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Special Edition: The Book of Ages
Published: August 8, 2009

An old and slightly hair-brained looking Lenny looks up from the paper he was studying as you arrive.

"Ah, here for the Editorial are you? Good show, good show... only, it appears we're in a bit of a bind. We, like you, were expecting the Book of Ages workers to deal with this week's edition, but they're nowhere to be found. There's just this note, saying something about cheap flights to the Costa del Sol and how they'd be fools to pass up such a wondrous deal. Vexing... very vexing... I guess that means it's up to us this week then--the characters of Neopia, that is."

The Lenny clears his throat as if making a very important speech.

"Without further ado, I present to you, this small cacophony of characters, with a fricassee of fiction and a veritable volume of verbose villains! This, ladies and gentleman, is our Book of Ages Special."

If the Golden Dubloon can only house 100 Neopians before it gets full, how many Neopians can Kelp house before it gets full? There's no "Neopians seated" counter there and I keep on imagining that it's a giant restaurant and it covers all of Maraqua! ~ pikapika_2_2_2
Kelp Maitre D': Certainly, when Kelp first opened to the public we had to impose a similar limit to the Golden Dubloon's 100 covers simply because we were so popular that we couldn't possibly seat all the customers at once. It must have been our stellar reviews that drew the customers in, or possibly the avatar we were giving out.

Anyway, seeing as we are a much higher quality establishment than that scruffy pirate run restaurant, we eventually did away with our seating limits. Most of the citizens of Neopia seem to think the idea of a culinary experience is finding some free omelette on the floor, so these days we never really reach maximum capacity.

Care for a mint, sir? It is only wafer thin...

Hey JN! I was searching around and I was wondering, what's the cheapest way to get Negg Tokens (like when you give the neggs to the Negg Faerie, what's the cheapest negg choice)? ~ supakid
The Negg Faerie: I do hope you're not trying to rip me off! I'm kidding. *wink*

I understand you just want a bargain, and I can't say I blame you, even if it does eat into my profits. *sigh* I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but the ones given out as prizes for games of Key Quest would be a good place to start. Since so many of them are given out, their prices have fallen considerably; especially the Scrambled Rainbow Negg, as that was handed out by Tarla as well not too long ago.

Do you have any idea why shops (not user shops) have a maximum stock of 4 rows of items? And if 4 rows is the maximum, will the shop stop stocking until someone buys an item? Thanks for answering. ~ Suicider
Lucie: Well, when you consider that each row can contain 6 items, I think 24 items at a time is a reasonable maximum to place in a shop. Any more than that and by the time you've scanned down to the bottom of the stock, you would have forgotten what was at the beginning.

Once a shop is "full," it will indeed stop restocking until at least one item sells out completely, leaving a space for a new item to stock. Though of course, the squishable goodies I sell in my Plushie Palace are in such high demand, that isn't a problem I ever have.

I was playing Tug 'O' War on Neopets when I reached a Jetsam character named "???" Do you know who he or she is? ~ dom9001
Spectre: There has been some debate about this for years, but with the new version of Tug 'O' War released on the site, it looks as if the mysterious character is I, Spectre, the master of Cheat!

The original version of the game featured a scarred purple Jetsam known only as R.S., but in the new version, I am there in all my glory.

For a little back-story, a long time ago, the venerable Dr. Sloth employed me to lure the young upstart known as Brucey B to the Lost Desert. Sloth was after Brucey's Lucky Coin and launched a full scale invasion of the Lost Desert so he could obtain it.

Sloth was, of course, defeated, but I still got a hefty sum of Neopoints, which is really all that matters. The original Tug 'O' War game was launched shortly after the Lucky Coin plot, so I made an appearance in it as the final opponent.

No, not that RS...

Hey TJNT! If Neopets is against killing, then why does the collectible card "Ghartun The Grundo Commander" have a picture of a dead Grarrl on it? ~ fanfly
The Techo Master: Neopia is a vast planet, with millions upon millions of Neopets walking incredibly different lives. Some of these Neopets decide to spend their lives helping each other and making the planet a better place. However, others decide to walk down less desirable paths. Neopia's a planet overflowing with thieves, murderers, despots and assorted other baddies. Sometimes (in the world of Neopia, rather than the website we play), Neopets die. Where do you think all those ghosts come from? What Neopets is against is needlessly showing violence. No one wants to see TNT depict a Neopet bleeding to death.

