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There seems to be a debate going on in the chat boards about whether or not Lookup code "stealing" is a warnable or freezable offence. So could you clear this up once and for all? Can you be frozen for taking someone's coding (but using your own graphics)? What if it's only basic coding? Or if someone uses someone else's coding to get the basics down and then changes it to their liking? Please clear this up so we know. Thanks. ~psychokittie25

As most people are aware, stealing someone else's content is NOT allowed, and this is no different with code and layouts. There is a big difference between breaking apart another user's code to learn new things and then coding that yourself for your lookup and blatantly stealing that code and replacing the graphics. The former is fine. The latter is not. If you feel your code has been stolen, report it using the theft form and someone will look into the matter and determine if it really is theft. There are many different ways to code the same thing, and two people can come up with similar ideas, but it's quite obvious when one person has outright stolen from another.

This is not a "latter."

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)