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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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I have praises to sing to TNT. :) Firstly, a big thank you for the Desert Diplomacy event -- logic puzzles are lots of fun! Secondly, releasing those old scrolls from the Lost Desert Plot was a great idea; seeing them again made a lot of people smile. Lastly, the Ancient Geb Pyramids Background is totally awesome -- your artists did a fantastic job on that! :) You guys rule! ~burning_shadows_79

In October, I will have been playing this site for 11 years. I've seen so much happen, all that I've embraced happily. This site has been a major part of my life; I'm an active Premium member and full supporter of anything that you guys do. I recently got a wonderful surprise when my eight year old stepson expressed interest in Neopets. I set up his minor account, for which he has no contact. I applaud Neo for offering this so parents don't have to worry about their kids. He adores his 'pets, who are his new little friends. Plus, he loves the games. I am proud to have him on this site that I've enjoyed for years! Keep it up, Neo! ~hikari_amaya

Hi, TNT! I just realized the other day that I celebrated my 10th year in Neopia last month; 10 years of slowly building up my avatar and Neopoint collection, playing games, making friends, and seeing all the changes you've made. As I go off to my freshman year at college in a few weeks a decidedly nerdy individual, I just wanted to say thank you for having a wonderful web site that basically served as my crash course in the Internet. Here's to (hopefully!) another ten years. ~newneo7172

How come there is clothing that is "unwearable"? Please remove my username. ~username removed

Many years ago, Neopets weren't customisable and couldn't wear clothing. There was a clothing shop back then, but the items were gift shop-type items that didn't have any use aside from collecting. Although we've gone back and retroactively made some of these older items wearable, most still only function as gallery items.

I want to enter the Site Spotlight. My Neopets' pages are all about them and their individual characters. What elements are liked in these sorts of pages and what is frowned upon? Can I show art that other users have given me? Are Pet Pages with complete stories shown preference over works in progress? Can you give us some insight? ~mistyqee

Credited art that has been given to you is fine, though we do always like to see your own work! Also, complete pages are given extremely high preference over pages that are still in progress. Primarily, the most important thing is to try to make your page as visually attractive as possible and avoid inappropriate scenes in stories. If it wouldn't get into The Neopian Times, then it probably won't get spotlighted, either. Additionally, please make sure your character is a Neopet and that the story takes place in Neopia. We see lots of cute pages that we can't spotlight because, even if the imagery is of a Draik-like dragon, if he lives on the planet of Tra-la-la then we don't consider it Neopets-themed. That said, you can make up your own subzones (like, say, "Draik Hollow" in the Haunted Woods).


Hi, TNT. *hands you a jellyfish* I just wanted to tell you how much I love the new Maraquan Yurble! I have been so into manatees for YEARS!!! I even have a manatee plushie! I LOVE MANATEEEES!!! *incomprehensible babbling* Seriously, though, I'm so excited that someone else thinks they are as awesome as I do! Please pass my compliments on to whoever is behind this work of genius! ~fsdioa

Hi, TNT! This June will mark a decade since I first saw Neopets being advertised on a certain fast food chain's kid's meal, which made me decide to get an account here. ;) I'm now in college and still going strong here! This site is just that awesome. Keep up the good work here! Y'all are awesome! *passes cookies to everybody* ~nytimes

Dear TNT, I just wanted to drop by and say thank you. It's been a while since I've been active on the site, but I remember my humble beginnings. I will soon be going off to college to major in Computer Science, and you know where I typed my first lines of code? Neopets. I read through that HTML tutorial over and over to make my profile look fabulous, and now I can do so much more. Neopets is hypothetically intended to be for kids, but it is so educational and incorporates skills for all ages, and that's what amazes me the most. So, thank you, TNT, for helping shape my future and discover my true passion in life. I will forever be grateful. ~piticent123

I read on a board that there are no more color changing Random Events. Is this true? Will Boochi still be around changing 'pets into babies? I ask because I don't want to put my plushie as my active and have her Boochied or turning blue, etc. Please remove my username. ~username removed

The invisible / red / blue events are gone completely. Boochi is still around with some tweaks, as mentioned above. :)