After all, you need the bad people to know who the good people are, don't you? If the people they fight against weren't branded evil, wouldn't the Defenders of Neopia just be a gang of thugs beating up other Neopets for fun? Neopia can't be a happy smiley place all the time, or it would fall to pieces.

In the game Top Chop, there's an Ogrin master. Is he the first Ogrin to appear in a game? Do you know anything else about him? ~ katpow89
Finneus: There is indeed such an Ogrin... It seems as though he isn't in the Book of Ages at the moment, though, or he'd be here to answer your question. Certain characters that don't appear to have names (e.g., people from the backgrounds of plot comics or from random appearances in games) don't get added to the Book of least, not until new information is released about them. At the moment, there's no way to know if the Ogrin in Top Chop is a martial arts instructor or a passing double glazing salesman who happened to remark on Katsuo's progress.

Back to the first part of your question, he most certainly does seem to be the only Ogrin currently featured in mainstream games. However, two Ogrins have appeared in the Altador Cup: Coco Metrone and Orie Dinelle.

I am trying to figure out the solution to the Bonju Avatar, and I wonder if you know what the 11th, 15th, and 2008th items ever created on Neopets were? ~ rabbles4
Bonju: Pah! You think the solution is that? Oh, you are welcome to try of course, the items are Eyeball, Tomato, and... erm... oh dear, I don't know what the item with the ID of 2008 is. Oh wait! Yes! I do know what it is, but I'm not going to tell you. Yes, that's it.

The Shop Wizard: Hello there! For some reason, even my seemingly infinite memory can't recall. TNT never used some of the item IDs! 2008 happens to be one of these poor numbers without items, the closest being Medicinal Mud Bath with ID 2214 and Noil Gem with ID 1836! Alakazam!!! *Disappears in a puff of smoke*

Hey JN! I was wondering if you could help me out by telling me the name of the Halloween Chia that used to be on the Haunted Woods team in the Altador Cup. I'm pretty sure she (at least, I think it was a she) retired after the first Cup, but I can't seem to find her name anywhere in the Book of Ages! Thanks in advance! ~ ub3r_g00b3r
Chelo Binay: I believe it's me you were looking for. I'm part of the older generation of Yooyuball players, and while some people like "Dasher" Soley have carried on playing to great acclaim, I decided to step down and let fresh talent have a stab at the Cup.

Should you ever be looking for a Yooyuball player you don't know the name of, you can find him or her by searching for the team they were part of in the Book of Ages. There you'll find a complete list of all players, past and present (and in the case of Terror Mountain, some that never played at all). They are all listed in order of Captain, other current players, and then past players.

What is the name of the faerie who runs the Healing Springs? ~ Grimilix
Marina: After years of searching, I finally realized my name is Marina! Huzzah! I would have been happy helping out the inhabitants of Neopia as an anonymous Water Faerie, but having an actual name is a bit nicer, no?

A faerie by any other name would still restore your pet to max HP!

How do you come up with the images for the Book of Ages? And if there are no images of them, what do you do? ~ Chimmy Charific
Finneus: Hmm... Well, I can safely say that I have no idea how the Book of Ages is run, but there are a lot of post-it notes stuck to this desk. Maybe one of them will be of some help?

Ah, here we are! Apparently, most of the images are taken from the places that the characters appear at on the site, or occasionally from Neopian Times stories written about the characters. If the image needs cropping or resizing, then it gets uploaded to Jellyneo's labyrinthine servers. Characters that don't have any pictures on the Neopets site are given a rather intriguing question mark as their picture.

What an oddly helpful post-it note that was...

Hello! I was wondering if the New Game Challenges can be beaten on another day. For example, I didn't know there was a new game released and I want to get the prize on the day after the new game is released. Would I still get the prize if I beat the scores? Thank you. ~ kool_kookies
AAA: My amazingly high scores can be beaten any time between the moment the new game challenge is released and the moment the next one is released. If you miss the day of release you can try again the next day. There's normally at least a couple of days or a week between new game challenges. Most people need that long to beat my scores, not everyone can be an instant champion like me! It's always better to complete new challenges as soon as possible though, just to be safe.

