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The Lost Editorial Of Labhaoise
Published: August 1, 2009

You fall into a dank, dirty cave that's tens of meters below the surface of the ground. Phooey, you fell for the old "sandwich-on-top-of-a-bed-of-leaves-that's-covering-up-a-hole-in-the-ground" trap. You feel something soft beneath your hands. Hey, your lunch is still intact and edible! (Five second rule!) Mmm, sandwich.

Yes, you're a Skeith now. It's magic! Okay, now it's time to figure out how to get out of here. You could just climb up, but that never happens in the movies. Plus, you hate getting soil under your fingernails. No, you have to go deeper in the cave to find the exit.

You continue down the cave until you reach a fork in the path. The tunnel on the left has a couple of gold coins, and the one on the right has a ferocious Scorchio guarding it. Well, that's a no-brainer!

You use the gold coins to lure the Scorchio into the left tunnel and proceed down the one on the right.

The tunnel, you notice, is surprisingly spacious. You can jump, spin, and do the hokey pokey--plenty of room to move about. And hey, look, someone else knows about this, too! Well, he's not exactly alive...his skeleton's covered in cobwebs, but he's here in spirit. Moving on...

It feels like you've been walking for years, but in actuality, it has only been 3 minutes. A light is shining around the corner. You hastily track it to its source: a service desk! You're saved! You were looking for a car rental place down here, right? You ring the bell at the desk, but then you notice the gigantic sign on the wall. It reads:

Be back in approximately 5 to 525,948.766 minutes!

D'oh! You search around for anything useful--a computer, a phone, a car...nothing turns up. You do, however, find a bound book on the floor. It's written in ancient hieroglyphics...

...Upon closer inspection, you realize you're just reading it upside down. It appears to be an editorial of sorts. Oh well, you've got nothing better to do; might as well read it!

I saw someone trying to trade an Ice Bori. Can you transfer an Ice Bori? ~ Dark_sun61
Yes, you can. The Bori will also stay Ice coloured; it will not turn blue. The only pet that cannot be transferred is a Lutari. They just run away, I believe (same thing happens when you try to put one in the pound).

Hey TJNT, do you know if there is a limit to the number of trophies that can be won? ~ wallabee218
As new games are constantly being released, I would imagine that the number of trophies you can win is limited to your abilities in playing all the different games. :)

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway 1337xCHAMPION!!!

Haha, I wish... :(

First of all, I love you guys! So, I am saving up for the Lab Map and I have Neocash clothes on all of my pets. If I zap a pet with clothes on it, will the clothes disappear or turn into soot? Thanks. :) ~ 737krtierney
The clothes will still be there. Sometimes, if your pet changes colour/species, some of them will be removed and put back into your closet. For example, my Purple Grundo got zapped into into a Mallow one, so the NC clothes he was wearing on the lower half of his body went back into my closet.

NC items are very safe. They are immune from the random events where someone steals an item from your inventory.

My young daughter and I shared an account for a couple of years. Needless to say, I got hooked. I wanted to make my own account and bring my pet with me (a Blumaroo that was painted pirate then painted blue again). I found out that because I did this, I can't bring his clothes. Is there any way that I can get around this? I spent a long time saving to make him a pirate and because I wanted a blue one, I can't have his clothes. Please, help! ~ bounciblue
Sadly, you were not able to transfer the pirate clothes because your pet was painted blue at the time (see previous editorial for big explanation). Unless he is painted pirate again, or you somehow manage to get a Pirate Blumaroo again, you will not be able to obtain those clothes. :(

I'm blue, da ba de da ba di da ba de da ba di!

Hello! Let's say you have 0NP on hand and then the Tooth Faerie comes and steals 50NP. Do you go into the negatives? Then let's say you have -50 NPs and Dr. Sloth shows up and steals 20% of your NP. Does he steal your negative NP (debt) or does he add to your debt? Thanks! ~ Peachesrocks2
Yes, you will go into the negatives if you have 0NP on hand and the Tooth Faerie comes along and takes 50NP.

I think Neopets' code prevents Sloth/anyone else from stealing your NP while you're in the negatives (because of the questionable logic of stealing debt), but if it does happen, I imagine that the system considers NP as an absolute value, so you would go further into debt.

