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All of those sites that talk about Neopets say that the Symol Hole is a daily and act like you can only go down it once per day. However, when I go to the Symol Hole it lets my Petpet go down it, and then when I go back to the Symol Hole later it lets my Petpet go down again. Is this a glitch, or can you really go down the hole over and over again? Also, if it is not a glitch, then why would it be a daily? ~daisyice

Oh, you can pop up and down the hole all day long if you're bored enough, you're welcome to it. Of course, there's a timer on the Symol Hole. Therefore, you need to wait between visits for the hole's timer to be reset in order for you to have the chance to get any type of reward from it. This is why it's considered a daily.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)