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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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OK SO, this is kinda a weird question and I hope I don't get in trouble for it, haha! I have four accounts currently, and I have this dream of doing the whole "starting over" thing, but I don't actually want to lose everything I have or shut down my accounts or anything. So I came up with the idea of making a fifth account under a new nickname, and leaving the other four to either rot or just keep active but as side accounts, and focus on the new account as if I were starting over, and as a "new person"... Not with the intent to cheat, scam, etc. etc., but for my own personal satisfaction. Is... this still against the rules? I don't want to blatantly pretend to be someone else, just, not connect the new account to the other ones and use a different nickname. I haven't even made a fifth account yet, cuz if this isn't allowed I don't want it, but I'm not willing to risk it without an answer. Please help my dilemma D: And please remove my username ^.^ For, er, obvious reasons...~~kasia797

You can create a new/separate account, of course! But won't your pets on the other accounts miss you…? :(

Donny’s Corner

With so many broken features around the site, we have decided to take up the services of an expert and get things back in working order. Introducing *drumroll* Donny! Well, most of you already know him, but for those who don’t – Donny has many years of experience fixing broken toys up on Terror Mountain. He has a pretty good success rate, and for those times when he accidentally turns your toy into a pile of rubble (oops!), he usually gives you something else to make up for it. Yay! We’re very confident that he can do a wonderful job getting those broken areas repaired, and we’ll be back every week to give you updates on the progress he’s making. In fact, Donny started work a couple of weeks ago and he already has a list of items he’s repaired:

Name changes:

New Year Cake duplicate - now Explosive New Year Cake
Cloud Kiko Plushie duplicate – now Tattered Cloud Kiko Plushie
Tea Infuser duplicate – now Steeped Tea
Snowmuncher Snowglobe duplicate – now Snowmuncher Snowglobe Trinket
Meerca Balloon duplicate – now Yellow Meerca Balloon
Hubrid Nox Plushie duplicate – now Levitating Hubrid Nox Plushie

Inactive/non-functional BD items:

Fixed Lightning in a Jar, Spellseeker Vial of Power, Curling Blade, Thunderbolt

Activated at the Petpet Puddle:

Christmas Avabot, Christmas Donkasaur, Christmas Bubblebee, Christmas Zumagorn


You can now see the correct Type for items that restock in Ugga Shinies, Springy Things, Refreshments and Collectable Coins.

Other Item Issues:

Fixed items with missing price, wrong description, wrong rarity, items restocking in the wrong shop, and items with apostrophes, accented characters or non-breaking spaces in their names.

Wearables with Issues:

Fixed 97 wearables with zoning/restriction – related issues

I regularly disappear and go on hiatuses from websites, but I've been on Neopets since I was six and (as of November) I'm 21 now. I come back every time. I've returned just now (one day late for the advent calendar, darnit! :() after over six months away (I know because it asked for my birthday x3) and seeing all the changes... you've been working hard, and Neopets is finally getting better after so long struggling. It's amazing to see the sudden positivity in boards, even if there's still complaining and ticket issues (but the complaining - what's new there?). I'm just super happy we have an interactive staff who cares and participates and is involved. Thanks for all your hard work, guys. Much love. Also, Best Surprise Ever: one more pet for every account!!! Time to adopt all the pets.

Hello, when will inactive accounts next be purged? There are some pet names I'd love to use (and a username) but they're currently taken. Thanks. ~majesticpickle

Hello. I feel ya, I'd love to steal Scrappy from someone *evil grin* and we have discussed this! I'll try to give you a more detailed update soon but I think it is safe to say you can expect one of these to come up!

