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Hey people! Do you think we could get a new item, which people could buy inexpensively and then use to notify someone that their inbox was full? Like, for example, if you guys made an item like a birthday card, except instead of saying "Happy birthday!" it says "Your Neomail inbox is full!" or something like that? It would be really cool if you could. I get a ton of Neomails everyday, and sometimes I don't even realize that my inbox is full until someone sends me a rotten shoe or something, Even then, however, sometimes it takes me a while to understand why people are sending me all these rotten things. Thanks guys! ~food

While many of us do enjoy flinging soggy boxes at each other as a heads up, you do have a point. We'll think about it and perhaps create an item with a Neopian twist that can get the job done. :D

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)