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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Hi there TNT, is there a place on this site that definitely states everything that is and isn't allowed on side accounts? I'm nervous that I'm accidentally going to violate a rule and not realize it. Thank you! ~threeblueribbons

Hello there Neopian! So, we are working diligently on creating an absolute clear cut set of rules that we can release to you guys to clear up any and all confusions. However, you can visit our help page (http://www.neopets.com/help.phtml) to find answers about side accounts! Any other questions you may have you are more than welcome to neomail me directly at: nt_editor

Hey TNT, you mentioned before that the Battledome is off-limits on side accounts, because it gave away Neopoints and items. Well, here's my question: I went to check in and see if a Neopet of mine on my side account had any equipment on the Battledome page before I sent a user-to-user transfer, and I absolutely forgot that the Battledome gave a free weapon item, so I immediately discarded the Obsidian Dagger I received. Did I do the right thing, or is this punishable? I sure hope not, because I don't want to see my accounts frozen, and I never realized that the Battledome gave away items. Please remove my username and calm my everlasting worries. :C ~username removed

Well, the Obsidian Dagger is worth a single Neopoint. Please expect the Chia police to be knocking at your Neohome-- no, we're just kidding. It's fine. Thank you for discarding it. :) Your account is not in danger of being frozen. The rules are in place to prevent abuse or purposeful skirting of the rules. We daresay everyone's accidentally played a game on a side account or gone to the freebies page forgetting that they were logged onto their alt. It happens, and it's nothing to stress about. Now, if you "accidentally" played a Flash game on your side so many times that you now have a related game avatar, "forget" you're on a side account and visit Anchor Management repeatedly, or "Whoops!" visit the Smugglers Cove with 200 dubloons in your inventory on your side account after being blocked on your main, then that's abuse, and that's the type of behavior we freeze for. Not when people make perfectly human mistakes. We do that, too!

Someone recently visited the Battledome when she went to check on the stats of a Neopet. She accidentally got the dagger on her side account, and then when she went to Faerieland to decline a quest on her side account, she got the daily item. I had a similar problem a long time ago... sometimes I'd forget which account I was on and collect Monthly Freebies by accident just by visiting the page. Can you make it so that you have to click an "accept" button to receive items from these places? Thanks! ~indulgences

Don't sweat it. It's pretty easy to tell from our end who has made a minor mistake and who is abusing multiple accounts. Unless you're making a habit of something or "accidentally" visiting on all of your accounts, don't worry about the occasional flub. That said, please don't interpret our understanding of mistakes as an opportunity for abuse.

If you broke a rule but didn't know at the time that it was a rule, and you told TNT that you didn't know, would you be forgiven? ~skittyfan100

It all depends on the site monitors to make that call. That's also what first time warnings are for too. Just a heads up that a certain topic or behavior or whatnot isn't allowed on the site. Also, you don't need to Neomail support every time you accidentally play Kiko Match on your side account. We do understand little slip ups happen, just don't make a habit of them or only "accidentally" do it with avatar games, etc. ;D

Bonjour, TNT! *throws Easter Neggs and a Kari plushie* It was just another day, and I was off to the Soup Kitchen on my side account to feed my Neopets for the day, when on the way over there I found a random plastic Negg! Sure, it's plain and doesn't count toward getting a prize, but I'm still worried, because plastic Neggs are scattered all over Neopia right now. What should happen if somebody accidentally finds one when on their side account? (I'll bet you're getting flooded by tons of people having the same question!) ~rissierose20

Don't worry about it. Don't go hunting for them on your side accounts, but if you stumble upon one by accident, it's nothing to be concerned about.

Hi, TNT! I understand how, if you accidentally do a daily (such as Coltzan's Shrine or Apple Bobbing) on your side account, you don't have to panic; you just don't do it on your main. That being said, are you allowed to do a daily on your side account on purpose, as long as you don't do it on your main? I've been receiving a lot of controversial answers here; could you please clear this up? Thanks. ~p1sideshow>

No, side accounts are for housing extra Neopets, displaying Galleries, storage, etc. They are not to be used for playing games or doing dailies, even if you only do it on one of your accounts a day.

