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You RULE! (Sorry, decided to give the rocks a break.) I have one question that I believe only you can answer. If someone has in their shop, say, a baby paint brush for 1,500 NPs and you click on it and are taken to a Petpage that says you were tricked and that it was fake, is that against the rules? I was just wondering because on the Neoboards someone got zapped by Boochi and people were telling them the price of a baby paint brush. Then this person popped up and said, "595k? In my shop I'm selling it for 1.5k!" I click on their shop, and sure enough, there is a picture of a baby paint brush in the shop format where I click. Then I get lead to a Petpage saying it was fake. On the board people are telling the person, "That is so lame." The person then started saying it was real. Is that a reportable offense? ~baby98207

Yes, any fake Random Event (often in User Lookups) or shop items (often displayed in the editable areas of shops) that are malicious in nature, such as making a person really believe they got an official Random Event, is reportable. Please use your best judgement when reporting such things. In this case the person should definitely be reported. Ones that are completely benign such as, "A Cybunny hops by and thanks you for visiting." are fine as they are not tricking you into thinking you gained/lost something.

The other people were right about fake REs... LAME.

From Neopian Times, Issue 302. JN Editorial ID: 4730