Please help, TNT. I want to know if Boochi can now babify any of your 'pets, rather than just your active. I received a Random Event from Boochi this week and he fired at my lab rat rather than my active. He missed; I would have been upset if it had been any of my other 'pets. You see, I don't like Boochi since I almost quit playing Neopets because of him. I'd had my account for only three days when he babified my beautiful red Eyrie, zoezana. I didn't know what had just happened and I tried to get her back but couldn't. I grew to love zoezana and Neopets, but have never forgiven Boochi. *blushes and throws red roses and chocolates at all of the TNT staff* ~zanazoe

Boochi has changed a bit from his original form. We don't want to give anything away since part of the fun of Neopets is discovering new things, but please rest assured that you don't have to fear for any of your Neopets, even non-actives.

Hi, TNT! Okay, so it's been said a lot that Random Events aren't supposed to affect any of your inactive Neopets, right? Well, during my round of dailies today (and only a few minutes before I intended to head to the Battledome for my daily fights), my battle 'pet came down with Floppy Tongue due to a Random Event. At the time, it was not selected as active. Isn't this the exact thing that selecting an active Neopet is supposed to prevent? Sure, the cure wasn't very expensive, but it's not exactly convenient, either. So, I have to ask: could you please check in on this before more battlers get sidelined by Random Events? Thanks, and I hope to hear good news on this! (please remove my name) ~username removed

Colour-changing Random Events only affect your active Neopet, but there's plenty of others (both good and bad) that can strike any one of your Neopets.


Did you use my Neopet's customization? I was reading the story in the new Spooky Food Eating Contest and noticed that the Krawk seems to have exactly the same customization as my Neopet. Is this pure coincidence, or were you just perusing Krawks and liked his look? Granted, it isn't so strange that you'd come up with a Krawk [description removed for privacy], but it was the [same] wings that kinda threw me. So, yeah, I'm curious. *tosses you all batwings* ~username removed

Oh goodness, we're sorry to put you in this section, but we can't stop laughing. The dialogue page displays the active Neopet of the account viewing the page. That's why it looks exactly like your Krawk. XD

Please don't feel too bad. Considering the number of people that wrote in this week amazed that the Neopian globe turns after reading about it in last week's Editorial, you probably weren't alone.

My friend said that the Petpet Lab Ray can't zap Petpets into mutants. Can you tell me if he's right? ~annabelch12_19

The Petpet Lab Ray can zap a Petpet into anything classified as a Petpet (even active but unreleased ones), so they can be zapped into mutants.

'Ello, TNT. I have a question about a bit of ol' Neopian history. Back in the early 2000s or so, I remember specifically that there was some chance game (I believe it was the Poogle Races) that would give you a Magical Purple Poogle Toy if you won. As a result, the price of these plushies was around 20,000 NP on the Shop Wizard. Can you confirm that this decade-old memory has some basis in reality? ~christielove

It was Poogle Solitaire. It was like a board game where you used a different-coloured Poogle to "jump" over other Poogles to clear them from the board. You won a different amount of Neopoints (and possibly a prize) depending on how many you were able to clear. The game description page is still active, but the game is not. (Before you ask next week, no, we're not bringing it back. It was removed because of outdated art; also, there was no variety in gameplay after you memorised the moves to win. It just became a chore rather than something fun to do.)

Hey, TNT! So, the other day I decided to switch my language from English to Japanese for practice. I then went to the Neoboards, and it said that the Neoboards aren't available in Japanese, Korean, or Italian (at least, that's what I think it said). Why is this? ~__blue_star__

We no longer actively support those languages, and as we don't have staff that could monitor those boards, they have been closed.

Could we get a black bat silhouette smiley? I want to start celebrating Halloween a few months early like the grocery stores do. :) ~duckswithxeyeliner
Surely you mean a black KORbat silhouette smiley? In that case, yes. Please spookily decorate your boards a month early with reckless abandon. We even made you a bonus one.