Hello, all you famous pets and creatures of unknown species (that means you, Sloth), and faeries (no, that does not include the Happiness Faerie)! My question is: After you complete a faerie quest, how do they decide who to give their reward to? Thank you! ~ peabigmane
Taelia: We give them to you of course! Oh, wait, that wasn't what you meant, was it? Oh dear. Sorry, I'm not too good at this answering questions thing, I usually just stand there and look pretty.

Um, well, the other faeries did try to think of a fair way to distribute their gifts, but the Dark Faeries wanted to give them to the oldest pet, and the Air Faeries wanted to give them to the active pet... Then they all started shouting and it was horrible. Eventually, they decided to just give their rewards to one of your pets at random. So everybody is happy, which is nice. :)

Dark Faerie
The Dark Faerie cackles and waves her hands... and a new dance craze is born.

Hi, JN! If we complete a Fountain Faerie Quest, does that mean we won't be able to use the Fountain until next time? Thanks. ~ ramie_frost
The Rainbow Fountain Faerie: Hmmm, I wasn't entirely sure what it was you were asking, but it seems you may have confused me with The Healing Springs Faerie. While we look similar, I don't have anything to do with the Healing Springs, so you may still go there to heal your pets or purchase items whilst on a quest from me.

As for my quests--I am getting terribly forgetful in my old age and often misplace my valuables, so I rely on helpful Neopians to return them to me! As a reward for those kind souls who lend a hand, I offer them one free use of the magical waters in my fountain to paint their pet whatever colour they so desire.

My water bill is rather hefty as it is, though, so I do have to limit my generosity slightly. For each of my quests that you successfully complete, I will grant you one use of my fountain with which to paint your pet. Don't feel obligated to use it right away. Take your time; the offer will last until you actually paint your pet. After that, you won't be able to access their magic again unless I come to you with another quest. But don't worry, I'm always losing things, so there is no limit to the number of times I can pop up and ask for your help!

I have a question for Antola Maeir: Are you going insane about all of the attention on your gender? And do you know your real gender? Thanks! ~ ninjalion (JN forums username)
Antola Maeir: You know, you're lucky I didn't just hit you. I've got a pretty mean backhand. For (hopefully the last) time, I am a girl. TNT actually cleared this up, as a lot of people seem confused about my gender. You can see their answer here. It's a pity, really, that us Yooyuball players don't have blurbs on our team pages anymore, as that would have completely cleared up any confusion. I just feel sorry for the other players that joined during the Altador Cup III. Many of them have yet to be given the gender clarification that I have. :(

I have been trying forever to get one of my Neopets sick with a disease that attracts Meuka. I have been spinning the Wheel of Misfortune, but so far, no Meuka disease. Are there any other ways to get sick enough to get Meuka as a Battledome challenger? ~ Aniqaz
Meuka: *Evil giggle* Meuka like pet with runny nose. Sneezles and Neoflu make Meuka happy. Meuka leave special prize on "Pox" space on Wheel of Misfortune, make pet sick. Meuka send random events, have chance make pet come down with snotties Meuka loves. Meuka wait in Battledome with avatar for sick pets.

Meuka Action Figure
WARNING: s'not suitable for children under 3, may contain gross parts.

Hi! Professor Chesterpot, can you tell me what happened in the search for the Battledome plot? It was way before I started Neopets, and I believe the comics and storyline have been lost. ~ MorganJoIsle
Proessor Chesterpot: My, that takes me back... My memory isn't what it used to be, but I recall that the hunt, and subsequent discovery of both the long lost Battledome and the city of Maraqua, happened in October of the year 2000. All trace of this wonderful event has been removed from the Neopets site, but I think I remember enough to give you a brief rundown.

