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Suzuka & Nynex's Much-Procrastinated Editorial
Published: August 19, 2009

Suzuka: Well, we'd INTENDED this editorial to get out on time... But things like internet issues and injuries got in the way (trust us, we didn't want them to happen either!) So, after much delay, we're proud to present to you Suzuka & Nynex's fairly uneventful editorial, choc-ful of Admin-y goodness and plenty of cookies.

Hey JN! Your website ROCKS! :) Anyway, I have a question. I bought a neocash card with a special prize to key quest. Guess what I got? A golden background to my collectors case! Is this supposed to help or just look cool? (Either way I think I wasted 25 bucks.) ~ koala_11
Nynex: There are 8 collectible themes you can obtain from neocash cards. The eight theme colors are red, blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, gold & silver. To unlock each theme, you will have to redeem all 6 corresponding color neocash cards. You can then select what theme to use by changing the settings in your Key Quest Collector's Case.

Suzuka: Just to clarify, though, no - they don't do anything but look pretty.

Hi! Ive been playing neopets for over a year now, and I visit symol hole daily, but the only thing I have gotten so far was the avatar. Is it truly possible to get anything from it, or has it expired in some way? I waste 10 seconds of my precious time every day when I visit it and it is kind of wierd that nothing ever happens.. Also: item database is great! It helps a lot! ~ emmi1986
Nynex: With any random event you will have to expect the avatar to be unlocked at random. You can jump into the symol hole once every hour, increasing your chances daily. Sources at Avatarlog have speculated that there may be an increased chance of unlocking the avatar on Groundhog Day (February 2nd).

Okay so I've submitted this question a few times to the times, but it never gets answered. So if you answer this I'll give everyone on your staff a big hug and kiss (less calories than a cookies or even jelly). When you play the Fruit Machine game there is a link for a high score table. How do you get on it? How do you score points? I've been playing for a long time and as far as I remember 10,000 Np was the largest jackpot I ever won and I'm still not on it and it doesn't show up anywhere in my scores. What gives? ~ dmf330
Suzuka: To get on the high score table, you must get three Puntec Fruits in a row. As a prize, you'll receive a random amount of NP, a Random Paint Brush, 3 Random Faeries, and an increase in your pet's Strength and Level. The amount of NP is what counts for the high score. For a full list of prizes, check out our guide!

Hi! Is there any way for users under 13 to access their avatars? I accidentally created my account with a false birthday and so it says that I am under 13 when I really aren't and it seems that I don't get to see which avatars I already have. Thanks for answering my question :) ~ andy9348
Nynex: All users who register with an account that is under the age of 13 would have to have a parent/guardian fill out and submit a Parental Consent Form. Once TNT accepts the form, they will update your account to have Neoboard access (as well as other areas of the site off-limits to underage accounts). Your account will still remain with it's current age, there is no way to change that. But with parental consent, you will be able to access the neoboards and all of your secret avatars. The only other option would be to wait until your birthday rolls around to have full access to the site.

I collected the 3 NC Mall Halloween goodie bags, but forgot to open them. If I open them now, will I still get the random Halloween neocash item? ~ sweet
Nynex: Yes, the bags awarded a specific list of Halloween themed items from the NC mall. You will still receive a bonus Halloween Themed NC mall item. You can also see what NP items are obtainable from the goodie bags here.

Why would you want to open such pretty bags?

Hey guys! I was just wondering, and i wanted to know before I made my side...Is it illegal to have a side account with a different email? Please answer, and you guys are great!!!! Thanks!!!!! ~ neoneon3836
Nynex: No, it's not illegal! In fact you are only able to create 5 accounts using one email address. So anytime you self-freeze and want to create a new account, the old accounts are still registered with your old email. TNT has stated here that you may start a new account with a fresh email address.

I know you're not allowed to have pictures of yourelf on your userlookup, guild, shop etc., but what about pictures of celebrities? Thanks! *huggles* ~ ashjenbff2
Nynex: It is acceptable. Many users have made lookups featuring a famous celebrity or movie. These lookups however, will not be accepted into the User Lookup spotlight, as those need to be neopets themed.

What do you do if a pet is "stuck" in a training school? Say that you at some point back put a pet's name in but didn't have a codestone or dubloon to train them...then the pet's day comes around so that you can train for free, but your pet is still "stuck" at the school so you actually can't? Is there any way to "cancel" the training? ~ Biomedgirl
Nynex: Your pet seems to have stayed for detention! To remove the pet from a course, you need to visit the status page, for either school. If your pet has finished training, you can click the option to 'complete course' to remove the pet from the training school.

Excellent Academics!