Note: Yes, we do know the Tooth Faerie doesn't really steal NP; this example is merely a hypothetical situation. ;)

How many Gourmet foods do you have to eat to get the "Honorary Member" award? ~ neocoladude
In order to get the Honorary Member card on your pet's lookup, you have to be between 18th and 200th on the Gourmet Club scoreboard. At the time of printing of this editorial, the minimum score to get it is 489 food items, but this number isn't constant; it depends on the time of the month.

Will monsieur be having the Dr. Backwash again tonight? Very good, sir.

Hey JN! What does the Rainbow Swirly Thing do? I want to see what it does but I don't have that much NP. Thanks! ~ romaline3
The Rainbow Swirly Thing reflects 60-80% of a random icon. However, if you use a freezing item with it, then your opponent will not be frozen. Hopefully, that will help you. :)

Please check the In-Depth Battlepedia for weapon stats/effects.

Ooh, pretty swirly thing.

I've been on the NC Mall boards a lot recently. Also, I reached the right age to be able to go to the Elite Boutique. I've seen people say that you can't trade these Boutique items. Is that true or just true for people who haven't been on long enough? ~ texasflame76
For those who don't know, the Elite Boutique is a special shop in the NC Mall that's only available to accounts that are around 49 months old or older.

And yes, it is true that you cannot trade Elite Boutique items. It doesn't matter how many gift boxes you have or how old your account is, those items are just too elite!

Fellow LDer! Ei there, Labhaoise (my spelling is correct, right?)! Anyways, I have three questions that I'm dying to hear the answers for:
1. How is your name pronounced? It's really an awesome name, but I don't know how to say it!
2. Do you guys have your own Neopets accounts? You can tell us if you want to...and,
3. You have your own Altador Cup Tourney, right? Do you pick out your teams or does someone appoint you where to support? Who is the real LDer?
Thanks and have fun! Nice job guys! ~ zephyrblue

Yes, your spelling is quite correct! :D

1. Spelled phonetically, my name is pronounced Leeshaw, hence me being called Lee a lot.

2. Aye, most of us have our own Neopets account. My main account is labhaoise there, too!

3. Some people here went with the same teams as they did last year. For the newer people (myself included), we called dibs on the ones that were left over. Some of the longer-serving members of the staff were gracious enough to stand down from the Staff Tournament this year. I supported the Lost Desert in the Cup on Neopets as well because they wear the same colours as my local hurling team do and are my county colours. :)

Note: After this, please do not send in questions asking for certain staff members' Neopets account names.

What is the quickest way to level up your pet? (If said pet is only Level 1.) ~ OhNahNah
The main ways of training your pet are outlined here.

If you offer a ton of NP and get a fast response on the Trading Post, then the quickest way would be by buying neggs, such as the Super Negg. However, these items are really expensive, so factoring in budget, time, availability, guarantee of level increase, and the fact that your pet is at level 1, the quickest way would be via the Swashbuckling Academy. If you are awake from midnight to 1:00am NST, you should also play Deadly Dice. It's just a simple dice roll, the prize is +1 or +2 level points, and Neopets can't drop below level 1, so what have you got to lose? You might also get an avatar out of it.

Once your pet has exceeded level 40, they can move on to the Mystery Island Training School.

At what point is training your pet "not worth it"? That is a very subjective question and varies from user to user. It depends on how much you like battling or having a powerful pet.

Related guides: Deadly Dice, Swashbuckling Academy

Recently, I got interested in trading NC Mall items. There's a certain retired background item I want, but anyone who possesses it will probably want more than one item in exchange for it. Unfortunately, I only have one NC Gift Box! My question is, is it possible to send someone an NC Gift Box using an NC Gift Box? ~ yaksrcewl
Nope, you can only send NC items using a gift box; one item per box, and you can't send boxes inside of gift boxes.

Hey Lee! If you worked at TNT and were assigned the job to make a plot, what would you make a plot of, and would you include the Foreman in it somehow? That guy's my hero! ~ cul8er_bye
I would totally love to make a point-and-click adventure plot with the subtlety of Final Fantasy and the humour of Monkey Island thrown into it. It would take place in the restaurant at the end of the universe. The grumpy manager of the restaurant would, of course, be the Foreman. There would also be 42 steps in the plot. :D

They kicked me out of anger management class! ARGH!

