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Hi! Well, I was wondering about User Lookup requirements. I know stats and trophies and stuff are required on lookups, but also showing our 'pets is required as well. I was told by another user that my lookup was against the rules, even though I was showing all of my pets.... just with pictures and links. I was looking for clarification on how exactly we must have our 'pets shown on our lookups. Like, do we need to have their level / gender / name shown, or can we just link to all of the 'pets with one of the "preview" icons? ~dusseldorf_

The text about the Neopet doesn't need to be there on your User Lookup, but it cannot be hidden or misrepresented on the Pet Lookup. Also, all links must work, so the Neopet images must link to their respective Pet Lookups. Also, Neopets may not be misrepresented with art or customisation that is not their own. If you want to put up an image of your "dream customisation" for them, you can put it in their description, but you may not cover their image with it either on your UL or Pet Lookup. To put it simply, players must be able to verify all your public account and Neopets' information without anything being misrepresented or hidden.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)