Hey there! I wanted to know which of my pets was to be abandoned if ever my premium ran out and went on a long hiatus? Is it possible for us to choose which pet could/should be put up for trade if ever I do not subscribe before the 3 months? (I raise this question as I often put my battledome pet as my active and I wouldn't want her to be put up for trade if ever I forget to renew my membership!) Thanks! ~ x_mystichorse_x

Hi! So when your premium runs out, the next time you log in you get a message asking you to abandon one of your pets, or renew your premium, and you can't do anything until that message has gone away. We will not just pick one of your pets and get rid of them without your knowledge :)

Hi CQ! Last week I finally got some money to buy NC for and wanted to do so before the New Years Mystery Capsule retired. I tried to buy NC through the site using PayPal but there was just an error message to try again later. I did. I tried, and tried to no avail. The cap retired. I still want to buy NC for the new dyeworks, and it still isn't working. Now you have a sale in the Mall this weekend. I just tried buying NC again; and still I get an error. What's up? PayPal has said it's not on their end, but on Neopets end - so could you please address this? Thanks! ~ summerofjoy

So, this is a known issue that we're actively working with Paypal to resolve! We needed to update some things with them, which we've done now, and we should have everything up and running again soon!

Hi TNT *throw some cookies* I was wondering if there would be more new species of neopets?. The vandagyres are awesome but it would be really neat if we could see more variety for this year. -please erase my username- ~ username removed

Possibly one day, but there are no plans of it right now. Because we don't retro-actively fit clothes, it can be hard to customize a bran new species! We're still working on making sure all you Vandagyre lovers have plenty of colours and clothes for your pets, before we even think about tackling any new ones!

Hi TNT, throws cookies. Me and my brother both play Neopets and are really active/enjoy the site very much. I was wondering, am I allowed to sell and buy items from him and post on his board/bid on his auctions? Apologies if it's a stupid question, please remove my username. Thank you! ~ username removed

Of course you can! We're happy you and your brother enjoy playing Neopets together!

Dear TNT, *throws neopets confetti* For your birthday a couple of years ago you updated the site by increasing np limits in the Auctions as well as on the Trading Post, bringing these features up to snuff with the way the economy as evolved over the years. One main thing was left out at the time: User shops. Please raise the max price in a user shop from 99,999np to something like 250-500k. Since overall site activity has declined it has become increasingly difficult to find active users selling many of the items we want on the TP, making the items seem rarer than they actually are. A higher shop limit would increase accessibility for a lot more items, whether a seller doesn't log in often, goes on a long hiatus, or is simply too lazy to keep reposting trading lots as they expire. Please remove my username. ~ username removed

Hi! *dances in confetti* This is actually an open issue right now that we've looked into and made some progress on. It's not quite there yet, but increasing the limit is definitely something we're onboard with :)

Hello TNT~ I just noticed you added some super cute faerie petpet colors. I was wondering when they would go active? (Specifically the Dragoyles) Thanks! ~ enchantfuls

These little guys are active, so they can flutter right into your account now (and your heart)!

Hey there! So I've noticed something about the new mutant wocky. While I have my mutant wocky set as my active I can't see his picture while posting on the boards. My wocky, Poxnar, would love other Neopians to see his ugly face! Hopefully the mutant wocky isn't the only pet having this problem... I was hoping that you guys could look into it and fix it? Thanks! ~ hong_kong

Hi! Yes, we've been aware of this issue with some of the newer non-basic pets, buuuuut, drumroll please, it's all fixed now!
Alas, many of you already knew that, as you can now see your pet, oh well. Anywho, if anyone's pet is still missing in action, please let us know!

Hey, TNT. So I know that in the last editorial, you mentioned there is a known issue of bots causing lag on the site, which can cause glitches. That's bad. We all have been experiencing the captcha security that was implemented this week. For the first few minutes, I totally understood why you guys did it. But now I'm realizing how much work it takes to use the captcha every. single. time. I want to view a pet's lookup or a userlookup. It's A LOT! The inconvenience just makes me want to stop doing certain things on the site, which stinks. Are the captchas permanent? What's going to happen? ~ gameboyknight

Ideally, no, they aren't permanent. If/when we feel confident that taking them off won't set the bots off again, they'll be gone faster before you can wave them goodbye. But for now, all we know for sure is that they've made a huge impact in stopping these bots from running rampant on those pages, causing issues and lag, and essentially collecting lots of information about your accounts, which is bad (for inactive and active accounts, despite some popular beliefs).