*thinks there is enough throwing and other violent actions in the editorials :P I was wondering if you can self-freeze one of your accounts and create a new account with the same name right afterwards? Or do you have to wait? ~ enna_jamine
Nynex: Unfortunately, when an account is frozen (self or otherwise) the account name and details are not purged from the database for nearly 2 years. TNT makes it possible for owners to reopen their self-frozen accounts with no loss to the account information. And just think of all those accounts that are mistakenly frozen. The owners of those accounts wouldn't want all their account data to be reset on them before they have a chance to reclaim their account back.

How come when i released a bottle faerie, my pet wasn't able to get an ability? Are bottled faeries useless? ~ chinese_gal209
Nynex: A faerie will not bless a pet unless it has a high enough level to use the new ability. Your pet will have to endure a few more training school classes to level up before you release the bottled faerie. To know when your pet can receive a new blessing, you can use this Faerie Abilities guide. After your pet has been blessed with a new ability, you can then view all your pets abilities to activate/deactivate them.

More Power! Mwhahaha!

I don't know if I'm sending this in too late, but here goes... can we submit a pet from our sides to the Style Showdown or do we have to transfer it to our main first? ~ swisscat
Nynex: You can only enter the Style Showdown from your main account. The contest awards NP and an item prize for entering. Any time you earn NP (or an item that can be sold for NP) from a contest or event, you will not be allowed to participate in with your side account. You will need to transfer the pet you would like to enter to your main account if you wish to enter it into the Style Showdown.

O, Lady Nynex and Lady Suzuka I am but a humble peasent girl in need of your help. My e mail is protected by a PIN. But my email is all messed up. I forgot my pin, and tried to send it to my real e mail, but it wouldn't go through. How do I get my pin back? Oh, thank you most royal ladies. Here is a bag of cookies for your trouble. *hands you a HUGE bag of cookies* ~ hprachel
Suzuka: Being as cookies were offered, I could hardly let Ny take this question! *monches happily* In this case, you'll need to send a personal support report by using Neopet's Contact Page. My suggestion would be to use the Support-Other link, and send a detailed report to them.

Hello my two favorite admins! Why didn't they post the MVP, Neopia's first and second team and stuff for this years Altador Cup? Thanks! ~ Panini_Puff
Suzuka: Hello! I'm not certain why they didn't post them this year, but we can make an educated guess on who the MVP for this year would be, based on previous years. I'm guessing that it'd be the captain of first-place Krawk Island, and 2008 Runner-up, Dasher Soley. A close second (or toss-up) would be Shenkuu's Mirsha Grelinek, who not only captained the team to second place, but also had the highest goal average of any player!


Hey! i have 2 acccounts. 1 account i am regestered under the age of 13 and my 2nd account i am registered over 13. i have 1 neopet on each. (one painted cloud and the other painted striped) if i transfer my pet from the account where i am under 13 on to the account where i am over 13 will i still be registered as over 13 or under 13? and will my pet still be painted? ~ Mister_Cloudy2009
Suzuka: First off, you should never register with a false age, be it lower or higher. If TNT sees this, they'll assume the correct age is lower, and reset all accounts to under-13 permissions. Secondly, if you are able to use transfers on an under-13 account (I'm not sure if you can), transferring the pet should not have any affect on the colour or on the other account's age settings.

Hai TJNT! *throws cookies* Ok, I was wondering, why isn't there an option to "Report Guild"? It seems like there are a lot of inapropriate guilds out there... and then some that focus on annoying other neopians. ~ avelaingia
Nynex: You can report a guild by using the Abuse Report contact form. In the drop down menu labeled 'Where did this abuse happen?' select the option for 'guild'. You will then need to fill out the rest of the form where needed to indicate to the monitor what you are reporting and why.

C is for Cookie, and Cookie is for me...

How do you know when the Half-Price days are. Are they publically displayed somewhere? ~ Shermanpeople
Nynex: Half price day is very predictable, as it falls on the 3rd day of each month! We have a special alert programmed in that pops up to remind you that it is the 3rd. We have some restocking tips located here, to help you enjoy the day's great deals. All shops will stock items at 50% off besides the Hidden Tower, Shop of Mystery, Igloo Garage Sale, Smuggler's Cove, Neggery, General Store and Neohome Superstore.

Will the fight over Nexy ever be settled amongst Dave and Suzuka? And will Dave ever admit defeat and finally start calling Zuka by her proper name? ~ Ally

Suzuka: Dave has no chance; Ny is MINE! :O
And I highly doubt it ;_; He just can't hear!

Nynex: This is a really awkward question :P

Is Nexy a real girl.. or is she really a robot JN created for their nocturnal use? She never sleeps. o: ~ Ally
Suzuka: She was strangely silent on this subject, so I have to answer myself. After a good deal of research, I have determined that the answer is....

Neither. Based on my calculations, she's always been 1 year old... but what years? After analyzing some samples of hair taken from her Panda hat, I determined that a cat had been sleeping on it, and thus Nynex is really an alien.

Trust me, it makes sense.