TNT, a while back you guys did a super amazing thing and made it so that faerie quest awards were given to the active Neopet! Thanks a million for that, by the way! However, Kitchen Quests are still randomly awarded to 'pets, instead of to the active Neopet. Can this be fixed, or is that asking too much? Thanks! ~monkeyshine4616

We are not opposed to it. We've created a request for our programmers, but we warn you that it will likely get low priority vs. other current projects and it may take quite a while for them to get to it.

Hi, TNT! I think the person asking about Hanso's voice actor in the ***WUT*** section got a bit confused. Several friends and I worked together to create an audio comic for The Faerie's Ruin and I think the user mistook it for an official creation associated with The Neopets Team. In answer to the user's question, the voice actor for Hanso is Fuutonkiba, whose account is no longer active on [the popular video website], so our new voice actor is supposedly ILVGwebmaster, but we may still be on a talent search for dedicated actors. I hope this clears things up, thank you! Please remove my username. ~username removed

Wait, what? Why couldn't I do my own voice?
Maybe it's too annoying.
Why must you show up every time I interrupt the Editorial?
I think it's my second curse.
Oh well, everyone's packing up for the long weekend, so we might as well keep going.
Goodness knows our banter is better than the usual drivel they put in here.

(Please keep me anonymous) I doubt that in this day and age, TNT would be made up of homophobes, but I want to be sure. The reason words like gay, bi, etc. are banned is ONLY because you want to keep the site from becoming a dating site, right? Not because you think being lbgt is inappropriate? ~username removed

You are correct that these words are not filtered because of any bias or discrimination! It makes us sad that anyone would think that, though we can understand how the rules could be interpreted in that way, so please allow us to explain a bit more.

In addition to the dating rules already mentioned, which are pretty self explanatory, we also have a list of what we call "hot topics" (not to be confused with the retail chain). These are discussion topics that become very heated very quickly. Politics and religion are on the list as well as certain past real world events, to give you some examples. Unfortunately, we still also have to put sexual orientation and gender identity on this list. Some people are capable of having these discussions in a mature fashion, but there are always people who resort to serious harassment and threats -- two things we definitely do not tolerate and actively attempt to prevent before they start -- and so items on the "hot topics" list are not allowed.

We've had many discussions on this over the years and we revisit the "hot topics" often in the hopes that we can remove some of the terms from the list. While that's not possible for the majority of these words right now, we truly hope it will be one day soon. We're also currently in the process of a rules revamp (cue freak-out), during which we've decided to make some changes to a few of the dating rules that should help with everyday conversation regardless of orientation. (Please forgive us but we're being a bit vague here on purpose! We don't want to confuse anyone by mentioning specific rule changes before they actually go into effect. The entire rules revamp -- the purpose of which is to make the rules more clear and concise, explain the reasoning and spirit of the rules to everyone, and ease up on some outdated rules -- is a ways off. We've been working on it for a while and still have a ways to go. We'll give more info when we're ready!)

Lastly, please know that our error messaging is standard for everything blocked by the filters. So while those words are indeed blocked for being "inappropriate" for Neopets, we do not mean to say that being LGBT is inappropriate in any way. Our rule revamp discussions have included various ways of making sure the messaging is appropriate to the filtered word. Our filtering systems are quite large and very complex but we'd like to try and make that happen in the future.

Whew. That was a long answer but we hope it explains our perspective and reasoning and makes it clear that we think you're all awesome!

P.S. - Here is a friendly reminder that you should not discuss the content of this question and answer on the Neoboards, Neomail, etc. (It is a "hot topic", after all!) If you want to let us know what you think, please feel free to submit feedback via the Help Centre!

One of my top goals on Neopets is to have the oldest account ever. Can you tell me how old the oldest one is? I know I have a long way to go! :P ~squishykitty

The oldest active non-admin account is almost 13 ½ years old. While we salute your well-aged account, you may want to focus on a different goal. Also, theneopetsteam account will always be ahead of you. ;)

Hi, TNT! I don't know if this was intentional or not, but the mutant Uni's face isn't centered in the Neoboard active pet box thingy. Can you fix this? It's driving me insane!!! ~jesterity

Argh, yes. That would drive us bonkers as well. Thankfully, it is now fixed (though it may take time for the new image to show up). Let us know if there are any other unaligned Neopets.