I looked in the database and found a question similar to this, but the answer was still a little unclear to me. If my sister is getting rid of her account and wants to give me a lot of her items and NP, is it against the rules? Should we try to go through the Trading Post? ~ bunny_echo
Yes, that is fine to do, as stated in this editorial question.

Your sister's items belong to her right now, and if she wishes to give them away to you, then that is alright, as long as she legitimately earned those items/NP. The Trading Post would be an appropriate method, sure.

If she wanted to transfer her pets to you, that would be fine, too.

Your sister CANNOT, however, give you her account. With items, there are only certain actions that you can do. But with an account, you can cheat, scam, harass others, etc. I am not saying that you would do that, but this has happened so much in the past that Neopets has had to change their policies.

Hey Labhaoise! Thank you for answering these questions (they are more helpful than you know! :D). I was just wondering, how can I "level up" my pet's abilities? TNT purposefully piqued my interest when they said on the abilities page that they would not tell me how to do so...so frustrating! ~ x_xluvstochatx_x
There are two different ways to level up your pet's abilities:

The first one is to feed your pet a Radioactive Negg. This will increase one of your pet's abilities by one point.

The other way (and the harder way) is to land on a certain space on the Wheel of Excitement, Wheel of Mediocrity, or Wheel of Monotony. Again, you do not get to choose which ability gets leveled up; it's randomly chosen for you.

For more information about faerie abilities, check out our guide.

We also have guides on each of the 3 aforementioned Wheels, in case you want to see which spaces give which prizes.

How do I get a Baby Paint Brush for free? ~ [username removed]
The chances of meeting someone who honestly wants to give you a Baby Paint Brush for free is incredibly, incredibly slim, so your best chance of getting one is just by saving up your NP and buying one from the Trading Post or Hidden Tower (your account must be at least 4 months old before you can visit the Tower). There are also 3 big competitions you can try entering:

Art Gallery | Poetry | Storytelling

Those competitions do not guarantee that you will get a Baby Paint Brush (in fact, you probably won't get one), but if you successfully win them enough times, you could win prizes that you can trade for what you want.

There is no "magic link," "magic program," or "quick shortcut" to get you expensive items such as this one. If you want to succeed and avoid being frozen, you have to work hard for your NP. If you ever see a "sounds-too-good-to-be-true" link or meet a person who says that they got one for free, it is in your best interest to ignore them. No item is worth losing your account and your pets over.

If you want to know how to make NP, check out our guide.

I'll be yours someday! Don't mistake me for my toy counterpart, the Baby Paint Brush Plushie!

After reading this in Dave's Editorial 95:
"Once you convert a map, though, the map pieces you used will remain in your gallery (you will not be able to take them out and sell them)."
I was wondering, what if you don't have a gallery? ~ arjay_

If you look carefully at the answer, you'll see that the word "gallery" has a hyperlink attached to it, and it goes to this address:

Below each world's name are links to a place called "My Gallery." This does not lead you to your Item Gallery, it leads you to your World Challenge Map Gallery, which is something entirely different, and every user has them, whether they play World Challenge or not. :)

Hello wonderful JN staff! I can't believe I got third place in the AC Staff Tournament round guessers! My question is: can we do anything with the trophies placed next to our names, like put them on our lookups? ~ amysmother_8
You can put the images on your lookup, shop, gallery, petpage...anywhere, really. :)

Okay, I was randomly browsing the Item Database when I came across a Baby Koi Morphing Potion. I went back to Neopets and searched the site, but I didn't see a Baby Koi Morphing Potion anywhere. Does this potion not exist anymore or what? ~ lol_moment
After an extensive search (SSW, Auction Genie. and Trading Post), I have found that this potion only seems to exist in user galleries. So it seems to be incredibly rare (most good morphing potions are).

Hey Lee! I live in Ireland, too! We Irish are just the best, aren't we? ;D ~ star8509
Of course we are :D. But let's just keep that secret amongst ourselves. Wouldn't want everyone else getting jealous now, would we?