Hey Suzuka, Hi Nexy! If you could change the past of JN what would you change?Oh and here are some muffins*throws muffins* ~ Smuddles
Suzuka: I would've built a cookie machine instead of a soda machine. *monches muffin morosely*

Oh, you meant THAT kind of muffin...

Ok, so right now Im questing a Lost Desert Paint Brush for my bori. I decided that to help keep track of where i am with my money, i would make one of those goal counters you guys have. I made the counter no problem, but when i stuck it on my userlookup, the counter says Im questing a Baby Paint Brush instead of a Lost Desert one. How do i fix this? ~ 1_doglefox
Nynex: Looks like you need to clear your browser cache and cookies. I viewed your lookup, and the lost desert paint brush goal counter shows up just fine. You most likely created an older goal counter and upon deleting it to restart a new one, your browsers cookies still see the old goal counter you created. Here is a nifty site to help you clear your cache.

Hi! *throws cinnamon rolls* I've been hearing some rumors about a new magma paint brush on the boards. I have seen at least 2 of these kind of boards. Is it another joke, or for real? Thanks! ~ Crysanthimum
Nynex: Some breaking news surfaced from Neocolours.de The site owner came across a new batch of 20 pets coming in the color Magma. They do no have any previews of the pets yet, so it is still speculation on what this new color will look like.

So Hott!

OK, some many people say neopets is going downhill, I happen to agree, but I don't think it's beyond salvation. Neopets has always had some influence from its members, do you think anything can be done by its members to help bring it back to its former glory? ~ Penquin
Nynex: Neopets has gone through many changes through the years, but I wouldn't consider the site to be going downhill. TNT constantly updates content, they have site events, new games (Spinacles!), new pet colors and a vast amount of things to do. I think many older neopians regard the recent changes with distaste, but they probably focus on things that they don't like, so they complain a lot.

If you want to enjoy the site, because you love it, and love your pets and it's something you enjoy to do in your spare time, it's a great place to be. We can give opinions on what we would like to see with the site, but unfortunately, we do not control the site content and ideas. And until you get a job working at Neopets Headquarters, you probably will never have a say in what happens. Let's just hang in there and hope for the next spectacular plot!

First off, I am a plushie collecter (on Neo silly). As I was surfing through the Item Databases a plushie caught my eye; Scordax Plushie. I looked in evny and disapointment when I read its from a TGC Lost Desert RIC. So I looked up the TP and SW (Gallerys too), and there's no Scordax Plushie. So there's no Scordax Plushies in Neopia I persume, at least not for sale. So if I somehow get a Scordax Plushie, will it be worth millions, since its the only one out there for sale? *searches for Scordax Plushie like crazy* ~ Dark_Twilight_Lupe
Nynex: I did a search through Galleries with the super shop wizard, and found 5 Scordrax Plushies owned by 2 neopians. Unfortunately, they are not selling them. I imagine if anyone ever decided to depart with the very rare plushie it would be worth millions.

Suzuka wants one too...

I'm a proud Premium subscriber, and a staunch supporter of JN. I use the Dailies Do-er and Item Database everyday, among all the other wonderful features. My issue is with the Shop Wizard link in the database; I never use the regular one anymore since I have the Super Shop Wizard now. However, you have no link for it, so for anything I need to buy after checking it in your database, I have to "highlight, Ctrl+C, switch windows, Ctrl+V", etc. I realize there may not be many of us, but I was wondering how onerous would it be to add a SSW link to the searches? Thanks in advance. :) ~ HisPrincess
Nynex: The item database uses the regular shop wizard because we are able to insert the item name into the search query. However, the super shop wizard isn't capable of doing that.

Suzuka: Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about premium members (even if Neo seems to have done so...)! Both Nynex and I (as well as several other staff members) have Premium, and we do take the features into consideration whenever a JN department could connect with it somehow :)

Hi JN, have a Lutari question for you. I really want one but I don't know how long I can afford to keep Neopets Mobile. I have to look into it more. But if I signed up for it and then had to discontinue it at some point, would I lose my Lutari? ~ Zuribunny
Suzuka: No, if you signed up and created a Lutari, then discontinued, you'd still have your Lutari :) However, I'm uncertain as to whether or not Neopets Mobile is still fully functional. I had Neopets Mobile for a while, and about a year ago, it stopped loading altogether. I'm uncertain if that was specific to my carrier (Verizon) or not, but I'd check with other users on your carrier before signing up and possibly losing the money.

You can still get a Lutari either through a lucky lab zap (I, as well as several other JN staffers, have gotten that zap before), or by creating one on Lutari Day.

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Jellyneo News Team!

Well, technically Jen shares the news with Nynex, but since Ny is an admin as well now... But I digress! This time, we're giving credit to them as a team! Jen, for her hard work posting the Faerie Crossword and Daily Puzzle answers every day, and Nynex for her news-searching mastery! Cheers!