Hi, TNT! I can't seem to find the item The Guide to Facial Hair anywhere! It was released a couple of months ago, but I can't find it in user shops, the Trading Post, OR the auctions. I desperately need it for my facial hair Gallery. (: Is it restocking and I'm just missing it, or was it one of those items accidentally not put out there? Thanks in advance! ~frenchie_the_queen

It's active and available; it's just r94, so it doesn't restock often. A general tip to everyone: if you're looking for a specific item, enter it in the Neopets search bar. :) Unless it is an unreleased item or r99 or higher, it will display the rarity of the item and a link to the shop it restocks in, so you can rest assured it's available.

Hi. I was just wondering: are you sure that the Floobix has been released? I know that you can get one with the Petpet Lab Ray (because I have one), but I can't find one anywhere else. They are supposed to be rare, but I can't find one in any Gallery or trade and I've never seen one that wasn't lab created. Thanks. Please remove my username. ~username removed

The Floobix is a rarity 101 Lutari Island Petpet, and while active (and thus being possible from the Petpet Lab Ray) it is not currently available as an item by any means.

I recently noticed this at the top of the page of Petpet Protection League winners: "The top Petpets are shown here, but we have taken off the usernames / Neopet names because we don't want them to get scammed!" If this was a concern for the PPL, then why not for other contests? Is it still a potential issue? If not, I personally would enjoy being able to visit the Neopets who have had these Petpets attached for so long. ~hermione_890_neo

The unique issue with the PPL is that some of those very old Neopets may be attached to old, inactive accounts. Old inactive accounts may have poor passwords, or use older email services that aren't as secure as the more popular ones used today. It's not that we don't want to bring attention to an account (like other spotlights); we just don't want to highlight old, unused accounts that may have valuable Petpets.

Being a Premium member for many years has been wonderful, and I could not play Neopets without it; however, there is one addition that I was curious about. Do you think there is any chance of adding a Battledome Premium Chat? We have a few other duplicated Premium chats already, but with the New Battledome, I figured it would be appropriate and helpful (please keep my username anonymous). ~username removed

While we're not opposed to adding a Premium Battledome chat, we don't want to risk splitting the Premium population into too many boards. If we find that all the existing Premium boards are active enough to keep the conversation going, we may reconsider in the future. For now, we welcome you to use the Premium Games chat for Battledome-related discussions.

Why is the holiday season more active on Neopets than any other season? Please answer in a haiku! ~oakyia

Holiday spirit!
Haha, who are we kidding?
Advent Calendar.


Hey, TNT! I spotted your wonderful web site a few years ago and have been here ever since. It's an amazing site! So many awesome features like guilds, the Trading Post, game challenges, and more! ^_^ I've learned so much from the web site and met so many amazing Neopians! Well, my point is: Neopets is just amazing, and thank you so much for every single thing you do! ~bluemadam

Happy Thanksgiving, TNT. I am thankful for Neopets being in my life! xoxo ~aphroditeiscool

*throws confetti through computer monitor* Happy birthday, TNT and Neopia!!! I remember joining Neopets back in December of 1999! I was an awe-struck seven year old just barely getting the hang of a computer and the world wide inter-webs when I stumbled upon Neopets and fell head over heels in love! I would play for hours upon hours, and now almost 13 years later as a 20 year old adult (With a blue Kougra tattoo -- can we say obsessed? O_o), I'm still awe-struck and have the same amount of love (if not more) for all of Neopia!!! So, thank you TNT for making my childhood full of wonderful memories of: coconuts, meeps, dung, Weewoos, plushies (both regular and McDonald's Happy Meal ones), trading cards, handheld virtual pets, books, plots, magazines (owns all 26 issues), interactive figures / plushies, playsets with collectable figures, clothing / accessories, and so much more!!! *heart* Sincerely with love, a crazed Neopets fanatic named Jessie4evermore. *throws more confetti* ^_^ ~jessie4evermore

I own a Zytch Petpetpet (I guess it's a Petpetpet). Why am I not able to equip it on my Petpet? It just sits there and looks pretty. :) Considering the price, I should be able to use it, I guess. ~blackbloodangel

Petpetpets are basically just little pets. No one equips one; they just seem to eventually hop onto an active Neopet and Petpet of their own accord when they're left in your open inventory.

