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So, let's say I trade a Neopet for a 3 million NP custom. Would it be allowed for me to send the Neopet that I want customed over and, rather than having them paint it, ask that a Mootix (which costs 3 million) be attached instead, serving in place of the "paint job" custom? Technically you can't profit from it, as Petpetpets disappear when traded, but Mootix are still items. I asked people on the Pound boards about this and got VERY strong mixed answers as a reply. Also, are you allowed to trade Neopets using aged avatar Neopets / Mootix as an extra? I desperately want answers to both of these questions. Please remove my username. Thanks! ~[username removed]

One Neopet for another Neopet is what you are allowed to trade. Petpets, extraneous items, Neopoints, or even extra Neopets are NOT allowed to be considered part of the trade.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)