Now, we know it's a lot, and we're sorry about that - trust us we are. It's been months and months of working on the backend to try to find solutions to prevent this, but we finally hit a point where it wasn't an option anymore. It was taking members of support, programming and server teams to work constantly on blocking these programs, freezing the accounts they were using (whether it was their accounts or not) and blocking the IPs these were coming from (which is also very not ideal, because IPs aren't permanent, and can result in legitimate users being IP blocked for reasons that have nothing to do with them).

Now as for the every single time part, we've had a lot of requests to make it less frequent, and we feel ya, but part of what makes this type of captcha so effective in stopping those programs is because there is no bypassing it. They can adapt to limits or timers, and often the method used to "remember" when you've already completed a captcha recently or in that session can be easily bypassed. The way these things are actually effective is when they're all or nothing, so unfortunately we had to go with all :(

Hey TNT! I just got off hiatus and was pleasantly surprised that my predictions about a new (highly likely, final) neopet had been released. However, my new Vandagyre is not able to be clothed by most of the items in the NC mall, it seems, and I'd assume it's the same way with NP items. Could we give the owl babies some clothing, or at least let more old clothing fit them? They need more love! Thanks a ton ^-^ ~ lionkirbys

Hi! Glad to hear you like your new Vandagyre! So we don't retroactively fit clothing (it's just a lot of additional work for the artists), but anything released since their introduction will fit! The "Try On" feature in the NC Mall can help you see your options, as well as some of our recommended fan sites! Dress to Impress might just be your best friend for this. Good luck and happy customizing!

I was never really into NC customization until I discovered trading. So many possibilities! I suddenly found myself spending tons of money on NC! All for Gift Box Mystery Capsules. I'm not always active on Neopets, and it seems like whenever I am, there's no Capsule out at the moment. It's very frustrating. Why not have them always available? I'm sure I'd have spent much more money by now if they were. ~ cherry_pie18

Hi! We only have them available for the last 2 weeks or so of each month, so we can keep refreshing the content with new ones and keep them exclusive. But in case it helps with your purchasing habits, they're always available at the end of the month. Happy trading!

Hi Country Queen! I'm sure there are many premium users who hope this question will be answered. Many of us are plagued with glitches causing us to miss out on many of our premium perks. Personally I have not gotten a collectible card since August, any Space Faerie scratch cards since some time in October, did not get the NC collectible for November or December and the premium dreamium boon from the obelisk doesn't work either! Is this being worked on? Is there a problem that is difficult to solve and fix? My ticket is a work in progress since a week after making it in October. It would be nice to know whats going on. ~ blue_eyed_tiger_j

Hi! So first of all, we're really sorry for the ongoing issues! Like I just said above, our E-wallet fixed the issue with neocash not showing up upon purchase. Now, their focus is completely on resolving the outstanding premium issues, so rest assured it's actively being worked on! Basically what's mostly going on here is a communication issue between the E-wallet system, and ours. Since the script that grants those items is separate from the check that allows users to keep perks like the 5th pet slot and Super Shop Wizard, you can get some inconsistent results. One thing to check though, is that your premium membership is current. For several users, their membership has lapsed, but because they have not lost some perks, they're unaware. Check your membership management page and verify that your last premium payment was charged successfully. If so, and you haven't received collectibles or scratch cards, be sure to send in or keep updating your ticket, our team will get to you as soon as they can! As I said, fixing that communication issue is the top priority for our E-wallet provider right now, so it should be resolved soon!

Hi TNT! I love the baby vandagyre, I think it's adorable! But, can it really not wear any of the older baby clothes? There aren't any previews for them anywhere. I get why normal vandagyres can't wear older wearables, that would have been a ton of work, but there aren't *that* many baby clothes and other newly released baby pets are able to wear them all, aren't they? Super sad if they really can't, because I would have loved to paint my vanda baby if I could dress it up :C Also please remove my username if you use this question, thankyou (: ~ username removed

Hi! We're glad you like him! Unfortunately, we don't retroactively fit any clothing items for new pets. I know there aren't as many baby items as there are for regular pets, but it is still a considerable amount of work to gather all the items, add them for another pet, upload, test, etc., which is why as a rule we don't do it. Sorry! But, I can try to add some baby favourites into the next Dyeworks, so at least your Vanda can be dressed for the holidays!

