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Hi, TNT! Hypothetical situation here involving two good imaginary friends of mine, Sally and Bob. Sally gets a Fountain Faerie Quest. She already has all of her dream Neopets, however, so she has no need for it. Bob has never received a FFQ before and Sally wants to donate her FFQ to Bob as a gift. Would it be allowed for Bob to send his Neopet to Sally's account, where Sally would use her FFQ on Bob's Neopet and then transfer it back to Bob? I'm getting confused about this because it isn't allowed with the Lab Ray, so I can't work out if it would be allowed with a FFQ. Please let me know! ~zemzii

While giving away your hard-earned lab zap or FFQ pass is a nice gesture, we don't allow this because Bob should be earning his own Lab Map. Bob should complete his own FFQ (if he were lucky enough to receive one) in order to get a pass to the fountain. First and foremost, Neopets is a game. Bob should be using his own progress in the game to achieve goals and reap the benefits, not someone else's.

Page 1 of 1 (1 Results)