The plot focused on Sarkis, Buckley & Ursulla (no further details are known, though some believe them to have been user-made Neopets and therefore do not appear in the Book of Ages). The trio of Neopets traveled to Mystery Island, where they heard rumours of the Battledome, and that I, Chesterpot, held the secrets. Back then, I was living in Maraqua, so the three Neopets set off to find me in a boat.

The protector of Maraqua, Chiazilla, capsized them. It turned out to be quite lucky for the adventuring trio, though, as they managed to locate both myself and the city of Maraqua.

I happily showed them the Battledome I had discovered, but then Dr. Sloth attacked Maraqua using his latest invention, Mechachiazilla. Sloth was after the Battledome, and succeeded in gaining it by kidnapping me. Thankfully though, the three Neopets that had found me fought back against Mechachiazilla (with a little help from Chiazilla himself) and Dr. Sloth. I was freed, and the Battledome and Maraqua were liberated for all of Neopia to enjoy.

There are a couple of handy links I know, being the intelligent sort, that might prove helpful if you are interested in the history of Neopia. The first is The Neopian Plot Archive, formerly run by the Ninja but now under new management. It has links to all plot content still live on the site, and timelines of when they happened. The second is a series of articles that have a brief description of what happened in each plot.

Please have Armin answer this one; he has been my favourite Neopets character since forever. I have two questions, Armin:
1. I got some jelly from the Giant Jelly I didn't recognize. I decided to do a quick search to see how much it was worth, and it didn't show up. I then did a Shop Wizard search, figuring that this Mint Jelly must be worth a whole lot, and it was worth something like 10 NP. Why didn't the item show up in the overall Neopets search? If it is rare, though, I guess there's probably so little demand for it that the price falls down.
2. Alright, so buying real-life items with NC is bad. Buying Neopets items with real-life money is bad. I know this. What about Neo-themed virtual stuff, like graphics or petpage layouts? It's just that I put a lot of work into them, people have offered me NP before for them, and I'd like to be able to pull in some NP with the skills I have. Obviously, I could enter a contest, but it doesn't really appeal to me. Is there any other way? ~ crisiscalled

Armin: Like us Boris, some things prefer to stay hidden. Only items with a rarity of 98 or below will show up if you do a search using the search bar on Neopets. The exception to this are items from the NC Mall, which have a rarity of 500. The rarity of jellies from the Giant Jelly and omelettes from the Giant Omelette can be very misleading. Items that don't stock in shops are automatically given a rarity index of 101 or above (making them appear to be quite rare), though obviously this isn't the case with items given out in large quantities from dailies, like jellies and omelettes.

As for receiving payment for making graphics or layouts for people, that is very much a big no no. Even if you don't ask for payment and they just offer to reimburse you, TNT have already said that you are not allowed to accept items or Neopoints in exchange for services like this. Doing so is a quick way to end up like the Icy Skeleton Hordes we Bori battled... frozen. ;)

Dr. Sloth, what is your opinion of Dave's loyalty *cough* obsessive idolization *cough* to you? ~ 1lalabears1
Dr. Frank Sloth: And why, pray tell, would an individual of such superior standing as myself be concerned with the actions of an obsequious sycophant such as Master David? His blatant attempts to endear himself to me by adorning himself with that ghastly attire are, quite frankly, embarrassing. The only reason I'm even associating myself with him currently is to make a point of expressing how utterly apathetic I am in the face of his adulation. I can't really say I blame him, I am the perfect embodiment of tyrannical leadership, after all. But if he is hoping that his servility will one day earn him the honour of being considered amongst the ranks of my faithful minions, then he is sorely mistaken and I make no apologies in being the one to inform him of his error. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have far more pressing business to attend to than commenting on the unrequited obedience of a mere human.

I have a question for the amazing Vonde Cayle of the Lost Desert Altador Cup team. Mr. Cayle, if you could do one thing in the off-season after the end of the Altador Cup besides train for next year, what would it be? ~ chicken_dancer4444
Vonde Cayle: An off-season without Yooyuball? I've never even considered such a world! I guess I might take a well earned break somewhere. Maybe Terror Mountain? We hardly ever see snow in the Lost Desert.