So many wonderful names are rotting away on inactive accounts. Oh, how it tears at our soul, knowing we could never give these pets the love they deserve. Please consider making so many of us happy and purging these names, so we can finally bring them into loving homes!~ kornkaykob

Hi! So like I said a few editorials back, another purge will come eventually, but as there are no plans for it just yet, I can't give you a time frame on when it will be. In the meantime, if you're dying to give some deserving pets some love, there are plenty in the pound in need of a good home :)

Hey, CQ! This is just a friendly reminder that there are possibly people (like me) who went out and bought a Biscuit Paint Brush (like me) are planning on purchasing a potion and morphing a dear pet into a draik (like me) and have decided the cookie leezards, Biscuit Draik and Birthday Ukali for those who don't know (or is the Ukali Cake? Oh well), must be all matchy-matchy (like me) or will continue sitting there refreshing the draik page in the rainbow pool (like me) until insanity begins to set in and we have the insatiable desire to sit there and refresh the rainbow pool for hours on end (like me). Even if this doesn't get in, make all my cookie dragon wishes come true! (BTW, BIG THANK YOU for the Biscuit draik! Chocolate is okay but I've waited for my Cookie Leezard since around the time the Draik Eggs began being released at the forgotten shore and who knows how CRAZY long that's been!) ~ fire_earth_aqua__77

Well if somebody (like you) has been sitting around the rainbow pool constantly refreshing, that person (like you) would see that it is active and ready to be painted because someone (like me) loves to tell people their cookie dragon wishes have come true. Enjoy!

So I heard recently that the color-changing random events (such as Boochi) aren't happening. Is this temporary, or is it going to stay this way? I want to know if I'm safe to have my Faerie Cybunny as my active pet, or if I should keep my 'Boochi-shield' foster pet as my active, in case the events return without warning. Thanks! ~ dreamer_lily

Rest easy, your faerie Cybunny is perfectly safe! Color-changing random events are officially retired, and they will not be coming back without warning (they probably won't be coming back ever, but if they ever did, you'd definitely be warned!). You are now free to show off your favourite pet colour with pride!

Hello there! I was trying to find the answer for this question, but I don't think its ever been answered! Would it be possible to know how many unique items Neopets has in total? Thanks! ~ fantasia_faerie

50,399. Okay I'm kidding, that's not exactly it, but it is in the ballpark! That is the number of active Neopets items in our system, but some are duplicates, un-released, etc. Short of going through and counting though, it's the best estimate I can give you!

Hey there tnt! *hand you coffee* I know you already have a lot on your plate, but with gallery spotlight returning, do you think you can also bring back neopet and petpet spotlight as well? I've been wanting to get my pets in there for a long while now! Thank you in advance! :D ~ annnoel

Mmmm coffee coffee coffee! I feel so energized, I'll look into those right now! Okay I'm kidding, but we are actively working on bringing back all the various spotlights/contests that are currently on hiatus. Hang tight, your pet and petpets still have a chance for glory!

Hi :D I have a Snowpetpetpet and it won't attach to my pet. I checked SunnyNeo to see if I was doing it wrong, and the Snowpetpetpet isn't even on their list! Is it inactive or something? ~ dhyabolica_side

It is very much active, you have one! However, the Snowpetpetpet is actually not a petpetpet, it is a toy! You may not be able to attach it to your pet, but they can play with it!

Just wanted to say, though I'm not a very active Neopian citizen anymore, I always always always come back for the Altador Cup, and usually the Advent Calendar (and I read the NT while I'm here!). These events bring joy into my way-too-grown-up life and I'm very very thankful that you are continuing them despite recent changes. So thank you for that and for ending last week's editorial with Mr. Coconut! When I clicked on the editorial, I was thinking about how everyone used to give you a cookie and throw stuff at you and the 'good old days' in general and I was sad. But when I scrolled down, there he was! I totally laughed out loud. You rock, TNT. Have a cookie and thank you all for being awesome. ~angiebeaudion

Thank you all for being awesome, and for the cookies of course! And just for you…


Hey, TNT! Okay, so it has been almost nine years since Shenkuu was discovered and as of now we haven't found any recipes that work in Bonju's cooking pot! I am really curious about it, so could you at least say if there are any working recipes active right now? Also, could you maybe give us Neopians a hint? x) Please remove my username. :) ~username removed

Someday Bonju may actually share some of his culinary brilliance with the rest of Neopia. Until then, we suggest visiting Jhuidah if you want to do any cooking.

