for not sending it back? Should she wait until the account ages? Thanks. ~huggygirl123

Egads! Well, there's a disaster of a situation. :-/ Both parties should always check to make sure that the other person is eligible for the transfer, but for this case we'd have to say the younger account is at fault. We've requested that the following warning, which is on the abandon page, be placed on the transfer page as well: "Neopets that are higher than Level 2, Neopets that are limited-edition species, and Neopets that have been painted with certain rare or expensive paint brushes CANNOT be adopted from accounts that have been active for less than four months." Hopefully that will reduce the chances of something like this happening again. It'd be very sweet of your sister to hold on to the Lupe (if she still has it) until the account is old enough to accept the transfer, but your sister should not be reported as there is really nothing she can do.

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