Hey TJNT! I have a few questions about Altador Cup players. First, how old is the average player (approximately)? Also, is Lilo Blumario a boy or a girl? I've always thought she was a girl through the rare pop culture usage of his or her name, but I am not sure. Thanks! ~ kittenkutie936
Lilo Blumario: Wow, there's a lot of gender questions this week. Certainly though, I'm a guy. Lilo is a name that can apply to both guys and girls, not just Disney characters.

I can't give you any exact figures on the ages of Yooyuball players, as it isn't something a lot of them talk about, and I was raised with traditional Roo Island values--it's rude to directly ask about age. There are old ones like Dasher and really young ones like Kerib Vickers. If I had to put a figure on the average age though, I'd guess somewhere in the late teens or 20s.

Family means nobody gets left behind.

In the past, I have heard that one cannot use multiple accounts for gaining NP, etc. because it would give them an unfair advantage. Yet, isn't it an unfair advantage to have access to Lutari Island when many other users don't? And, concerning games, isn't there a complete advantage for people who have a faster computer in Key Quest? What are your thoughts? ~ ehlorofmeldon
*The Cheat Monster wakes from his sleep, and turns to glare at you*

Roxton A. Colchester III: Oh great, thanks for that. You have no idea how long it took me to calm that guy down. Lutari Island isn't an unfair advantage to any player, as you can only play via Neopets Mobile or Neopets, not both at the same time. When you play a game on Neopets Mobile, you could be playing a game on the regular site instead. Same with restocking, the money tree, or training. No advantage there, is there? Fair enough, you can create a Lutari, and I wouldn't blame you for wanting to do that. We are, after all, dashing and handsome. Still, there are other ways to get a Lutari than through Neopets Mobile.

As for games, while those with faster computers often have better results in Key Quest, those with slower computers sometimes have better results in several flash games. It kind of evens out, I've always thought.

Anyway, the main point is that innocently having a slow or fast computer isn't breaking the rules, but going out of your way to play games on multiple accounts when you know it's wrong is breaking the rules. That's when cheating comes in.

*The Cheat Monster roars and stomps off through a wall*

Roxton: Oh well, I guess I'll have to get the tranquilizer darts again...

How do you guys pick the featured character in the Book of Ages? ~ banana_monkey19
Dr. Zing: An incredibly complex code was written that takes up server space the size of Faerieland. This state of the art "thingermajig," as it is called, randomly selects a new character each day, and then displays it on the front page of the Book of Ages for all to see. There seems to be a glitch with it at the moment though, as it also causes the printer to spew out an endless stream of paper. I believe there were some problems with that earlier in the year...

While exploring Neopia, I read somewhere that Chombies are available when the Giant Omelette runs out. Is this true? ~ lilycat5053
Sabre-X: NO! You cannot take more than one slice per day!... Sorry, trained response.

You're half correct, you just got the wrong species. When the Giant Omelette has been completely devoured, a limited number of Tonus are made available via the "Create a Neopet" option. Nobody is quite sure how the two phenomena are related. All I know is that they form an orderly queue behind the heaving wall of egg; then when the last morsel has been eaten, they charge out into Neopia like a flock of fashionistas at a sale. It really is quite beautiful to watch.

Does the red dragon virus at the end of Neoquest have anything to do with the red dragon virus at the end of the computer virus boss in Kirby Super Star? ~ scotttie575
Finneus: *Ahem* I'll answer this one, as Terask himself seemed quite offended at the idea of being based on other characters. Just between you and me, though, I think that's certainly possible, but in no way confirmed. Neoquest II contains references to lots of outside media, from the Matrix to Dungeons & Dragons, by way of Everquest and the Playstation 2. Most people seem to think that Terask was most heavily influenced by either a Dungeons & Dragons or a StarCraft monster with a similar name. No one really knows for sure, though, so there's no reason why Kirby's virus couldn't have been an influence...

Oh dear, Terask just mutated again... Janitor! Clean up in aisle 2! Clean up in aisle 2!

Aisle 2, where we saw the Ragu

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There's much more than a mutant Lenny waiting for you. From insane Cybunnies and lovestruck Meercas, to fire-mad Eyries and the largest Petpetpet ever known, the Book of Ages has more characters than you can shake a stick at.

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