A wily Blumaroo
You'll never guess what the cooking pot is really used for!

Is Lenny Conundrum still updating? I don't remember it being around when I was a kid on Neopets (though I was a pretty dumb kid, so it might've been), but this account is only five months old and I've never seen it update... I don't think, anyway. ~cottontailcat

The Lenny Conundrum is no longer an active contest. We may bring it back someday. We'll be sure to let you know with proper fanfare if we do.

Have you guys ever thought of having a Guild Spotlight? Where you can enter your guild and like.. if it's nice looking, active, organized, creative, whatever, it could win the spotlight o: I run a Hissi guild and would love a chance to enter it around Hissi day! :D Just a random thought lol it would be a nice way to advertise and bring in new members! ~reconnection

We did have a Guild Spotlight back in the day, and while your guild sounds pretty awesome (yay Hissis!) there are also many excellent guilds on Neopets that have non-Neopets themes, which we would not be able to spotlight. For the sake of fairness, we closed it down.

G'day, TNT! Me and my Hissi have been waiting for what seems like yonks for the yellow Hissi morphing potion to become active. The image was revealed years ago but the item was never actually released. Are you just doing this to taunt us? Are you? ARE YOU?! Did the Pant Devil steal it? Be honest now.. Please release it so Hissi addicts such as myself can complete our collections and end the madness. I mean... I am mad in general, some might say insane, but apparently we're all mad here :D P.s. If the potion is released I may or may not run through your halls shouting FREEEEDOM. Mr.Coconut may also join in. Just saying. ~hisstante

Well, that is just not right. We have tracked down the problem and Yellow Hissi Morphing Potions should be joining their brethren in the shop shortly.

Yellow Hissi Morphing Potion
Ending the madness in three... two...

Dear TNT,
I've been trying off and on for a while to get a Petpetpet to attach to one of my Petpets with no luck. I know you said in a previous Editorial that the name of a Neopet or Petpet shouldn't have any effect on whether a Petpetpet is willing to attach, but could the Petpet's species have an effect? I ask because I'm trying to attach a Draphly to a Pawkeet, both of which have seven letters. Also, would you consider making an NC item to force a P3 to attach to your active Neopet's Petpet? I feel like that would go under the time saver NC item banner. ~pikakeet

It just sounds like you've been having incredibly bad luck. There's nothing that would stop a Petpetpet from (eventually) jumping onto a Petpet. (This may be too obvious, but make sure it's not listed in Auctions or anything.) The NC idea is interesting, but we're not sure there would be enough interest. We'll pass your idea on to our NC Department, though.

Hiya there, TNT. I have a quick question about the Random Event I got the other day. Boochi tried to zap my Xweetok baby (thankfully he missed) but my Xweetok was not my active Neopet! Is that not how it works anymore? Are my non-active 'pets no longer safe from these events? :( ~unfreeze_or_liron

Boochi failed to go to his annual eye exam and doesn't realise he needs glasses, which is why he always misses now.

Hi, omniscient TNT! *offers Brain Kebabs, as they are healthy* So, today I spun the Wheel of Extravagance for the 100th time (yes, I kept a record) and I'm still avatar-less. According to some stats that can be found around, this makes me rather unlucky. So, for the sake of my own mental sanity and with respect to the 10 million Neopoints wasted on that bloodthirsty sink, could you please tell me if I'm really just unlucky or if the odds for that wheel are somewhat dependent on other factors (like the active 'pet, the Neopoints on hand, the hour of the day, and so on)? ~sergente__hartmann

You're just really unlucky. The Neopian economy thanks you, though!

"As do I! Thanks to you,
my new chariot is made of solid gold!"

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