Are there any plans to make stats awarded from Kitchen Quests and levels from scratchcards go to the active Neopet instead of a random one? :o Being able to control the Neopet that gets the stats / levels from them would help a lot with training, and I'd love to be better prepared for when the new Battledome is released! =) ~liltle_lupe

We haven't discussed scratchcards yet, but we are planning to change it so Kitchen Quest rewards are given to the active Neopet. That said, there's no time frame for the project yet, but it is certainly on our radar.

Oh, joyous occasion! I bet you're excited about seeing ANOTHER question regarding side and main accounts, eh? :) Anyway, say I have 5 accounts, and then the almighty purge happens. As a result, a username I want becomes available. May I have six accounts open until I can get all of my Neopets to the new account? This seems iffy, but it's merely hypothetical! Oh yeah, can you make a wooden spoon item? My Krawk wants her own commemorative wooden spoon to hold onto. xD I love walking around school with a Neopet with my student I.D, and I was wondering if you could make more figurines, plushies, trading cards, and magazines? I hate having to scour the internet for Neopet plushies. :( Thank you so much! :) I love you guys, and you have enriched my life! Because of you, I've found two hidden talents: drawing and coding HTML! I never would've found them without you guys! There should be a sock pile that gives out socks, as I am an active sock collector! It'd pay homage to Dragona, as well. :D Wow, I got VERY off task. o.o ~kittiekatlover3

How about we just answer the first question? ._. Okay? Okay. :) The spirit of the rule is to stop people from cheating or creating tons of accounts. A temporary 6th account isn't likely to get you in trouble, as long as you're not abusing site rules on the side accounts. If you're still concerned about it, we recommend allowing one of your side accounts to lay dormant while you transfer your Neopets over.

Hey, TNT. I was wondering: with regard to the Premium 5th Neopet, can the 5th one be a Neopet transferred from a side account, or do I have to create a new one? Thanks for the information! :) *hands you a cookie* ~ice_angel8278

It can be brought into your account the same way a third or fourth Neopet could. There are no special restrictions on a 5th Neopet (assuming you are actively subscribed to Premium). So, go forth and transfer! :)

Hi, TNT! *throws rainbows and sunshine and toast* So, let's say Bob sent Bob2 a gift. Bob2 clicked on the event, but didn't accept / refuse (or any other option), and instead sent Bob a Neomail. If Bob2 wanted to accept the gift, how would Bob2 get back to the page where he received the gift? Thank you, and please remove my username! ~username removed

Bob2 would go to his active inventory page, and then click the blue text link directly above the item area that says "Item Event Log." That will take Bob2 back to the page where he can accept items without the event prompt.

If you see something like this,
then you're looking at the wrong log.

Hey, TNT! *throws dice* So, I was wondering: if you play Dice-A-Roo with a Blumaroo as your active Neopet, are your chances of winning higher? ~sidestar59

Nice theory, but nope. We're sure any Blumaroos would be happy with the attention, though. :)

Hello. I created this account approximately two years ago, and actually started playing with it about two weeks ago. Prior to that I had an account that I created nine years earlier, which I no longer use, and hadn't used in approximately five years. In that time I've come to realize that a lot has changed, but some things haven't. That said, I was hoping you could tell us who (outside of TNT) has the oldest active account on Neopets? ~esser_von_tagen

We don't want to randomly link to them, but the oldest active player is a very cool girl that started playing November 17th, 1999! /applaud

Hi, TNT. :) My question is about the Faerie Quest event. Now that the event is over and we will return to regular Faerie Quests, this means the reward for completing a quest will not be applied to our active Neopet and we cannot choose which Neopet receives the reward from the Faerie Quest, right? Could you please think about that? It's so hard and expensive to train a Neopet; it would be an enormous help to all who are training only one Neopet, yet have more than one. Thank you, and please remove my username! :) ~username removed

All Faerie Quest stat rewards are applied to the active Neopet. That's a permanent change. It won't go back to the old way once the event ends.

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