I accidentally made an account on Petpet Park called Ugresal. The name I chose appeared as a Neopets account with no Neopets on the exact date I made the account! Is it my Petpet Park account, and if it is, is it okay if I use it as a side account? ~lasergu

Your Petpet Park account and your new Neopets account are the same account. :) You're more than welcome to use the Neopets part of the account as a side account if you like. Additionally, we'd like to remind everyone that you can log into Petpet Park using your main Neopets account without creating a new Petpet Park account.

Hello, TNT. I'm not sure if this was asked before, but would one be allowed to play games on a side account and not send the scores? My apologies if this has been asked before. ~tranzatlanticizm

We're having a problem trying to figure out why anyone would want to play games on a side account and not send their scores. After all, you guys are welcome to continue playing and sending scores on your main account, even after you've played a game three times for Neopoints. While technically there isn't anything wrong with playing and not sending your scores on side accounts, you will get no credit for anything. Therefore, we'd strongly suggest just sticking to your main for games in case you get a twitchy finger and accidentally send your score.

Hi, I was wondering if you could clear up this problem that I encountered while trying to trade Neopets with someone. In my excitement at already having gotten my new Neopet on my main account, I switched to my side and sent my Draik to its new owner. However, in my haste I hadn't noticed that I had put in the wrong username. Therefore, the Draik went to a non-existent account. Someone then created an account with this name in hopes of being able to adopt the Draik. Draiks aren't available for adoption if you're under 4 months, though. However, since the transfer was sent before the account was created, would they have been able to accept the transfer? I'm asking because, according to the owner of the account, it was giving them the option to accept. ~crazy4csi85222

Well... that is a pretty crazy situation. We'll look into seeing if we can block Neopets from being sent to accounts that are existence-challenged, heh. For future reference, though, if you do accidentally send a Neopet to an account that hasn't been created, it'd be best not to go on the boards and say, "Ack! I just sent my Neopet to *some username* instead of..." to avoid people trying to take advantage of your mistake. We're not sure if that's what happened in this case, but we can imagine it happening.

I'm wondering if my side account will get frozen because I went to click on "Bank" under the drop down menu but accidentally clicked on "Merchandise" and, at the time, you were having the Spring Negg Hunt so it gave me NPs and an item. Also, what am I supposed to do with the item? Do I discard it, or just send it to my main account? I'm not sure what to do; I don't want to get frozen. Thanks! ~photo_smiles

Don't worry, you weren't the only one that accidentally did this. We know these things tend to happen, and we can be lenient when we're sure abuse wasn't your intent. Just delete the items and donate the NP to the Money Tree.

So, in past Editorials we have been told that, if we accidentally play a game or visit a daily on a side, it's alright as long as we don't on our mains. My question is this - is playing a game on our side purely to get an avatar considered breaking the rules, even if we avoid that game on our main? Many of us like to collect on our sides, too. :) ~[username removed]

Let's clarify this! If you accidentally play a game on your side account once or twice, we're probably willing to forgive you. This is not to be confused with "it's okay" or "allowed." It's not okay, but hey, we've accidentally done it ourselves, so we can be understanding about it. However if you just "happen" to only "accidentally" play avatar-related games on your side accounts -- hey, we're not stupid here. We can see what's going on. Do not attempt to abuse our compassion or you will end up with a warning or your account frozen.

Greetings, TNT! I have a suggestion... do you think you could add a "Give to Neofriends" option to quick stock? Thanks guys, and have a happy February! =D ~samlikesyou

While (in the spirit for which it was intended) this feature would be fun for randomly sending gifts to all your NFs, we're afraid the darker side of Neopia could seriously abuse something like this. :( If you accidentally gave away your password and someone got into your account, they could quickly delete all your NFs, add only their account to your list, and instantly send 70 items at a time to their wretched scamming account. We're afraid that would just be too dangerous a tool to have around, sorry.

Doing much of ANYTHING on our extra accounts could result in losing all of the things we've honestly worked so hard for. I've heard so many stories where people didn't realize they were in their side account, and played a game or something and were frozen. My suggestion is that we have another default sidebar, so that we can all easily tell our accounts apart! Please? We honest players could use another safeguard... ~ magicpinball

Don't worry; we ourselves have all done that before. If you've made a mistake and have accidentally done a daily or played a couple games in an alt account thinking it was your main, no need to freak out. Just don't do that particular daily or play those games in your main on that day. We know accidents like that can happen. Just don't turn an occasional mistake into a habit of "accidentally" playing in your alts. That's when you'll be frozen.

Page 1 of 1 (13 Results)