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We've amassed a complete, searchable archive of every Neopian Times Editorial that TNT has written. Did you want to see how many questions about Fish Neggs TNT has received over the years? Or how about how many times "dung" has come up in the editorial? Well, you've come to the right place. To search, just type something in the box below! (The fewer words, the better... usually.)

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Hey, TNT you know the rule that you can only have one shop out of all 5 accounts except for guild accounts. I used to have another main with a shop then I changed my main to another account with a shop, then on another account I was in charge of a brief guild that lasted not very long (2 days) . So I have a shop on it! I only use the one on my main. *cries* Will I get frozen? ~ law_jj2

No no! Not at all. What we don't want players doing is USING more than one shop to make a profit. Simply having a shop is just fine, so don't worry at all! To clarify:

- You CAN have one main shop that you use to sell things and this shop MUST be on your main account.

- You CAN have shops on your other accounts (created in the past, leftover from moving to a new main account, etc.) but these shops must NOT be active... meaning you can't use them at all.

- You CAN sell items for guild purposes in a clearly labeled guild account. This is the only time you can have a second shop, and only one of your alternate accounts can be used for this purpose.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)