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Hi TNT! I'm just asking -- can you change main accounts every month or so? Thanks! ~zbelac

Uh, no. This doesn't quite go along with the spirit we intended when we said you could change main accounts. While there is no definite number of times you can switch, we imagine it would be more like a one or two time thing. Basically, you may switch accounts if you feel serious about leaving an old account behind and starting anew or moving to one with a new name. This shouldn't be something done lightly, and please do your best to stay committed to your new main account. Randomly swapping back and forth all willy-nilly-like is basically using multiple accounts to play Neopets, which is not allowed. (Just because it's not every day doesn't mean it's okay.) We do realise that you may find a username you like better down the line and want to switch to that one, for example, so we're trying to accommodate by allowing you to switch. But make a decision. Pick one account and stick with it, eh?

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)