In the last editorial, someone mentioned a code for beating Punchbag Bob and you said it was not allowed. Now I used that code (I didn't know it wasn't allowed, although I got worried after), and now I'm really afraid they'll freeze my account. Would it be possible for them to just remove the trophy from my account (so it would be like I didn't do it) or should I just send in an apology and hope for the best? Please answer. I love my pets! ~ babysitter1311
A similar question was also submitted. It went like this:

"What if you're on your side account, and then you answered the Daily Puzzle, thinking that you're on your main. You're safe, right? Also, what if you clicked a Tarla link (also same reason), but you've donated what you've got? Thank you!"

The bottom line is that everyone makes mistakes, and TNT knows this. If you accidentally did a daily activity, played a game, etc. on your side account, you're not going to be frozen instantly. You should donate whatever items/NP you got, but there's no need to worry excessively over it. If this happened a long time ago and you've forgotten what items/NP you got, don't worry about it, either. Just be more careful next time and don't let it happen again.

Same thing goes for the Punchbag Bob situation. If you used the code but honestly didn't know it wasn't allowed, just don't do it again and you'll be fine. There's no need to write a formal apology; it was an accident. :)

Here are some editorial answers that'll make you feel better. :)

What is roleplaying? I still haven't been able to figure out what it is. ~ Bmwsu
Role playing is where you pretend you're another person (it can be somebody from a book, movie, or someone that you imagined and created). While you're in that role, you have to talk and behave like your character. You often see people role playing in online computer games or in special chats/forums.

Two of the most common phrases used in role playing are "OOC" (out of character) and "BIC" (back in character). OOC is used when you want to say something as yourself again, and BIC is used afterward, when you want to return to saying things as your character.

I say, Lord Fancypants, this weather we've been having is positively dreadful!

Quite right, quite right...Well, look at the time! Must be going now!

My twin and I have very similar names (parents thought it was "cute"). Both of us have a Neopets account but on different emails and computers. I was messing around on my sister's computer and realized we both used the same password for Neopets! Will this make TNT suspicious? Should I change mine to be safe? ~ bunny_echo
While TNT probably realizes you are two separate users, and I doubt they randomly check user passwords, it's a good idea to change your password anyway. I always change my password after 90 days. It's a force of habit since I have to do it with my workplace passwords, too.

Besides, there are so many users on Neopets, I'm willing to bet that more than one person has the same password as someone else. :)

Will prizes be given out during the Style Showdown? ~ supperkacheek2nd
Yes. You get an item for entering your pet (this week's item was the Neovian Lamp Cut Out). You also have a chance to win some virtual items and NC if you make it to the semifinals or finals. If you participate in the voting process, you will receive some NP. See the official rules for details.

*Random floating lamp*

On the Krawk Island fashion page, it shows an unconverted Pirate Chomby. Does that mean that if I were to use a Pirate Chomby Morphing Potion, it would turn into the unconverted version? ~ shayn_xd
Neopets has yet to update that page (and a few others...).

You do not have the option of going back to the unconverted version of your pet. If you paint them with a paint brush, zap them with the Lab Ray, or morph them with a morphing potion (or magical plushie), they will turn into the converted version, the version you see at the JN Rainbow Pool.

Does it matter what kind of cheese you use in Cheeseroller, or are they all the same? Because some are really expensive! I'm asking because I really want the avatar. Thanks! ~ peabigmane
If you're thinking that certain cheeses have certain attributes (like being faster, slower, more...bumpy, etc.), then no, that's not the case. Your final time and score depend on which actions you choose.

So why the many different cheeses at different prices? Well, if you get your cheese down to the bottom of the hill in under 60 seconds, you get to keep it! Before you go running for your big Neopoint bags, you should know that Cheeseroller is not very profitable. For a list of cheeses available, check out our guide.

If you want the avatar, let's talk strategy. No strategy works 100% of the time. Here are two of the popular ones:

1. Purchase Quadruple Fudge Cheese and only use "Dive Right" the entire way down the hill.
2. Purchase any cheese you like, and only use "Dive Left."

Getting the avatar and/or getting the cheese still depends on your luck, though.

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